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  1. My daughter's doctor (nephrologist) recommended getting them at the same time. She says a combined shot is now in development (I think Moderna) My daughter is getting her Covid booster along with flu shot. I got the flu vaccine yesterday, no symptoms other than stinging when it went in. Not even a sore arm. I'm not an expert though, just passing along what doctor is recommending for my child, she tends to be pretty conservative and protective of my daughter's health for the past ten years. Good luck with your decision making. I know how hard it is to figure these things out and weigh the options. Kimberly
  2. We feed Purina Pro Plan Sport Salmon and Rice. They do very well on it as does my daughter's dog. I have one with a sensitive stomach.
  3. No, we have tons of windows, floor to ceiling with minimal covering. Despite being on acreage neighbors could see in as well as delivery people. I am not bothered by it as I never go naked for any extended period of time.
  4. With three of us we would all be in same row, I'd be stuck in the middle. With just the two of us my husband wants aisle with extended leg room. I usualy get stuck with an aisle seat, he gets offended when I want to sit elsewhere and doesn't seem to get that it is uncomfortable to me to be squished, he likes it because he doesn't have to worry about the person next to him. however this is going to change as I'm tired of being stuck between two large men. (dh is 6'3 and broad). We are a family of 7 so we've done multiple configurations through the years and kids are now grown (20-26) except for our 15 yr old.
  5. My son is exactly same size, though 15 He wears American Eagle 26x30 jeans and they fit perfectly The skinny and slim styles
  6. 15 yr old had it this June and did fine. Just tired and sore arm.
  7. Yes, he started Sophomore year on Tuesday. In person mask optional school is extremely crowded. He has been vaccinated but it isn't required just advised. Most of his friends were vaccinated as I got to hear all their experiences when they were over the other day. Our area Delta numbers are low but climbing. Elementary schools have mask mandate as well as the Universities in the area. Middle schools and High schools not yet.
  8. My sons both ran light for their heights. His older brother is 23 and 5'8" He lifts weights and still only weights in the 130's. They just run lean. It's okay so long as they are eating and not losing lots. When either son gets sick though they can lose up to 5 lbs in a couple days easily. The younger one was monitored for failure to thrive when younger but doctor determined after watching him for several months that it was just genetics. (not from me sadly)
  9. My fifteen year old son is 5'51/2" and 93 lbs. We're always trying to put weight on him. He is just a super healthy eater and doesn't eat a ton.
  10. Both of my parents had their eyes done this spring, they are currently 80 and 85. No complicaions or problems at all. Both are very happy. My mom's only complaints were she saw different colors looking at things when only one eye was done, it took several days for her vision to be clear and it bugged her, also didn't like the eye drops. My dad on the other hand had no complaints. Think it was great except that now he can see his hair is thinning and I had to buy him some special shampoo.
  11. I don't remember the kitchen aid model dishwashers other than the original was the architecture series and purchased in 9/2005, Next we bought in 2009 and the last one in 2012, they all were the metal inside and upper end Kitchen Aid, They were all repaired multiple times while we had them. Somewhere I read not to by my Bosch at Home Depot or Lowes so I went to Specialty Appliance store nearby. I wanted a German made one but they were way more expensive so I went with the one I posted. Has three rows. People swear by Kitchen Aid I think I'm just a lemon magnet for them.
  12. If I built again or totally redesigned my kitchen instead of a double wall oven I would buy two separate wall ovens or a range plus a wall oven for cost reasons. Also the cost of the built in microwave was much more expensive so I don't think I'd do that again either for replacement costs along with the limited models that fit that specific spot.
