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  1. Just adding that we switched to the Christian Light curriculum during this time for youngest. So easy and he liked it.
  2. On August 28, 2012 my daughter was admitted to the hospital for what ended up being a 35 day stay in the PICU and diagnosed with a life long chronic disease that requires an infusion every two weeks at the hospital, as well as specialists visits for neurology, gastroenterology, nephrology, PT, OT and regular pediatrician and later therapist for mental health as well. At the time I had a first grader, 7th, 9th and 12th. She was a 5th grader. Fortunately oldest was in school. 9th grader was in hybrid classes and teachers tried to help him as much as they could the two days he was there. The others my mother in law worked with them doing math and reading. That was it. My 7th grader is dyslexic but fortunately we had finished her tutoring as was reading at level, we were in the writing and grammar phase. For that entire school year all they did was reading and math with documentaries, and books on tape, etc filling in the other subjects. My little first grader learned to do his schoolwork in hospital outpatient centers, or with his oldest sister. For him it definitely put him a bit behind but after a couple of years he caught up. Our motto was we will just do the next thing and not worry about it. My 5th grader didn't do school work for the entire first year officially. We were basically in survival mode. Sometimes school didn't even happen until after dinner when dad was home and could help out or be with other kids while I worked one on one with someone. All this is to say, we made it through, looking back part of me thinks maybe they should have been enrolled in school but honestly their sister was so sick they were afraid to let her or me out of their sight once we got home. Fast forward 8 years Dyslexic daughter is a senior in college and applying to grad school, dd with rare disease still doing infusions but much more physically stable just finished first semester at college in engineering with As and Bs. Youngest son is now a freshman and finished his first semester at college prep school with As and B, he started in the middle school when his sister started high school as he didn't like being only kid at home. School advisor said he was impressed that all the kids were on level or above in their reading, writing and math scores when they entered the school. (I'm not a homeschool high school mom so all went to an early college high school charter for high school). As for the medical piece in all this. Having a child with a chronic, expensive disease means you do have a part time job. Over the years I've spent hundreds of hours driving, in appointments, doing therapies, talking to nurses, fighting for care, advocating for my child, trying to figure out how to get things paid for, learning about the disease, etc. Every time I think maybe now I'll get a job something comes up where I spend hours a day on the phone with nurses, insurance, etc. It is exhausting and way harder than it should be even though we have excellent insurance coverage. Anyway, take the help that is offered and give yourself grace.
  3. My daughter was 4'6" and about 70lbs and looked like an 8yr old when she was 11.5, in fact her friend that was two years younger towered over her. She had not grown or gained weight in over a year, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness at 11.5 and once they got that under control she started to grow and puberty hit. They didn't think she'd be much over 5'0". She is now 19 and 5'3. Not saying your daughter is small because she has something going on, just my daughter's journey.
  4. My first thought was Christy but I don't think it fits the timeline. Two others set in Appalachia that fit time frame are Where the Lilies Bloom and The incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel but not sure they fit either.
  5. We also have four kids in a six year span. They are now 25, 23, 21, and 19. At 41 we added one more that is now 14. There are so many pluses and minuses. He is a wonderful kids and we are so thankful for him. Personally I wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe if things had been different we would have added one more so he wouldn't be the only one. Kids were all adopted and between our age, the cost, my exhaustion level, and older kids needs we just couldn't figure out how to add another at the time. When he was five he asked for a three yr old brother, I told him his three year old cousin would have to do. However, he doesn't like being only one home now. Wishes he had a sibling to do things with his age, especially when the older ones talk about being little and all they did. Wyatt was there for a lot of it but he just doesn't remember. Having a toddler and a high schooler is interesting. Thankfully our youngest was adaptable and could handle all the run around involved with older siblings. If he had been like our oldest as a infant/toddler life would have been really hard as he needed absolute structure to function. We will be old by time we send him to college. This is fine but sometimes I see my husband looking at friends lifestyle with empty nest and be a little envious. Covid has helped a little with this as the trips have stopped for now. Also I have to go through one more year of student driving. EEK Honestly we do not regret having our last and we enjoy our time with him. His older siblings make a point to stay in contact with him, especially his sisters, he has a pretty special relationship with them. He thankfully has a cousin(an only child) that is two years younger than them and they have a great relationship and gives him someone to hang with at large family functions, Good luck with the decision making. No right or wrong answer. Kimberly
  6. Not really, She now has congestive heart failure diagnosis and some other damage due to Covid to add to all her other pre existing conditions like POTs, chronic Lyme, etc. She isn't even 40 yet
  7. This is similar to my sister in law. She has multiple ongoing health problems and no immune system, is isolated in her bedroom and doesn't even see husband or son. Never leaves. Somehow she got it. Twice now, second time it was probably from her son who helped her one day when she was having some problems. Speculation is maybe the dogs, or on one of the boxes of supplies, or gifts people dropped off. First time both husband and son had no symptoms, tested negative, and tested negative to antibodies.
  8. I like it. I remember the writer saying he was imagining talking to Mary and asking her questions about what was it like, what did you know, etc..
  9. I have PWDs which are very mouthy dogs and need something to chew. We do bully sticks but too many give them upset stomachs, so they are just a treat. We have the Benebones and they like those, we use things like kongs stuffed with food. Then newest thing they like is the sticks linked below. https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/petstages-super-dogwood-chew-dog-toy-medium-3160624?mr:device=c&mr:adType=pa&cm_mmc=PSH-_-BNG-_-SPP-_-PME-_-PET-_-AQU-_-0-_-PM_BNG_FY20_SBU04_SH10_Home%26Away_Other_PLA-_-0-_-0&msclkid=8a804cab7f72195f18c5131503810fbc&gclid=8a804cab7f72195f18c5131503810fbc&gclsrc=3p.ds
  10. Our state of Colorado spent $$$$ setting up overflow/field hospital and it sat empty all summer so this fall they dismantled it all just in time for the surge.
