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  1. Hi there, They always charge me before I receive the next kit. S
  2. Hi! We have just made the decision to switch to Oak Meadow this September. We will be starting grade 6. That is exactly why we switched...to make everything a little more cohesive. This year (grade 5) we've done MCT island and town, WWE, STOW, Rod and staff spelling, RSO chemistry, JUMP math and Life of Fred. I bought both grade 6 and 7 OM and have been looking through them since they arrived. From what I can see so far, grade 7 gives the child a lot of independence with the lessons. The history is not broken down into daily lessons but weekly lessons, so the child might need some help planning their week. There does appear to be a lot of writing assignments but the child is given choices within each assignment. You might consider joining the Oak Meadow yahoo group. OM_HS@yahoogroups.com You can find people there that are using the curriculum at different levels and would surely answer any questions.:001_smile: S
  3. Just about to put our order in too! Made a big move to Oak Meadow this year and going to use TT through the summer. It is amazing how settled I feel now! Enjoy your year!
  4. We'll be using Oak Meadow too! We took the plunge after researching forever....thanks to Nance for some great reading on her blog! It should be coming in the mail soon, so once we have a hands-on look at it we will be able to see where 6th grade is going in September! We are really excited over here!
  5. Oak Meadow is very appealing in that it is secular. Just not sure how it compares academically to what I was planning on using? Any long term Oak Meadow users out there?
  6. I am trying to get back that excitement of learning that seems to have been pushed aside after all these years of homeschooling. I keep looking at other curriculums like Oak Meadow and Living Books and see how lovely their subjects flow together. Here is my "boring" list for next year 6th grade....:tongue_smilie: Jump Math 6 Analytical Grammar Spectrum Spelling Wordly Wise 3000 6 STOW 2 (again!) Writeshop 1 L'art de lire Also considering Bite size physics for science and Lightening Lit 7 Any suggestions for making all of this a little more fluid and fun? I am willing to change anything or everything! Start the suggestions now!!!! Thank you!
  7. Hi, I'm mostly answering to give you a bump as I am sure there are others out there that can greatly help you! I have never used CLE, so I am not sure what levels your girls are at in math or language. If by any chance at this point you could teach them together (at the same level) to get them up to the 11 year old's level, you can then move on with the 14 year old when she is ready. I think focusing on some copywork and dictation is a great idea. Depending on their level of math, you could always add copywork in for math facts to help bring them up to speed as well. Just be careful not to overload them or yourself, as you might end up with burnout once again. Slow but steady, so they retain the information. :grouphug:
  8. I have never heard of this before, but just spent some time looking at their products. VERY INTERESTING! Off to find some reviews of this curriculum! I just wanted to answer to give you a bump! ;) ***createbetterwriters.com seemed to have better prices
  9. We are just about to start chapter 6 and are at lesson 10, so we have quite a few more lessons to go through still. The grammar lessons are not a problem for her...retention is great, it is the writing that I am worried about. My dd has always been a reluctant writer, although she can write some pretty nice sentences and paragraphs. Creative writing is her nightmare....too much pressure to come up with ideas. I guess I was more worried about her trying to produce longer pieces of writing if she is not ready yet. After scanning the WTM boards, I have been thinking maybe to keep going with MCT and work through essay voyage likely at a much slower pace. Instead of going backwards to FLL 4 it might be better to help her writing with Bravewriter lifestyle?
  10. We are using MCT town level and enjoying it....although it seems like there is so much to add such as copywork and dictation. We will not be ready for Voyage level next year, dd is 10. Is there any use in trying a program like FLL 4 to sub in some grammar, copywork and dictation for a year until we are ready for the Voyage level? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Well I believe our days of Abeka are over...way over! Abeka tends to overkill a concept, ie: a month of nouns, followed by a month of verbs, etc...with no real break or mix-it-up inbetween. My daughter looked at a friends lifepac, albeit grade 3, and loved the way that it moves around from vocabulary to grammar to spelling. I personally think it is confusing but I am not the one doing the lessons! LOL Any advice out there that can help me pick an interesting language arts program? I had banked on using Abeka language B with spelling workout and WWE to mix it up but I don't think that is gonna work. I don't know much beyond Abeka so I am really asking for help here! Thank you all in advance
  12. If I start with MCT level 1 for my 9 yr old dd. Is there anything I need to add for English. Other than spelling which I was going to use Spelling workout. Would this qualify as a complete English curriculum? Thanks to all in advance!
  13. Well we decided to try ABeka history for grade 4. It is really slow and boring for both dd and I. I have tried to spice it up a bit with some history pockets from Evan Moor. Looking for other slimmed down easy to get through almost skim over American history resources to help us out. Any advice is welcomed! Thanks
  14. Hi there There is reference in the Home instructors guides for additional materials. These appear to be manipulatives "to have". I was going to order a base 10 set but before I do I must ask.... Is it imperative? Is there anything else that I really need to have? This is for 2A 2B but am willing to purchase ahead if I might require other manipulatives down the road. TIA
  15. Does anyone know of any lessons or curriculum that help teach manners perhaps with role-playing etc. I would love something online for free but not worried about having to purchase a book or curriculum. Mostly looking for things geared towards 8years and up dealing with attitudes and speaking nicely....that sort of thing. TIA
  16. Well we are at lesson 110 in Abeka 3 math and although it has been a good year so far...she is getting very frustrated now. Where do we go from here? Anyone else had this problem. We are at a real stand still. I don't know what any other math programs look like so I could use some help choosing. HELP!!!! and TIA
  17. My dd does not like writing...at all! Just wondering if WWE would help with this or not. We are finishing up grade 3 this spring. If so, where do we start with workbook 1 or 2? Or should we find our own narrations/dictations? Also will the program help to make her writing neater too? I guess the more she writes the better it will get. If not WWE is there some other suggestions? I will take any advice or suggestions please. I need to get her to write more and start to enjoy it too! Thanks in advance!
  18. WE have the flashmaster...which works well for us. Much more interesting than flashcards which tend to get very boring. The flashmaster has been really great for solidifying our facts.
  19. Hello, Just wondering if there are any books you recommend as "must-haves" when doing SOTW. Other than Usborne internet history of the world or Kingfisher obviously. I was thinking more of medieval stories or shakespeare collections.....however this is only a 7 year old we're talking about! TIA
  20. Hi there! I just ordered one and it arrived just this week. My daughter so far loves it and thinks it's tons of fun (she's 7) I really like flashcards for learning math facts and with the flashmaster she is getting flashcards....doesn't realize it and is having fun. We don't own any handheld computer games (ie Nintendo-ds) so she thinks this is a great game!! I think the price is well worth it and Chuck Resor is a pleasure to deal with! Hope this helps!
  21. Is there a book that has great colored illustrations for ages 7-9 either read-aloud or alone? For Knights of round table or Collection of Canterbury tales? TIA
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