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  1. I don't like sweet oatmeal, so I just salt mine like grits, add a little butter and some walnuts, and we're good to go.
  2. Youngest ds is getting his first certifications in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and HVAC at a tech school. He has to study OSHA standards. At the hospital where my mil was hospitalized, we were all in the room and he was talking with some of the relatives who share his interests. He pointed out to his aunt how a certain outlet in the room was not done to code because (explanation followed). So I guess it's coming for us.
  3. I have always enjoyed big Thanksgiving dinners, and enjoy hosting. Because we usually lived far from family, these involved close friends. After moving to our present location several years ago, my closest friend here has suggested that we just get together in the late afternoon/evening, and share appetizers and desserts rather than the whole meal. At first, I missed the big day together, but now I have come to enjoy the smaller "feast" meal and responsibilities, and we still have holiday time in the evening with games, etc. It has become our "new" tradition. Something along this line has been mentioned several times here, but I think I would definitely move toward doing that, if I lived close enough to just go for part of the day. "Since our allergies are complicated, we are going to eat our main meal at home, but we will join you all later for desserts and games." Then just take a larger dessert. Much simpler with less worry. If your dh will miss the big meal with all the trimmings, maybe he can make a plate for supper with leftovers.
  4. I really enjoy Diet Coke and Coke Zero. I buy caffeine free when I can. I am trying to cut it out. I didn't buy any (eta: in the grocery store) last week, but I have had it a couple of times at a restaurant. I have a hard time cutting it out. But I do want to. What about stevia? I put it in my tea in the mornings. Some say it's fine, but I think I have read that it does the same thing, as in prepping your body for the sugar surge. I think I'm not going to buy any once I run out. I do like my tea sweet, but when I don't have it, I eventually get used to it.
  5. This was the case of the father of a now-fatherless 10yo boy I know. Sadly, it was before vaccines were available.
  6. Also, my elderly mil passed away last week. She had been living in a nursing home since a few months before covid happened. So ever since, for all that long time, there were very few times when she could see any family for any length of time, and when she could, we couldn't actually touch her or give her a hug. Once she and all family members were vaccinated, we still couldn't. But nursing home HCW didn't have to be vaccinated. And they were coming in and out, with kids in the schools, etc., and continuing to cause covid cases that continued to cause restrictions. Thankfully, when she was hospitalized and death was imminent, we could be with her, touch her, and hold her hand. But yes, I am struggling with so many (at least where I live and where extended family lives) who still think the vaccine (edit--I meant covid) is nbd and that everybody is just trying to control their lives. I'm trying not to rant too much, but it's just so hard. ETA: She did not die of covid, but she experienced a lot of loneliness and lack of physical contact due to it in the last year and a half of her life.
  7. Well, sadly, in my circles, the way it has played out is that nearly all the people I have heard advocate for personal choice have also been those who are against vaccines. Not all--but by far most. I don't even know how I feel about government mandates; but I do feel a bit of a stranger in a world where vaccines against a deadly disease are possible, but not taken advantage of. I wish there was not even any reason to consider mandates because everybody who could get vaccinated, would. (Usual caveat allowances for those for whom a vaccine is not a good medical choice.) I understood the hesitancies at the beginning. I don't understand them anymore.
  8. Me too, @Quill, me too. In the past two weeks, a couple of things came up that emphasized to me again how tired I am of it. The first was a casual evening event spent with some of dh's co-workers. There was a new couple there, and toward the end of the evening, as some of us were asking questions to get to know them, the young wife started sharing some of her opinions. She used to be an OB hospital nurse, working mostly with high-risk pregnancies. She recently changed jobs due to a move and because she "would have been fired from her job before long" as she expects her father and brother to be (both in medical fields) because of refusal to be vaccinated. While another woman was really taking her side, "I can't believe they would do that" etc., etc., I was just stunned. I knew most of the men were vaccinated because they have to travel, but I hardly said anything else after that, and left soon after. You see, I have a ddil who is pregnant and whose situation is precarious and high risk for premature birth. We celebrate each week as they pass another week's milestones. She was told she really must not get sick with ANYthing, especially not covid, because the babies (💜💜) need all the nutrition her body can provide. It doesn't need to be diverted in order to fight an illness. Thankfully, she has been vaccinated, but a nurse like this woman could put everything at risk for her and her babies. I just don't understand it. And she was so smug and proud of herself, that I couldn't bear to stay in the room much longer. Then last week, a friend brought over a new acquaintance to meet me. We chit-chatted a good bit, then the friend had to leave. The new acquaintance stayed longer because of a child pickup she needed to do afterward and didn't want to head in the other direction. I had mentioned something earlier to my close friend about a vaccine situation, and after she had left, this new lady mentioned that she felt it really should be a personal choice. I don't think I was ever obnoxious about it, and she wasn't either, but it was definitely awkward. I said that I guess I felt strongly about it because I know eleven people who have died of it, and also one dd worked in a covid unit at the worst of things. She then proceeded to tell me of three people she knew that had died. I just kept thinking, "Then why wouldn't you want to get vaccinated? And why wouldn't you have wanted those three to be encouraged to get vaccinated?" I am trying to be understanding of those who don't have the advantage of starting reading the WTM threads at the beginning of a pandemic that kept me much more informed, but I'm getting weary of it, and am having trouble being patient with people's reluctance. It's also hard because we are in an area where skepticism runs high, and even good friends have different opinions than we do on it.