  13. I love my Bosch model SHX68TL5UC. It took me a bit to learn how to load it but once I did, its been great. We had high end Kitchen Aid dishwashers (3) that we continually repaired and replaced before this because repair men kept telling I didn't want a Bosch. So of the sixteen years in this house the first 11 yrs had kitchen aid that we continually repaired or replaced. Current Bosch dishwasher we've had about four years and it is still wonderful. I will say we run our dishwasher 1-3 times a day, especially when homeschooling and all five kids home for every meal. Kitchen aid double wall oven was a lemon, broke every single year around Thanksgiving until I finally replaced it. Kitchen aid fixed it for free for about six years, then would send the parts and I'd pay labor. Replaced it with a GE profile double oven I love and has worked consistently well. I have a Wolf five burner gas cooktop that is great. No problems with it, sixteen years old now. Only Original appliance from our build is the kitchen aid refrigerator which I'm looking to replace this year as it has developed a leak and most of the door shelves are broken and you can't get replacements so dh has taken to duct taping them together, really pretty. I wish I had put in a Subzero refrigerator but couldn't justify the cost. My parents have had them in their last two houses and they have been reliable.
  14. Thank you for all the responses and ideas of what to look for, test, etc. She was adopted from Korea and we have no genetic information to go on. We went to National Jewish Hospital to see sleep, asthma, etc specialists. She said she was no help except for the asthma part. She did encourage us to go to several different specialists because she thought her constellation of symptoms was concerning and pointed to an underlying problem, she just didn't know what. Sleep has been a problem since puberty and she's been seeing a sleep specialist for five years. Currently Trazadone takes her sleep from 0-2 hours to maybe 4hours a night. They are also thinking that it is possible she is sleeping more but her brain just doesn't recognize it as sleep so she never feels rested. Next week she has a bunch of breathing tests at NJH and an appointment to get a sleep study approved per the new sleep psychologist recommendation. Some of this is terrifying to me, I have another daughter with a ultra rare life threatening/shortening disease and a sister in law that has EDS, POTS, Lymes, Dysautonomia, Immune deficiency, congestive heart failure, etc and has been bed bound for the past ten years and will probably die in the next twelve months. I'm trying to remain calm as I guide her and go with her to specialists. It's just hard. Also reading all this information, I see my oldest son, also adopted, in EDS/hypermobility as well. It explains a ton of his experiences. Thank you again for sharing your experiences, knowledge and ideas. Kimberly
  15. No, she hasn't. Rheumatologist mentioned it but then decided she didn't fit the criteria.
  16. Thank you, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this as well.
  17. My daughter who just graduated college and is almost ready to begin a three year graduate program has just been seeing doctors since March, PCP, Orthopedics, Rheumatology and the current idea is she has hEDS. All bloodwork, echo cardiogram, x-rays and on MRI came back "normal". She is in so much pain, mostly hips and knees, that she currently is using a cane to walk (she is my daughter that will hike ten miles with dh like it's nothing). We went to doctor because of insomnia (extreme 0-3 hours a night), she had joint pain, would sometimes lose balance or knees would give out, chronic fatigue, asthma, horrible pain level 9/10 periods, dizziness, nausea, etc. Blood pressure is 90/54. Today she lost vision for a couple of minutes, became weak and almost passed out, So far the only thing they've recommended or prescribed is physical therapy and Advil/Tylenol. She did four weeks of physical therapy in April but it didn't change anything and he told her she was done. Only good thing is all the pain is causing her to sleep now, maybe as much as five hours in a 24 hr period. Does anyone have knowledge of this disease that can help me guide her to. It has gone from annoying and a little painful to extreme in less than four months. I just feel like we're just left to figure everything out on our own. Geneticist wait is currently over a year to see if it is another variant that has more involved systems.
  18. We stopped at five for multiple reasons. 1. Kids were all adopted so coming up with the money was getting harder each time. 2. Age of dh and I (41 when youngest was added to our family) 3. Age of other kids and all their activities keeping us busy 4. I honestly one day just thought to myself that I was good, done. That no one was missing and I had no desire to add another child. I never thought that would happen honestly, I figured I would always be up for one more, but at that point (youngest was about 3, other kids were 8, 10, 11, and 15) I just felt done.
