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  1. This article might be useful for further research on yourNative American heritage:
  2. I'm a vegan, but the rest of the house eats meat. I am also the primary cook, so I use a meat thermometer every time I cook something more complicated than hot dogs.
  3. If you have been exposed, you can also do everything possible to keep from spreading it to others. Wash hands, review all the flu prevention advice, stay home. Those with compromised immune systems will thank you.
  4. My grandmother also swears by Oil of Olay. (For the record, she is 90 and is regularly mistaken as a sibling of her children.)
  5. Snuggling with DS8.5 right now. Wondering if I'll get my evenings back before he goes to middle school... He is already growing so fast!
  6. I recently bought Hari's new book, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions. Is anyone else reading it? I'm finding the book absolutely fascinating, but it is really challenging my inner "story" about depression/anxiety. I can read a few pages and then I get frustrated, have to spend some times with the footnotes, have to process, and then can go onto the next few pages. I haven't finished the book (I'm about a third of the way through), but I'm interested to hear others' thoughts?
  7. This thread is so relatable. I didn't know that you could buy hamburger and hot dog buns when DH and I married. It just never occurred to me that buns were things sold in markets. DH can't eat a hot dog or a hamburger without the appropriately shaped bun. Mystifying. Growing up, we always were getting calls from creditors. Mom could never control her spending... And still can't. DH and I are both professional, and we are financially careful. Unfortunately, enterprising bill collectors have started calling us (mom doesn't have a phone, so she gives out our home number). I cannot believe how a phone call from a bill collector can reduce me to a shaking mess, even though the debt is not mine and I don't usually know where she lives or how to get ahold of her. It is the trauma that just doesn't end.
  8. I eat pretty similarly to your goal. Breakfast: a smoothie of fruits, spinach, and pea protein powder Lunch: soup with beans and veggies Dinner: salad (with seeds and nuts), vegan protein (tempeh, bean burger, or whatever), veggies, maybe quinoa or black rice if I'm starving
  9. I really appreciate the guided breathing routine the Charge2 has. It's really a great way to focus in and calm down.
  10. Squee! I love the Hive. Thank you! Didn't even know such a thing existed. This will be so helpful! I've never heard of the Civil Air Patrol, but there's a squadron within an hour of us, so I'll show it to DS and see what he thinks. Thank you!
  11. DS12 is very interested in the Coast Guard Academy. We don't have family or friends in the Coast Guard. Are there any Hive families that have experience with it? DS12 wants to start preparing now. He has wanted to be in the military since he was four (it might have been three). He really likes order and structure, and he loves military history. He obviously needs to work on core "school" topics, but for admissions purposes, where should he be focusing? We're not proposing he do anything that he doesn't want to do (or doesn't like doing), but he wants to know what he should be doing. DH and I don't really have military experience to draw from, so I'm hoping the Hive can help... For the record, I completely and utterly agree that he's only 12, and he might (or probably will) change his mind. I'm ok with whatever he does, and am acting as a facilitator.
  12. DS9 and I really enjoyed Prime Climb, but we are simplifying the rules a bit until we learn the nuances. We also enjoyed Exploding Kittens. I got sucked into the other game post pre-Christmas, so we have a number of additional games to play... :-)
  13. We are doing a German-inspired night of sausage, spätzle, cheese fondue, pretzels, beer...
  14. I found the word-of-the-year thread for 2017 (here: Unfortunately, 2017 was a bit of a bust for my word (JOY). I think for 2018, I'm going to focus on RESOLVE. That is, I'm solving problems, deciding on courses of action, and having the determination to get stuff done. I really do enjoy these annual words.
  15. Family names: LaDonna Ulah Pauline Mildred Wilhelmina
  16. My DS had a brain tumor resection at 18 months, which was biopsied. It will depend, a lot, on what is being tested and what symptoms they are seeing.
  17. My son was on a NG-tube for five months, and it was a trial, as he was a little guy and was always trying to yank it out. It also resulted in some serious oral aversion. He then got a G-tube and it. was. excellent. DS never could tolerate formula of any kind, and we tried basically all of them on the market. As a result, we tried something pretty novel (for the time): we started blending up table food in the blender and fed him real food. He started thriving and we never looked back. As a result of our experience, we started a nonprofit to help folks do blended diet. *My little tubie is also a Benny. :-) Here is a general teaching sheet on Gtubes, which is similar to something to what you will receive when the g-tube gets placed: For blended diet basics: For blended diet videos: For other resources: Facebook has a number of resources, if you're on it. This is a great group (which is associated with Blenderized Food for Tubies - Closed Group There's a ton of stuff on Pinterest. It's crazy how this has grown over the years! Please feel free to PM me if you could use additional resources. Happy to chat about g-tubes and options.
  18. Throwing in a plug for a quick day trip to Portland while you are in the area. Powells Books does a number of author events, and Portland is crazy-full of homeschooling groups and SWB fans!
  19. Would a 529 (or your state's equivalent) be something that he is interested in? A 529 plan allows him to save, tax free, for college. If a 529 plan doesn't sound useful, I would simply invest it with Vanguard or T. Rowe Price in a mutual fund that has low to no cost associated with it. You can look up either website and set up an account. You might want to look at index funds -- they are set up to reflect how certain markets perform. In general, many low-cost index funds perform just as well over the long run as managed funds. I am not an investment professional, though, so you may want to do additional research. :-)
  20. Blend it in the blender and freeze it in ice cube trays. We then make slushies for the kids and mixed drinks for the adults with them.
  21. They have amazing lavender farms... Drive around and take in the scents and scenery!
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