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    FS: 2nd Edition ECC, with 7th-8th gr. supplement, and extras, asking $300 PPD INCLUDED: Basic: ECC TM Student sheets - it does include a binder with ALL of the student sheets (to my knowledge) and some sheets there are multiple copies made. Flags of the World Sticker Book - there are three of these books... some of the flags have been used. Exploring World Geography Hero Tales Window on the World God Speaks Numanggang Classroom Atlas The Illustrated World Atlas Maps and Globes Geography from A to Z A Trip Around the World Another Trip Around the World Properties of Ecosystems Living World Encyclopedia Global Art Wee Sing Around the World (CD) Deluxe: Fun with Origami Inflatable Globe The Great Animal Search Christian Heroes Then and Now: Cam Townsend David Livingstone 7th/8th Grade Supplement: Bruchko The Narrow Road Peace Child Writing a Country Report Extras (included): Placemat World Map Dry Erase World/US Map The Kingfisher Young People’s Atlas of the World Rand McNally Children’s Atlas of the US Jungle Doctor Series by Paul White: Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard Jungle Doctor on the Hop Time - The USA - Our 50 States and Other US Lands My World and Globe Explorers Who Got Lost Around the World in a Hundred Years Olde World Style US Maps CD Blackline Maps of World History Blackline Maps of American History Sea Clocks, The Story of Longitude To complete the kit, you may choose to purchase: Basic Kit: Flags of the World book (possibly) Passports Wall Map of the World Deluxe: Currency Kit Christian Heroes Then and Now: Amy Carmichael Nate Saint George Muller Gladys Aylward Kingdom Tales 7th/8th Grade Supplement: 2014 World Book Encyclopedia DVD-ROM I Dared to Call Him Father


  2. Thank you Lisa! Those are exactly the kinds of books I'm looking for.... Books that will put my daughter in the country and culture, and give her a taste for it! I also appreciate the heads up about the language. At high school level, a small but does not deter me, but I do like to know about it. :)
  3. I'd love suggestions for literature that you've used along with a study of geography. We are using BJU Cultural Geography for our spine. We will study some missionary works. I was considering Anne of Green Gables for Canada. Any other suggestions? Can anyone link some great 9th grade book lists?
  4. We also avoid dyes - primarily yellow and red. Our daughter has a strong emotional reaction to them. We do allow blue on occasion and that doesn't seem to bother her. I agree with pps - check all labels - there are dyes in so many foods you wouldn't expect!
  5. I read recently that after not eating for 12 hours, your metabolism drops 40%. That's why if you eat something when you get up, your metabolism keeps going at the same rate, which helps burn more calories than if it slowed. Just trying to figure all this out myself! :)
  6. Ok thank you! I didn't realize it was how much of one pizza, rather than how much of the 3 pizzas. Thanks for the help!! :)
  7. My daughter is doing LoF fractions. So far I've had no trouble explaining the problems to her that she doesn't understand. Until now. (in my own words) ... "If 4 people were sharing 3 pizzas equally, how much would each person get?" I drew a diagram of 3 pizzas and we divided them equally until each person got an equal number of slices. Each pizza was divided 4 times so each person got 3 pieces out of 12 total ... or 1/4. However the answer in the book read 3/4. I feel like I'm missing something really easy here.... Can someone help a foggy-brained mama out?
  8. My mom and I have been canning all summer - basics mostly - corn, tomatoes, peaches, pears, beets, green/yellow beans. We'll do apples soon. We tried doing some salsa and ketchup this year :) Right now I have two buckets of potatoes on my porch that I really need to can, but will probably not get to b/c I am tired of canning too!! :001_smile: Although I know I should be thankful I have them... and should get myself motivated to can them .... etc.
  9. We're looking at a high of 88 today and down to 66 tonight. I wouldn't mind if it would cool off just a bit - trying to clean out our attic and being nearly 8 months pregnant in this heat is tough! Plus I loooove fall and can't wait for the temps to drop so we can enjoy hot cocoa, campfires, sweatshirts, Uggs, etc. :001_smile:
  10. I think I would have handled it the same way. If she is requesting the second night of gymnastics, she needs to be there to learn - not goof off. If she doesn't want to learn and listen and participate, it is just a waste of your time and money. AND even though it sounds like the coach was very nice and laid-back about it, it was disrespectful and I'm sure, distracting for the coach. IMO, you handled it perfectly - don't cave! :) :grouphug:
  11. The kids each have a pencil box in their desk with one set of colored pencils (or crayons), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some regular writing pencils. For extras, I use a shoe organizer - it would normally hang over the back of a door, but I have it nailed on the closet wall. One pocket is for crayons, one for colored pencils, one for erasers, one for pencils, etc, etc. It works great for us. If the kids run out of something in their box, or are doing a craft outside of school, they know where to find the supplies they need AND where to return them. :) It also helps me to see easily when we are getting low on something.
  12. I'm afraid I'm right there with you. My son is 3 (turning 4) this year and if we aren't playing WITH him, he watches TV. I really don't want him sitting in front of the TV all year! I had hoped to plan out preschool-type projects for him this year, but just didn't have time. I know I'd considered having my dds take turns working with him throughout the day but I feel like they already have so much work to do. And I am completely busy helping them or getting chores done that I don't have extra time for my guy. Not to mention we are having baby #5 this fall. I'd love to hear others' suggestions! :bigear:
  13. We were supposed to start tomorrow also. However, the school room is still in process of being cleaned and decluttered, we don't have all our textbooks here yet (being shipped), and one child has a nasty stomach bug/fever thing going on (and I'm sure others will be joining her soon - it never seems to hit just one!) SO! I'm thinking maybe the following Mon we will start. Only a week late... not too bad! ;)
  14. A friend of mine posted this on fb the other day and it made me laugh. Then dh and I were driving and what is being sold on the side of the road?? Those exact chickens! :lol::lol::lol: I had to tell my hubby about the post, although I don't think he quite saw the humor in it :lol:
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