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  1. I'm down to an incoming freshman this fall with two of his older siblings in college (freshman and senior) He actually is my only child to attend middle school at the charter school all the older kids attended for high school. He and I homeschooling alone are not a good fit. It was painful which is why he went to middle school. He is super social and loved school and did very well. We are sad about the possibility of ending up at home again because this has been super hard on him. He maintained his grades but all the joy was gone. Next year for high school he only has four classes English for 1.5 hours, Algebra for two hours, Biology for an hour and an elective which is choir. Very different from my older kids schedule at the same school. Not sure what they are thinking as they haven't announced what fall will look like yet. I will homeschool if we feel the schedule isn't workable and all the social pieces are gone and they continue with their incredibly strict attendance policy which I feel leads to kids being exposed to way too many illnesses. We are just waiting to see how it looks before we make any decisions. This particular school/program has worked really well for his older sisters and he's been excited to attend. Kimberly Mom of 5 25, 22, 21, 18 and 14
  2. I just read something that says if you've been notified you have been exposed to wait ten to fourteen days before testing.
  3. From 12-15 I babysat a lot. Then when 15 1/2 for summer I started working at Safeway as a courtesy clerk bagger and bottle counter.
  4. So far all my kids over sixteen have grown at least an inch after that age. Even I grew after high school another inch, not sure when the growth happened I stopped measuring at graduation but when visiting doctor at 22 I told them I was 5'4 1/2 and they said no way, lets measure. I was 5'5" 3/4 .
  5. I've done it all online. They then give me a print out to put in window until stickers arrive. If you need to go in person you have to make an appointment and wear a mask. Workers are behind plexiglass.
  6. https://www.firstimpressionsecuritydoors.com/product-category/iron-security-doors/ This is the type we had in our old house. I loved it. The light it let in, the breeze, etc. In our current house we don't have one but our front door has side lights, window above it and glass window on top half. I still miss the storm door though and am debating if I want one again.
  7. I have learned to open everything from past mistakes. I thought maybe it was a hoax/fraud but called the number to see what it said and did some research. Not sure why the card vs check seems like checks would be cheaper. We usually owe them money so they don't have our bank account. https://www.fastcompany.com/90510730/does-your-stimulus-debit-card-have-a-totally-made-up-name-youre-not-alone Shows a picture and how to get a replacement card if needed. https://www.forbes.com/sites/advisor/2020/05/21/5-things-to-know-about-stimulus-debit-cards/#572eafe73939
  8. We just got ours this week, not a check but a visa type card. Son hasn't received anything yet.
  9. I had to stop watching them because they made me dissatisfied with my home. I honestly can't afford to gut it all and start over and would rather there be a show that focuses on making what you currently have look its very best.
  10. Older kids were all between 13 and 14. Really didn't think they needed one until then because I was always with them anyway. Once they got that age I would leave them at the soccer field or dance studio so I felt they needed a way to contact me. Then they started taking classes and finally go to local charter school high school. Number 4 got hers at 12. She had just been through a traumatic hospital stay and rehab along with lots of out patient infusions, new diagnosis of a chronic disease and had anxiety whenever she wasn't with me. The phone allowed her to text me when she was anxious and I was out and about. For her it was a link to mom and dad when she wasn't with us. She really didn't use it for anything else for years Number 5 got his when he was 11. He is five years younger than number 4 and decided to attend the charter school middle school that his siblings went/go to next door for high school. Twice the first semester no one picked him up and he didn't have any way to contact us, nor us him. (once my mom forgot to pick him up and once older sister got into a fender bender on way to pick him up). We live 30 minutes from the school. We decided we needed a way to contact each other so he got a phone. Also who picks him up each day is constantly changing so whoever it is just texts him after school so he knows what car to look for. See I can rationalize anything,
  11. I'm so sorry, it is so hard. There is no right or wrong answer to adding another dog. When my beloved Splash died I planned to wait a bit to add another dog, my husband on the other hand called the breeder to let her know about his death and see when/if she had puppy for me soon as he knows dogs are my thing. I don't like to be without a dog. I truly enjoy them and think I'll always have one. There was a period of about three years during my marriage when we didn't have one but I was actively working on finding a good fit for our growing, young family and then was on a waiting list for the dog we wanted. My husband and kids can go either way. The dog is for me, it's great that the rest of the family enjoys them, but I'm the dog person.
  12. We have two Portuguese Water dogs, six or seven cows, three cats (violet the barn cat not pictured) and one sometimes GSD that belongs to son and visits a lot, plus my son's 50 gallon fish tank. No one new though.