  11. I love my cabinet trash cans. I have it in two places. One holds two 13 gallon cans ( I really had to search for this one as cabinet company said it didnt exist but I knew it did since two of my aunts had it in their kitchens) and the other a smaller single can. It does get messy and stinky so I have to clean them out every so often but with dogs and kids it has been a lifesaver. Before no matter what trash can I bought the dog figured out how to get into it or a toddler (which I don't have any longer just teens and twenties now) would empty it everywhere. Worth it to me.
  12. Our area is advertising paying $740 to have a covid vaccine for the study.
  13. Currently due to Covid I'm doing Jazzercise online. My local studio offers classes at 5:30, 7:00, 8:15 and 9:30 as well as 5:30pm. I usually get son settled into his online classes and do the 8:15 class while he is doing his English class. If I miss that I do the 9:30. My workout space is currently in the entry foyer because it has wood floors and is out of the view of his computer's camera. Being consistent is what is really helped. I used to drop him off at school and go straight to the studio for 8:15 class. I will say that I am often interrupted and may not be getting the same level of workout due to the distractions and questions but at least I'm getting some workout in. Make me fell much better.
  14. They are so cute. Thanks for sharing them.
  15. We did it twice with two different children with the hope of avoiding jaw surgery in the future. For both it worked well. Daughter was 7 when the used head gear, her teeth/jaw turned out great. Son was 12 and it worked but with boys their jaw continues growing much later. His final outcome was good but not as good as daughter's. Thankfully neither needed jaw surgery and are now 19 and 25
  16. We just received a check in the mail with a post mark of July 23. We are also still missing July water bill, never arrived.
  17. Yes, multiple times. No regrets. We even moved across country from Seattle to Florida when we were young. We figured we should try something new before having kids. We lived there three years then moved back to Seattle area. Then when we had first child moved again for two reasons, to be closer to grandparents and to get me out of the rain. We moved to Colorado outside Denver area and lived there seven years but wanted to get out of neighborhood onto some property so move further from Denver to acreage where we built our current house. We've lived here fifteen years,{ kids are now 25, 23, 21, 19 and 14} and love it here, well most of the time. Dreaming of the Oregon Coast lately, dh is dreaming of Florida Keys so who knows what the future will bring,.
  18. Thank you, I just made your oatmeal suggestion. Delicious. I'm usually a blueberry and half and half person.
  19. I got Well People mascara at Target and really like it. It is $9.99 for small one and $19.99 for larger tube. https://www.target.com/p/w3ll-people-expressionist-mascara-mini-black-0-12oz/-/A-23964918
  20. We did this but it has been 15 yrs. My husband acted as the contractor and we did anything ourselves that was possible to do and hired subcontractors for the rest. We saved a lot of money doing it this way but it was exhausting and stressful. We still haven't finished everything we wanted to do. We actually moved in with no flooring anywhere downstairs except kitchen area and no stone on fireplace. It was quite the adventure. My kids were 3,5,6 and 9 when we started. I recommend you not move in until it is complete. Sometimes I dream of doing it again but I love this house so we will be staying at least for the foreseeable future. Make sure you have water and sewer or that you can put in a septic. Water in our state can really be expensive and hard to access.
  21. Mine are for the most part. Daughter Senior at UNC will go live in her two person suite with friend who is one of only people she's seen since quarantine. Most classes are online and they change daily. She moves in Aug 15. Daughter Freshman at University of Denver single room, single bath engineering student. Lots of online lecture with in person labs. Only freshmen live on campus so they can do singles for most. Both daughers will come home Thanksgiving week and not return to campus but do finals online. My freshman son (9th) his school starts week of August 10. They are doing two days in person/three online so either M/T or W/Th on campus to keep number of kids down in classes. We will see how long this works for, I anticipate them being online only eventually (which was/is an option) but he wants to go and for the moment I'm okay with it. Numbers are rising in the area but still pretty low in our county compared to other areas of the country. My husband works for UPS so he's been working this whole time and we have a pretty good program of decontamination established.
  22. Family of seven Currently have two Costco pack of TP but adding to it. I'm in process of stocking up for kid college dorms and son that is moving out next month. Plan is to send a Costco pack with each of them and still have two at home.
  23. My 14 yr old son loved it. He and his dad watched it every night until they finished.
  24. We all had some crazy illness this winter, but who knows what it was. As for knowing people with covid Our employee had it and was in ICU for three weeks, he's recovered and doing well. Older man with multiple health issues but back to work on limited basis. (70) My sister in law had it and is slowly "recovering". No idea how she got it, brother and nephew tested negative. Has congestive heart failure as a result. (37) Member of my BSF group died of Covid19 complications. (60's) Daughter's nephrologist had a 9 yr old Covid patient in hospital PICU, only know this because when daughter asked when her house arrest would be lifted her doctor didn't know when but said it wasn't safe for her to be out and about yet. Kimberly
  25. I love my Bosch with the third rack, I take out silverware basket. It is wonderful. I did buy it from a specialty appliance store and it was $$. Not the German made option expensive but more than the Lowes option. I went through three Kitchen Aid dishwashers top of the line and they constantly needed repairs and only last about 2-5 yrs here.
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