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  1. My son came home with a beautiful female kitten he wanted to be his cuddle buddy. She is the most athletic, energetic, wild cat I've ever met. The vet even commented on it, pretty sure she's from feral parents. She has to be outdoors most of the time to be happy. She refuses to use a litterbox. Before we finally allowed her out she would run through the house screaming and jumping from things for hours. She has shredded carpets, window sills, doors, etc. She needs to be outdoors to be healthy and happy. We have shelters for her and she has access to garage, sheds and barn but just declawing her ( which we considered) would not have taken care of her needs. I do live in an area with barn cats and not a neighborhood so she has plenty of area to patrol. She is now 4yrs old and thriving. Good luck with your decision. We also have a cat who is 100% outside/garage (she's 14yrs old and still hunts everyday) and has panic attacks if brought indoors. She is feral but friendly. We also have a cat who is now 6 who is 100% indoors and is a couch potato. He was from a litter we rescued at 1 week old and bottle fed. Kimberly
  2. I'd like an invite please. Mine are now, 24, 22, 20, 18, and 13
  3. When kids sizes no longer work we move to American Eagle skinny line. It's expensive but truly what fits. Right now my 13yr old is too tall for 12s(ankle showing) but 14slim is a very difficult size to find and they are still a bit big around the waist. In shorts he's wearing a size 8 boys. He's been wearing levis and they say 25x27 for 14s. I'd rather find a 24x 28. My 21yr old son wears a 28x30
  4. I haven't dealt with these decisions personally but my mother and her four sisters all had breast cancer within a two year period and I helped my mom decide how to proceed. Each sister did something a little different. Mom mom who was 68 at the time just did unilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. We ultimately decided to go this direction because she couldn't do the less invasive reconstruction option that her sisters did due to having breast cancer at 45 with lumpectomy and radiation as the treatment then. So that only left the much more invasive approach with the more extensive healing times. My dad didn't want her to go through all that so his vote was no. It sounded like it really added to the amount of time healing and she didn't want to spend any more time than necessary. She wanted to heal and move forward and not dread the future surgeries required and longer healing time. We found that each time she had breast cancer that it took about two years to fully get back to "normal". Removing a healthy breast didn't sound necessary. I will say though that dealing with a prosthetic breast is a pain at times. My mother(and her sisters) is very small an A/B cup and so it always seems a bit bigger and sometimes swimming it doesn't stay in place. She isn't comfortable going with out and being lopsided though. Make sure you do physical therapy after your mastectomy heals though to get full range of motion back. That is something we didn't realize at first and she struggled until we did that as she's was/is a very active person who plays tennis, walks, does curves, etc. My aunts who did reconstruction are happy with it but the process wasn't pleasant and one continually seemed to deal with infection and things that would delay her, the other breezed through it. One aunt did bilateral mastectomy in hopes she wouldn't have a re occurrence since watching my mom she felt it was definitely a possibility. ( my mom had it in the same breast twice, the other breast is still fine) Some did chemo and others did not. My mom was fortunate that she never did chemo. I'm sorry you're having to go through this, it is a lot of information and decisions all at once and they want you to decide so quickly.
  5. I've been on both sides. I put oldest in school K-2 then brought him home due to school struggles. I home schooled kids from then until oldest was ready for high school. At that point I told my husband I could either teach him or the other four kids, that is how much of my time he required. He wanted to go to the high school with all their music and theater options so off he went. Other kids stayed home until they were in 11, 10, 9 and 6th grade. So slowly one by one they went off to school depending on when I felt they were ready. I wasn't actually ready to send youngest in 6th but he and his dad decided it was time. He didn't like being the only one home. I didn't realize how exhausted and burnt out I was until he was in school that first year. I so needed the break. He loves his school and is now a thriving 8th grader. I was never the mom who thought they'd home school the whole way through high school as I don't have the temperament and self discipline. This year I have a senior and an 8th grader attending charter school, a college junior and two older sons working. Letting go of homeschooling did lead to a bit of a identity crisis and who am I now type thing. Also friends are either homeschooling still or they have started working so I'm working on building new friendships, interests, etc. It can be a bit lonely but I'm enjoying this phase of life too.
