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  1. @itsheresomewhere, congrats on your graduation!
  2. Have had interruptions to the morning routines for two days running. Hopefully tomorrow. I'm not good at jokes, though I do enjoy laughing at them.😉
  3. Here too. In this case, it appears to be allergy stuff. Ds mowed the lawn on Friday, but was feeling a bit bad before he started. I'm sure the mowing didn't help. Since Friday afternoon, he has spent most of the time in bed or on the couch. No fever, but he has used up an enormous amount of Kleenex.
  4. Former ex-pat here. I just don't see how it could be done. I do, however, think every attempt should be made to get the vaccines to the embassy/consulate employees and to military personnel. They are in service to our country, and I would like to see them honored in this way. On the other hand, as a pp said, there are pros and cons to living overseas, and one of them (either direction) is available medical care.
  5. I did my 5K row with stretches. I also got the much-needed dusting done. While I know that housework is good for you physically, every time I dust the furniture, I start thinking seriously about the future. About how after dh's retirement and our planned move back to our home state, I want to get rid of our bedroom furniture and buy some very plain Scandinavian-type furniture that doesn't have any fancy extra places you have to dust to get everything. Plain on the top, plain on the sides, no frills or fancy work. Did I say I don't like to dust?😃 ETA: I feel like I have to wait until we move, because our furniture is perfectly fine for use, though it is a bit worn due to frequent moves. But if we leave more furniture behind when we move, that gives a good excuse, don't you think?
  6. If you get what you need at urgent care, you could cancel Monday's appointment and make a follow-up appointment instead.
  7. Adding that we don't live in a large city, so I have been a little surprised and very pleased at what all our urgent care does well. I wouldn't have expected it. ETA: So definitely give them a call and see what they say.
  8. Ours isn't specifically that. But they still had all we needed, and are connected in some way with the orthopedic practices in the nearby city. So even though it is also where we have gone for flu, strep, and covid testing, they are broad enough to cover orthopedics as well.
  9. Well, I stayed home a few months, then took a part-time admin. asst. job (30/hrs/wk). After working there for three years, in an environment that became increasingly more stressful due to several factors involving the values/practices of mainly two people--a higher-up and a co-worker, I quit at the end of the year. I did go back and fill in for a few days when my old boss (not one of the aforementioned) needed some help, and realized again that it had been the right decision. My situation is a little different in that, while I am no longer homeschooling, I still have two who live at home. That means that there are more people in and out, and more food prep, etc. I have read numerous books and done some other things that I wanted to concentrate on, and have not done some things that I wanted/planned to do (yet). The time seems to move on, and I am still trying to figure out if I just need to be more disciplined, or look for another job. Dh and I both enjoy my being at home and therefore being more flexible for spontaneous trips or lunches, and I enjoy the lack of stress. He also enjoys my lack of stress. Every few weeks I still look at a few job boards for places I think I might like to work, but I have decided the job would definitely have to be something I really want to do. I started work initially due to some financial concerns and was also getting a little bored after youngest was no longer homeschooling, and I hadn't gotten into a good routine yet. It would be good for our retirement for me to work, but we are able to get by without too much struggle, and are presently just thankful that I can stay home.
  10. I guess it depends on the urgent care, but the one near our house was very helpful when ds had a sprain. They did X-rays in house, got us a splint, gave us information on how to care for it, and told us to make a follow-up appointment with our pcp. Quick, easy, and informative. I'd say go for it.
  11. I got off to a slow start this morning for various reasons, but finally got my 5K row/stretches in before lunchtime.
  12. Yes, my bil said if he'd realized how much he was missing, he'd have had it done much earlier!
  13. @sbgrace, I'm sorry about your foot. I hope you can find a solution quickly.
  14. I heard about it for the first time a couple of years ago. I read up on it more this year.
  15. Just a few days ago, I forgot ours, and we have lived here for several years. Thankfully, I was filling out a form at home. I was asking ds, is it this? or this? (house number) I knew the digits, just not the order of them. He thought it was hilarious. In my defense, we have lived lots of places over the years.
  16. I'm not sure, but I think an ophthalmologist is the one you see for a referral to surgery as far as insurance purposes. You could call one and I'm sure if they are not the ones, they would tell you who you need to see. When the droopy eyelid starts interfering with vision, then it isn't considered cosmetic anymore as per insurance coverage, from what I understand (through in-laws' experiences). I'm pretty sure I will need it in a few years. ETA: Sometimes it interferes with vision before a person realizes it is doing so.
  17. I did my 5K row plus stretches this morning. It might have partially made up for the fact that I ate a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake for breakfast. 😜 And I wonder why I can't lose weight... (To be fair, that is not a common occurrence though!)
  18. Well, how did the hair appointment go? And did you get the rental all closed out over the weekend?
  19. With tears of laughter, I must say thank you to all of you! Consider the appropriate emoji of laughter, or (the missing) hugs, or a general like on all of your posts. I can't think of one right now, but it is certainly not because I don't say/do them--I just can't think of one at the moment. But I don't feel so stupid anymore!😂 (And I'm not calling you all stupid, you understand...) I was just trying to read the little boy bathroom one to my ds, and could hardly read it for laughing. He just sat there looking at me strangely.
  20. I couldn't see the photo either, @Jenny in Florida.
  21. Just adding to the friendship issue, my ds is an introvert college student living at home because his school is close to our house. While he is an introvert, he is not shy, and has made efforts to participate in school life. Perhaps due to covid restrictions, perhaps not, it has taken him some time to make friends. Finally, mid- to late second semester of sophomore year, he has developed a couple of small groups of friends that he is keeping in touch with through group chats (since school is out for the summer). It was a long time in coming, but the relationships are fun and enjoyable. He is a deep one, so the really deep friendships are more long distance from former places, but companionship needs for hanging out are finally being met. Sometimes it takes awhile, even if someone isn't on the spectrum.
  22. A few weeks ago, I discovered that sheet pan pancakes were a thing. Someone posted Pioneer Woman's recipe. Since I have a recipe I like, and since I usually triple it, I bought a bigger pan to make sure they wouldn't overflow it, and have now made pancakes twice in it. Then I cut them in rectangles and freeze them. They might not have the same aesthetic as the cute round ones, but they are quicker and easier to make, and they taste the same. (Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes depending on the extras you put in--you can do the knife comes out clean test.) And since they are thicker, it does work best if you wait and put the fruit, choc. chips, etc., on the top and let them sink in, rather than mixing them in the batter. ETA: Butter the pan before putting in the batter, and after baking, pour melted butter over the top.
  23. I haven't read past this, so don't know what else might have been posted. Thankfully, our inspection was very helpful (as the buyer). The seller agreed to do some things, but not others. However, over time, we have gradually worked on things the inspector pointed out. Other than the roof, which the seller did replace, most things pointed out were not of great consequence. But it has given us a list of small improvements to work on to improve the house.
  24. Did my 5K row and stretches. I was a little slower today than all of last week, but I still did it.
  25. I don't know if this would interest him, but the tech (or trade) schools mentioned above can up one's employability quite a bit. From my understanding, most trades involve some level of book work (in order to pass the trade standard testing required), but nothing at all like college classes. The emphasis is on hands-on. Locally, our trade/tech school has both high school (students go for part of the day) and adult tracks. My ds has dyslexia and gets very bored in regular classes. Tech has been a great encouragement for him. His tech teacher really helps prepare the students, from a portfolio, to test prep, to interview and job help, and more. Due to this, he has a great summer job that will help move him into a job after graduation with the same company. It pays well, too.
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