  13. Both of my preemies have/had vision issues. I have one child that did two rounds of vision therapy to control her wandering eyes. One shut down when she got tired. She wears glasses to help her eyes focus and help with the fatigue. This type of strabismus has the most success with vision therapy option. We tried glasses and patch option first. She did the vision therapy at age 11 and she's now 18. If she doesn't wear her glasses all day or has headaches it will still turn in a bit from fatigue but it's not often. The other child had exotropia and he had two eye surgeries under the age of 3. His eyes look great and function well. No one can tell he's had surgery (eye doctors I mean) unless he tells them. He is currently 22.
  14. Linabelle Eugene Gaston Crawford Otway Henley Bessie Geneva Eugenia Geraldine Virginia Most of the other family members are more classic type names Ruth, Louise, Kathryn, Clinton, Raymond, Theodore, Laura, Mary, Doris, John lots and lots of John
  15. Layering is good. Claritin doesn't work for me and I can't tolerate Zyrtec. I use Allegra. My allergist says it is safe to take 3-4 times what is on the label but you lose the non drowsy component. My daily regimine when pollens are high is 1.Arm and Hammer saline spray in each nostril 3 sprays each twice a day 2.Nasacort two sprays 2x day (flonase is also one doctors recommend) 3.Allegra 1 pill 2xday 4.I also take prescription Singulair and another nasal spray and Benedryl at bedtime if needed but not for too many days in a row or I stop sleeping. If needed I'll add tylenol sinus. It's a lot I know but usually only need all this for about 5 weeks during Chenopods and cottonwood The rest of the year I just do the first four steps once a day.
  16. My high risk daughter just saw her nephrologist on Friday. Not cancelling anything from what I can tell yet.
  17. Oh and to answer your question. All dogs in my house are for me. I'm the dog person. I walk them, feed them, spend time with them, groom them. Dh if left alone probably wouldn't have a dog or would get a lab. Each kid wants and likes a different type and size of dog. Older sons love GSD and since they live on their own they can have them. Older daugher wants either a PWD or maybe a Havanese, Next daughter a shih tuz, youngest son a dachshund . I love most dogs but one of my favorite dogs I've owned was a boxer but due to allergies not a good choice. We have Portuguese Water Dogs because that is what I love and I love that they don't shed. We have owned on for the past 15+ years and the two I currently have are only 4 and 6 so lots of years left. After that not sure but I know I will have a dog.
  18. I was worried about getting a GSD for my son as well. So many problems with some of them. However I found a breeder and a beautiful puppy for him, I've met multiple dogs from her and they are all healthy wonderful dogs. She is a wonderful dog and healthy, beautiful, smart, great temperament. I love her, never thought I would but she is wonderful. If you're interested this is our breeder, it says puppies would be born in February. Sweetheart German Shepherds. http://sweetheartgermanshepherds.com/available puppies.htm
  19. Local Sam's here said their weekend sales were 90% higher this past weekend than the year before. She said the almost empty shelves are allowing them to deep clean. I definitely have read articles about what to buy for preparation and toilet paper, water and paper towels were on the list. Not sure why.
  20. Yes they have homework over Thanksgiving and Spring Break but not Christmas because the semester ends at break. They don't usually have much but study and sometimes finishing a paper or project. My kids unlike me though are not procrastinators so they don't seem overwhelmed with it and it can usually be taken care of the weekend before heading back. I have kids in middle school and senior as well as college students, they have been out of school since December 10th and go back the Jan 6th for new semester. All high school classes ended then all new ones will start.
  21. I have two children who have considered it but haven't made a legal change. One uses a different name for acting but since nothing paid yet hasn't made the change. The other goes between formal first name (considering a spelling change since no one, and I mean no one gets it correct) and her unrelated nickname which she's been called since she was nine months old. She hasn't decided if she will make a formal change or not yet. Honestly we had the most difficult time naming her, nothing seemed right and we would change our minds weekly. The only thing that really stuck was the nickname which dh wouldn't let me put on birth certificate at the time. So I guess I'm okay with it. I will say that of my five kids, only on child loves her name and wouldn't consider another. All the others think the 2nd place name would have been the better choice. I also remember thinking I wished they had gone with one of the other names on parents list as I liked them better but never seriously considered changing my name, I just didn't like sharing it with a million other people.
  22. Octavia Mattea Phaedra Deirdre Cassandra Elowen Anwen Helena Theodora Thais Boys Orion Jasper I love Violet and Freya.
  23. I'm boring. I have white corelle dishes for lunch, kids husband to grab. Dinner dishes are White Villeroy and Boch I got from TJ Maxx and Home Goods, they are nice, thin, but strong dishes. https://www.villeroy-boch.com/shop/manoir-dinner-plate-10-12-in-1023962620.html?lang=en_US This set. I just picked up pieces as they would show up in the stores. I now have 16 plates and 12 bowls. They were about + or - $5 a piece.
  24. I have wanted to cancel but a friend convinced me not to cancel. I went and had fun. First day or two a bit anxious but then I settled down and enjoyed it
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