  6. My daughter has a digital art tablet and she loves it. Well worth the cost, though it wasn't horrible. We started with a small inexpensive one first to see how she liked it. This past Christmas we bought her a more elaborate model. GAOMON M106K 10 x 6 Inches Painting Digital Graphics Pen Tablet with 12 Express Keys This is the one.
  7. Our family has Toyota, Honda, and Ford cars/trucks. I love my Toyota vans and I now have a Highlander. These have been very reliable cars for us. Kids all have Honda and Toyota older cars which have for the most part been great. We drive them until they die or somewhere around 250,000 miles. My husband is a Ford Truck fan (he's had a F150, F250, and F350). He uses it for work, camping, etc so it really gets used. They have all been reliable as well, not quite as amazing as the Toyota vans but they also work much harder. He also drives them for about 250,000 miles before replacing. For a small truck thought he likes the Toyota Tacoma, he'd like to get one of these for his personal use at some point. I do read a lot about different cars reliability and what are most often needed repairs when searching for cars for my teens.
  8. This happened to my daughter twice in the past, she was so swollen and red. (she had multiple allergies already and has now been diagnosed with a genetic autoimmune type disease) but we found a couple that were safe for her Elta was the one she used the most. It's expensive but it worked and didn't feel as gross as some of the others the allergist recommended.
  9. I haven't done the official crush but I do use her recipes often and they are popular with my family. I signed up for challenge but haven't done it as we have been traveling too much recently but I hope to start soon.
  10. I have just done this after driving a van for last 20yrs. It has been an adjustment and feels small, though driving the minivan empty seems so large. I'm down to a 13yr old at home that I drive and a 17yr old with her own car and sometimes college dd when she doesn't want to drive herself. (two adult sons don't ride in our car anymore) I do feel I've lost a lot of space (I got the Toyota Highlander). I love the car but sometimes I miss the extra space in the van. We still have the van though so I can always use it if necessary. I can't imagine going down to a car like I considered for a bit. I assume with time I"ll adjust to the smaller space, just like I'm adjusting cooking for four or five instead of seven. Just takes time.
  11. I drive 30 minutes to take my ds to school each way. It is an excellent school, he loves it, I chose it originally for his older brother who could and did drive himself at the time, then he drove his sister, who drove the next sister until they all graduated. Youngest is five years younger than the next sibling so now I drive. I have at least three more years of driving to this school, twice a day, until he is 16 and can drive himself. It is a lot of driving. I question myself all the time if it's worth it. Thankfully it is a charter school so free for our kids but it is definitely a commitment. For my kids homeschool for high school just wasn't an option. Each child it was for a different reason but all were valid and some sort of school was needed. Our oldest son graduated from local high school, we weren't impressed. Next son attended a Christian Hybrid school he attended twice a week and made friends but this group of boys was pretty wild and we transferred to the charter school his junior year. This did not change the friend group or the wildness though, just offered more educational options. Daughters both started Charter school in high school. Youngest ds started in middle school as he didn't like being home with just me. I did learn that while I need to consider their feeling and give them some say, it really was just better when dh and I made the final decision and that was it. I hope you find one that works for you. Kimberly
  12. https://www.barenecessities.com/product.aspx?pfid=Natori731050PT&cm_mmc=GLPA_NonBrand-_-Bra-_-Natori117-_-Natori731050PT&BillboardPopupEnabled=false&BorderfreeEnabled=False&color=Heather Grey&amsk=w9a4hfr3k4&cmp=p1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnpXmBRDUARIsAEo71tQVhfKVqu7csvFHV9veWH1jz4XMabft4qaCNcnc6vBnZFfNvk4k54saAiIKEALw_wcB I think this one is really comfortable
  13. Exercises every day is what helped the most and the final thing was rolling foot over tennis ball. Shoes that worked for me were Brooks Ariel stability shoe, Dansco clogs, Halfinger Grizzly slippers, and birkenstocks. It took several months but thankfully I am much better. Doctor also offered shots as the next option if they didn't get better. Orthotics didn't really help much for me so I ditched them and went with the better, more supportive shoes. I hope you feel better soon, I know exhausting it is.
