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  1. We can get them at a nearby urgent care. Have you checked at those? (I don't know if all of them do it, but this one seems to be really good about lots of things.)
  2. Thanks for this info. We were wondering. I was a little afraid we'd end up having to make some corrections by them sending too much and our having to return some, etc. Didn't want the hassle.
  3. I did my 3K on the rower this morning. I plan to move up to 4K next week. I'm gradually feeling more myself these days, which never meant I had tons of energy, but I feel like I'm getting back to my normal. And then, hopefully, I'll be building up more strength and energy.
  4. You are juggling so many things! And it's impressive. Hang in there!
  5. It's too late for last night, but my dd and sil had a form of this when I went to help them with their new baby. I've made it in several forms since (can vary it a good bit, depending on what you have on hand) and we all really like it, even my bean-hater. It is very filling, much more than it looks like it's going to be. I think some versions are called cowboy caviar. This could be served as a salsa for appetizers or at a party as well, but we make it a meal. Leftovers are enjoyed too. Oh, and last time I made it, I hadn't had enough green veggies that day, so I mixed in some salad greens. can black beans, drained can small white beans, drained (or black-eyed peas) small can corn, drained bell peppers, chopped (halves of several colors--green, yellow, red, orange--depending on what you like and have) halved grape tomatoes (or chopped other tomatoes) jalapeños, chopped (I just add some canned ones), optional onion, chopped minced garlic cilantro, optional salt and pepper Mix and add Italian dressing, homemade or store-bought. Store-bought Zesty Italian is really good with it. Chill. Stir and serve in bowls with mini-sized round tortilla chips.
  6. I am so angry on your behalf. Even my 17yo neurotypical ds would be extremely upset if something like this happened to him. I am so sorry.
  7. Yes, keep us informed, @itsheresomewhere! I forgot to sign in yesterday, but yesterday and today I have done 3K on the rower.
  8. I grew up with KJV. Then when NIV came out, I used it for awhile, and have intermittently used it on occasion. But NASB is the one I use the most and always go back to, ever since I was in seminary. I could see that the renderings were practically word for word, and I liked that. Our last two churches have mostly used ESV from the pulpit, but I have never read through it, though dh uses it. I think I'd like to read through an RSV next time, but I don't have one. But I expect that afterward, I'll go back to my NASB. Since I grew up with KJV, that is what I memorized verses from growing up. Ever since, it has been really difficult for me to memorize scripture, sadly. The old language made it easier for me to remember, and back then, since everybody used KJV (I'm old), the memorization was reinforced whenever the verses were read. When so many different translations began to be used, each one was just enough different to be confusing to me in memorizing.
  9. Yes. I'd been doing 5K for weeks when I got sick with this respiratory virus thing. I think that is why it feels so slow to me.
  10. Got in 3K this morning. Making slow progress.
  11. We haven't always been consistent about it, but dh still goes into their rooms and prays with them at night sometimes, at least if they are home and we haven't gone to bed first. (That doesn't happen too often anymore.) The last ones at home are 17 and 20. It isn't to "tuck them in," but sometimes that's a good time to privately touch base with them and pray with them about current concerns. Once they were probably 6-7, they didn't have to be tucked in to sleep if we had something going on, but most of the time we did.
  12. I'm so sorry. I wasn't downplaying it, just sharing my own experience. But I'm truly sorry it is that severe. (I wasn't grumpy, just comparing my attitude to it to that.) ETA: I agree that I would talk to my obgyn about it rather than pcp. I'm sure they are more familiar with this symptom.
  13. I'm in a low vax (and generally low case) state that is starting to see a rise in cases again. I am so very thankful that we took our vax-resistant ds to get vaccinated anyway, because he was not and will not be careful. I know some would disagree with our doing that, but he makes decisions that are not in his own best interests, health-wise, and we decided that while he was still a minor, we needed to do that for him.
  14. Well, I was living overseas during that time, and didn't have available "all the things." Also, my periods had already stopped, but if I remember correctly, the anxiety hit sometime after my last one--maybe one-three months? (My last period was about 8-9 months after my next-to-last one.) I did not know until close to the end of that phase that anxiety was a menopausal symptom. Once I knew that, I kind of rolled my eyes at myself and didn't take the ramped up anxiety seriously; the same way that once you realize you have PMS, you just ignore your grumpiness because you know it really doesn't have roots in facts (or at least that's how I handled it). I was wondering if I was going insane until I googled something like anxiety and menopause. My high anxiety level lasted about six months, then dissipated to normal levels. (I am not saying that someone who does deal with it differently shouldn't, by any means. It was just that for me, once I realized the cause, I felt like I could handle the symptoms.)
