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  1. Biblioplan Truthquest My Father's World
  2. 1) Add a US history spine to do along side of SOTW. 2) Add more readers and read-alouds pertaining to US history. 3) Both - add a US history spine and more US-focused readers and read alouds. If you add a US history spine, what do you use? Thanks!
  3. Same here! I used a combination of TQ AHYS 1 and BF Early American Primary and Intermediate this year. I love to plan, but then I end up spending most of my time planning. I never get half of what I have planned done, so most of that time was wasted anyway. I ordered MFW 1850 to Modern last week. It's due to come tomorrow. I can't wait!
  4. My two oldest do their math in their rooms while I do math with my 1st grader at the kitchen table. I grade his math immediately after he's finished or check as he's doing it (the same for his handwriting and Explode the Code). When my older two finish their math lesson they come to the kitchen table, grab the TM and grade their lesson right there with me in view. They have to use a colored pen and circle anything that's wrong. I then look it over quickly to see what mistakes they made and have them do corrections right there at the table on another sheet of paper. This has actually worke
  5. In the past we have done a math lesson 2 days a week, 30 min of independent reading daily and piano practice daily. I really try to get 3 math lessons done a week and daily journal writing, but that doesn't seem to ever happen. My dc are on a swimming league in the summer, and it takes up a lot of time each day. Oh, one year I put together a packet of math fun sheets I copied from the internet or The Teacher's Mailbox and just had them work through them at their leisure through the summer. They did have to be completed before we started formal schooling back up though.
  6. My two oldest dc read Little Pilgrim's progress on their own at ages 10 and 9. They LOVED it!
  7. You must have a good representative! My MUS rep is Queen's Homeschool and they are slow, slow, slow. When I have ordered MUS in the past it always took about two weeks. My ds has the same rep and has used MUS for years. She's always had to wait about two weeks also. One time it took three weeks for her to get her order. I have a homeschool convention in three weeks. I'm going to wait to purchase what I want then, even though I need it now. It would take that long to get it anyway. Plus, I'll save on the shipping. I wish there were some way to switch reps.
  8. The student pack is the student workbook and test book, so that is what you would purchase for any additional dc using the same level.
  9. Thanks! I must admit, MUS was what came to mind first. I had ds take the placement test today and he would start in Epsilon. I guess that's not too bad. I do like the fact that MUS would be less teacher-intensive than BJU. I just worry about the higher levels not being strong enough.
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