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  1. Thank you! I have been wanting to find something in Chinese.
  2. Since you mentioned Veganomicon- the lentil soup recipe and the chickpea cutlet recipe are good.
  3. We just dealt with a situation like this last week. An item showed up on my daughters card that we had never checked out from a library we have never been to. It was an item that she never would have checked out, the librarians at my own library laughed because they know what my kid checks out and this wasn't it. After phone calls and talking with librarians at several branches I ended up just paying for the item. Apparently if we claim that we never checked out the item, refuse to pay and let it go to collections she could keep her library card for now, but if it ever happens again they wi
  4. I split wood with a giant hydraulic splitter, but with an ax? No thanks!
  5. My peppers were incredible this year too! The plants were at least twice the size my plants typically get and I used the same seed to start them. I've been stuffing my kids with peppers :)
  6. The one thing that seems to be the most important in keeping my family healthy is making sure we all get plenty of sleep.
  7. Never did any partying/ clubbing not my thing. Hanging out with my friends at those ages was more likely to be hiking or watching a movie :)
  8. I have three close friends. One is my sister, one is the wife of a family friend who I went to elementary school with, the other is the wife of a man I went to high school with. Their wives and my husband were all from out of state and we all go to the same church now. I'm glad my childhood friends married really awesome women :)
  9. I think it's perfectly acceptable. It wasn't your child or parent. I've been in the situation of having to make dozens of phone calls during a family crisis ( near death and extended hospitalization of my infant niece). Certain people got all upset with me because they thought I should have called them before I called other people. And because a few times I sent email updates instead of phone updates. I was seriously offended to find out this was being talked about behind my back on the phone and Internet. I would have been the one that had to notify people if she had died since my s
  10. What an annoying situation! I'm sorry. I would feel 100% comfortable leaving my kids in the car in the situation you described.
  11. Do you have a juicer? They make delicious juice- 1 huge cucumber, 1 apple, and half a lemon. Yummy with crushed ice :)
  12. I've been in the position of having to call multiple family members repeatedly during an extended critical illness of a family member (my infant niece). It was unbelievably stressful and draining for me to have to keep calling so many people when I was grieving and trying to physically/emotionally support my sister and parents at the hospital. I'm an introvert and already hate phone calls on my good days. If the baby had died I don't think I could have made those phone calls for a long time, and I know for certain my sister and mom couldn't have done it. If I could have texted people I w
  13. We can do 100 books per card. We are only allowed 10 holds per card though so I use 3 cards to get all the books we need. Our library is tiny but part of a huge cooperative so we can get almost anything we want through the holds system.
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