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  1. Fascinating! My great aunt is a UU minister but I have never had a chance to talk to her about her church. Now I'll know some good questions to ask if I see her again (she lives across the country). One for the board: I have seen reference to paid clergy. Are most clergy full time or part time? What kinds of duties are involved? Is a minister expected to visit the sick, do counseling, clean the church, etc? I realize it might change from congregation to congregation.
  2. Rose, you have handled this situation so well! I pray that some day he will understand your love for him. Continuing in prayer for you and your family and your dear son.
  3. All true . . . this made me remember that Safeway is continually said to have the best meat department of the regular stores.
  4. You will never find EVERYTHING you need at Trader Joes, so by sticking with your criteria I would shop at Safeway. I have found their prices to be more reasonable in my area. I would get in the habit of going to both, however. You can get the majority of items at TJs and pick up any leftovers at Safeway. TJs DOES have fresh meat, it is just quite expensive. Pretty soon, you'll get the hang of what each store carries and could do an every other week thing.
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