  19. All our Colorado colleges will be in person this fall. So will the community colleges and local charter school associated with cc.
  20. I'm not sure how long but someone I know got it a couple of months after covid and her body is reacting like she has covid again and is really struggling. I would want to wait quite a bit if it was me
  21. I got married at 22 and started planning/trying for children at 24. I wanted to be young parents after watching my aunts all go through pregnancies in their mid to late thirties. We adopted our first when we were 31 and our last at 41 for a total of five kids, so the young parent thing didn't happen. I think the late twenties and early 30's are pretty common in our social circle. Most of my sorority sisters kids are grown and getting married, though I was one of the first to marry, we still have a 15yr old at home. One of my early careers was a director of a preschool/daycare and I knew how expensive child care was/is and working there made me decide to stay home with kids while young. I didn't anticipate homeschooling, or never reentering the work force but that is how it ended up. In my ideal world I was going back to teaching when they all reached school age. I do see my cousins, who are much younger than me choosing to delay or just not planning on having kids. Only one currently has children (she is turning 40 this year and is my oldest cousin) Only one other is married (30) and the other seven from 38 to 27 don't have any immediate plans to either marry or have kids. They want to do things before that happens. For example two of my cousins worked for years to save and travel around the world chasing waves and surfing. Another works then goes and stays in a different country for a year then repeats.
  22. Kidney disease can cause cognitive impairment, brain fog, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, confusion, lack of mental clarity. I'll attach an article for you to read if interested, it is directed at a different disease but covers the effects of kidney disease on cognitive function that might be helpful. https://www.ahusallianceaction.org/brain-fog-kidney-disease/ https://www.kidney-international.org/article/S0085-2538(15)56240-6/pdf
  23. We went through something similar with my daughter. She was 11 when she almost died and was in the PICU for 35 days and diagnosed with atypical HUS which is a lifelong chronic/life shortening disease. We had a lot of discussions about death and life, God, what if she died, etc. I will say things that helped her process a lot of her feelings and thoughts through the years were art, therapy and taking advantage of the Serious Fun Camps. Our social worker was a great help finding things for her. She also got a Make-a-wish trip. She is turning 20 this year and as she's grown and developed and matured we have had to process things over and over at different developmental levels. She is doing really well. She was a freshman in college this year and still uses art as her main therapy to process her feelings and talks with a therapist once a month to keep on track. I will say too that she often struggled with peer relationships because her life experience was/is so different than theirs. She is much more serious and doesn't have that same sense of invincibility that teens have, this experience did change her, she was my happy sunshine girl. She's a little darker now but that is understandable. I'm sorry he and you are going through this. It is not easy It also impacts the other kids so keep an eye on them as well and help them process their feelings. Our family still feels the impact and it has been nine years (but her disease is ongoing, with ongoing treatments and ER visits) One of her brothers said to me one night in fear and anger that this is never going to end is it? Honestly I had to say no. I think in retrospect I should have done family therapy for a bit when she first was diagnosed but no one suggested it and I think I was too tired and overwhelmed to think of it. It would have been good for the kids to have a place to express their feelings of fear, grief, etc with a neutral person as all adult family members were struggling to process their feelings and exhaustion. At the time of diagnosis my other kids were 17, 14, 13, and 6. It took two to three years to get to where she was stable and doing okay. It was probably five years before I felt like "me" again. Sorry didn't mean to make it about me, just wanted to let you know you're not alone and that their big thoughts are pretty normal. Take care of yourself while allowing him to process, so easy to say and so hard to do. Accept the help that is offered, this is a long journey. Praying for you all.
  24. I like neutral walls with stronger colored furniture. Currently my house inside is a color called Kwal Mushroom Basket but I'm slowly painting over that with SW Agreeable gray. Cabinets and floors are midtone wood but thinking about refinishing them. I've been accenting it with blues, greens, teals but also have a bit of wine color accents. Office and bathroom are a deep blue not quite navy which I love.
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