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  1. On the search page, at the bottom of "Search in forum(s)" it says "Also search in child forums." Are there child forums on these boards? My son was just asking today if there was anywhere for him to talk to homeschool kids like I talk to homeschool moms. TIA Anne.
  2. In the evaluation of Writing With Ease 4, it says that the student should be able to take dictation exercises of around 25 - 30 words. Then it gives a dictation for evaluation purposes that is 61 words long. Can anyone explain why this is? My son, who is 10, has a great deal of trouble remembering the dictations. He can do the narrations and summaries beautifully, but it's very difficult for him to remember long passages. Ideas anyone?? Anne.
  3. I haven't been on these boards for a very long time. But something this morning was telling me to come check them out. This is what I came back for. Lovely. Thanks you MFS.
  4. We are using Singapore NEM 1 for Grade 7 - we just started it after Christmas. My son is doing all right with it, but it is a bit of a slog, and we are going very slowly. It takes us two days to do each lesson. I'm thinking of changing to Discovering Mathematics, but I am nervous because it's not recommended in TWTM. Any thoughts? TIA Anne.
  5. We had a snowsuit from Land's End that we loved. It went through several kids. It was worth the investment.
  6. I was just thinking it would be fun to do something around the fall equinox. Any ideas? TIA, Anne.
  7. is a Canadian author who wrote some for children - Owls in the Family, the Dog who Wouldn't Be. Never Cry Wolf was written for adults, but is very funny, and they made a very funny movie of it too, in the 1980s, I think.
  8. Thank you so much everyone! I am overwhelmed by your responses. I have saved every one of them. It's somehow very comforting to know I have a lifetime (literally!) of funny reading ahead of me. With much gratitude, Anne.
  9. Well believe it or not, I (from Saskatchewan) actually own two Footrot Flats books. And I have enjoyed them. Anne.
  10. I have read #1 Ladies Detective Agency series and LOVED it. Thanks for the other recommendations. Anne
  11. A little voice in my head is telling me to STOP TAKING LIFE SO SERIOUSLY and to LIGHTEN UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE. :D So, since my main form of entertainment is reading, what's the funniest book you've ever read? Children's book recommendations would be fine, but I am mostly looking for things to read myself. Thanks so much, Anne.
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