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  1. I know...sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out if I am in a parking lot on the blacktop, because it's so hot!
  2. Hi Melissa I love your post. It looks like a poem. It cheered my evening. :)
  3. Bumping because we have several cats and their boxes get really smelly although we scoop daily and change often.
  4. this topic is pretty interesting... I tend to change my mind back and forth... (Christian here.)
  5. Sounds awesome! I'll have to try that soon...it's pretty hot here...
  6. Praying that you all stay safe! :)
  7. Yes, it will be fine. (in the fridge!) :)
  8. jhschool


    No advice but sending you lots of hugs. This sounds like a difficult situation.
  9. jhschool


    I know. It was a joke. Or more like a trap. I knew someone wouldn't be able to resist. :) :p Love you, Jean (your tackle posts make my day!)
  10. I'm sorry you had these experiences... And I'm very sorry for your loss...
  11. Bumping this thread because I need help in this area...
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