  15. I don't have any examples, but I am very pro-railing. I have always been rather clumsy, and railings, even in places that are not ordinarily railed, give me added security, especially as I age. However, if family or guests would normally enter through a different door with an easier entrance, I probably wouldn't worry about it. (I.e., it was rare to never in our home growing up that anyone but salesmen came to the front door.)
  16. I voted "other", because usually I wash first, but not always.
  17. Dh and I got something similar, minus the sore throat. Both vaccinated and tested negative. Urgent Care put us on a Z-pack and prednisone. I came down with it first, then he got it a few days later. He recovered much more quickly, but it had me down for some time, and I still have a cough. NP said they were seeing LOTS of upper respiratory infections that were not covid (plus some breakthrough covid cases).
  18. I got in my 2.5K. I plan to move to 3K next week. 2.5 is even less than I started out with in the beginning. 😑 It's okay, though, at least I have started back.
  19. Did 2.5K on the rower. It was a little easier today, but I was concentrating on a podcast that helped distract me. Maybe in a week or so I will get back up to the 5K I was doing.
  20. Well, maybe I'm (almost?) back? After a month. I had a really bad case of bronchitis and still have a little bit of a cough. It totally wiped me out. Yesterday was the first time I've even attempted to do anything, and I started with 2K on the rower. I did 2.5 today. I'll probably stop at 2.5K for the rest of the week.
  21. We aren't really cat people, but I do confess a strong partiality to orange tabbies!😍
  22. We knew with our ds that it was very risky to say something, sharing our concerns (before marriage). And it was sticky there for awhile. Dh and I had talked about it a lot before we brought it up with the couple together (more differing life goals, belief systems, etc., not that she wasn't nice--because she was). Interestingly, after they broke it off, ds told us that he was so frustrated with friends who had been encouraging the relationship, but told him after they broke up that they had had concerns. He wasn't asking them what they thought just to be encouraged in the relationship. He really wanted to get their feedback. So with ds, in particular, I'm very glad we were straightforward with them. In another vein, I'm so thankful for this thread. It is making me realize that I do not need to approach a situation the way I was thinking of with one of our married kids and spouse (quite different from the OP's situation, but I was still wondering if I should say anything). I like the comments above about making sure individually that they are okay, in situations that anybody from the outside could see would be challenging, rather than focusing in on the behavior. That way, each feels the love and concern in a nonjudgmental way, and feels cared for in their individual struggles. I especially like what @J-rap says above. Empathizing with them individually as to the stresses and pain of wanting a family and miscarriages, just checking in to make sure they are okay, etc., seems like a loving way to look at what might be the roots rather than the symptoms of a problem.
  23. Me too, though I know that is not a popular approach on this board. But I feel that marriage is too important to risk one of my kids later coming back and saying, "Well, why didn't you say something then, if you saw that?"
  24. Oh yes yes yes!!! I found dh's hometown very depressing, in part because of this. I was so thankful that we lived far away, and that his personality and character were more free to develop along different lines. He was also the "baby" of the family, which made things worse. It really had nothing to do with my in-laws (who were fine people), but more to do with the reversion. I'm really glad you brought this up, because I think it is something many do not realize or think about.
  25. Growing up, I loved the 4th, because we lived on the lake and all my dad's side of the family (and he had lots of siblings!) would come for grilled hamburgers/hot dogs, everybody would bring sides, and we'd have freezers of homemade ice cream in the afternoon. It was always such a fun day. And later years, fireworks over the lake were added by a town on the other side. We could sit on the dock and watch the fireworks as well as lots of boats on the water. We didn't have to go anywhere for either part of the celebration. Now, though, we have no lake, and we have no desire to battle the heat and crowds to go somewhere to celebrate. So it will mostly be quiet here at home. Our church is having an outside service and picnic, but I'm not going to go because I can't handle the heat. @Home'scool, your plans sound perfect to me!
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