  14. I had a child that at about this time of year his senior year we didn't know if he would pass or not to graduate. I contacted his teachers and asked for exactly what he needed to do to pass their class so he could graduate. They were very responsive and told us exactly what assignments, etc needed to be turned in and how many points needed to pass. He had gotten it into his head there were too many assignments due and there was no way he could accomplish it all (multiple challenges). Having them just assign him the essentials made the list more doable and talking to the teachers made them part of our team. I gave my son the list and told him it was up to him but that HS diploma was important and he'd regret not finishing. He did the work required (teachers were kind and worked with us) and we found out that he passed at 3pm on day grades were do that he would graduate with 2 extra points. He was honestly a disaster the last semester of high school so it was a huge accomplishment that he passed those two classes. Good luck. No wisdom here just understand how parents are feeling right now.
  15. I take Allegra and Nasacort nasal spray twice a day. I've used Claritin in the past but it doesn't work for me and Zyrtec makes me lethargic so I avoid it. I've also found that Tylenol Sinus works well. Sudafed us helpful for ears and I've added that as well. I'm pretty much allergic to everything so take a lot of things depending on the time of year. I hope you find what works for you. All my kids take Zyrtec and say it doesn't make them tired at all and they prefer it to any of the others.
  16. We have flied an extension every year for the past ten years. We do pay estimated payments all year long and also with our extension. We're complicated though.
  17. I am an adoptive parent of five children all were adopted from Korea My cousin has three children she adopted from Russia. A lot of our friends we've made through the years have adopted children, internationally, private adoptions, domestic adoptions, foster adoptions. Lots of adults tell us they were adopted when they meet our family, they don't tell everyone, not a secret just doesn't come up. I had friends who were adopted in high school and college. My grandfather grew up in an orphanage/children's home and had a family interested in adopting him but his grandmother said no. He was a big influence on me and my views of adoption. He'd always say he wished his grandmother had let him be adopted. (she never visited or kept in contact after dropping him off at 2) He'd say kids need a family. Kids pediatrician is currently in process of adopting Funny, one of our friends daughters was having a rough time and she was sad and telling her mom that she was the only one adopted that she knew, my dd (adopted from Korea) was her best friend. She was surrounded by adoption, our circle of friends included six adoptive families that got together regularly, but for some reason she just couldn't see it.
  18. I bought a shot blocker for my son. He says it works great. Kimberly
  19. When applying for college and drivers license many families needed to show their certificate of citizenship to move forward. My kids are between 12 and 24 so our friends kids are similar ages. Drivers license was usually the first time they heard they needed it and that passport wouldn't do, then if they got through that hoop without the CoC they heard it again from colleges. I also was asked to show it when applying for their passports.
  20. I did not read every reply so sorry if I repeat. Children can come to the US on two different types of visas. My children, adopted from Korea, all had their adoptions finalized in the US and they we applied for a certificate of citizenship. It was to be the final piece of paperwork completed. Multiple families I know were surprised that they needed to do this step still after 2001 but it is essential. I will also say it was expensive so I think some families put it off because of that as well. If parents didn't apply on their child's behalf then they are not a citizen.
  21. Maybe the Costco buying program works better in some areas or with some cars more than others. Dh tried to buy/negotiate price for Sienna at three dealerships in our area before we tried the Costco program. They beat our best price by $2500.
  22. If you have a Costco membership using their buying program can save you several thousand dollars. We have done this several times, very easy.
  23. My son also has Cozmo and loves him. He was 11 when he got it. We're getting it for my nephew who is 10 this year.
  24. He isn't home. He is gone for the weekend in different state. She can't figure out what he's going to do, he is due home Monday 1am. Yes his email today was long with all the things she needs to do, understand, etc. I think he's been planning this for awhile personally. She will call a lawyer if I have to go over and dial for her..
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