  9. Oops, I hadn't read this far yet! Or "Milagro" because Bill was talked into it!
  10. Can you buy these drops OTC? If so, where and what brand do you use?
  11. We don't have a cat, but I am definitely partial to tabbies.
  12. The one I linked above is perfect for weekends as well. It holds a lot for its size, but you could stick some school books in there if you didn't need all the space for clothes. Ooo, tool set is a great idea too!
  13. I'll also add in on the luggage-type gift. I have this carry-on (there are several listings and various colors): https://www.ebags.com/luggage/wheeled-duffels/mother-lode-21-carry-on-rolling-duffel/117749XXXX.html?dwvar_117749XXXX_color=Eggplant&cgidmaster=carry-on-luggage It's been so useful, for flights, a few days away, etc. I can put several days worth of clothes plus slip my laptop in the middle. I have a few cubes, as well.
  14. Well, for me, they weren't. 🤷‍♀️And for my third one, I had the flu shot a couple of minutes before, and it hurt worse (though I usually don't feel it much). I hardly felt the covid at all, whereas the flu I felt that general achy feeling you do sometimes when getting an injection as the medicine goes in.
  15. Sounds like they didn't know how to give shots. I barely even felt mine, and only had a tiny bit of arm soreness this time. No headaches or fatigue like before. Basically, nothing.
  16. We don't have tons of room to stock up, but what we have is pretty full. We bought a quarter beef several months ago that mostly filled up our small chest freezer in the garage. Now we have it about half full of beef, plus some shorter term freezer items. As for stocking up, I went ahead and bought a turkey breast and a small ham for Thanksgiving, canned pumpkin, dried cranberries and other ingredients for a jello salad I always make, and several other seasonal items. So even if there are some of our usuals missing, I should be able to easily work around it with what I have already. We eat lasagna for Christmas, and I bought the noodles last week. I will try to keep canned tomatoes in stock, because I use them for quite a few things. Mostly, I'm trying to take advantage of when I see something well stocked, to go ahead and buy it. Next week, I will try to get a large package of chicken breasts--maybe two--because then I just boil them, shred them, and freeze them in ziplock bags of 2 cups of chicken and a little broth to keep it moist. Then they are ready for whatever recipe I want them for. I need to buy some dried beans, too. I thought I still had black beans on hand last week, but we had eaten them all. When I was in Walmart on Monday, there were so many gaps on the shelves. It's a bit worrisome.
  17. And sadly, death and stillbirth. Not wanting to be scary, but it greatly increases her risks. Vaccination not only protects her, but the baby as well. ETA: I don't know about the AZ, but Pfizer and Moderna are considered good, I believe. DD had Moderna in early pregnancy; at that time I was worried, but realized that her job put her at greater risk than the vaccine. Then soon after, I read that babies were being born with antibodies, so that was encouraging as well.
  18. Yes, I don't even have a headache--which I had for both the previous shots. Or the fatigue. Only symptom is a little bit of arm soreness, like I usually get with any shot. I could hardly feel the injection itself, though the flu shot hurt a little bit more.
  19. From what I understand, you don't need one yet, especially with Moderna. Probably by the time you need one, they will have more information out about it.
  20. I was in Walmart this morning, and they had a table and little cardboard booth set up on the opposite side from the pharmacy that was offering Pfizer 1,2,and 3 (if qualified), and flu shots. I got my 3rd vaccine and flu shot today. I hope it doesn't overload me too much!😛 So far, four hours later, my flu arm is a little sore, but that's it. On the covid paper, they had a list of conditions at the bottom that would qualify you if you were under 65, including hypertension, diabetes, etc., etc.
  21. Our pharmacy won't give them. I asked.
  22. Yesterday, I stopped by the nearby Walgreen's to ask about boosters. The pharmacist I talked with was quite adamant that they would not be giving third doses more widely than immunocompromised until official approval was given. (I am over 60 but not 65, and have Type 2 diabetes. I also have a person in my wider family that I am trying to protect for a specific reason.) She said that when it became official, it would be on the news, and then they would be swamped. I am also in a low vaccination area, so that surprised me a bit. Anyway, she seemed a little like she had been asked that question a few too many times, and was taking a hard line. So just because you want it, doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to get it.
  23. I personally know 11 people who have died of covid. Some I haven't seen for years, some quite elderly, but I knew them. Four others I know of because they were close relatives to people I know. And yet, the lies proliferate. Just this week, I saw a Facebook post from a friend that was all about the number of people who have died--from the vaccine. ??? (I don't know of anyone who has died of the vaccine.) It was an article she posted that had lots of replies on it about people who had died from it. I didn't read too far down the list, but one that did stick in my mind was someone's father had had the vaccine and died...three months later. Really? This whole thing is the craziest thing I have seen in my six decades. I fear where it will lead, this kind of thinking.
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