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  1. First child is just about finished homeschooling high school and is off to university in a few months. I. can. not. believe. after all these years of being on these forums that I am writing this!! Thank you SWB and JW and long-time boardie friends!!!!

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    2. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      And thank you, everyone, for the comments!!

    3. cintinative




    4. Colleen in NS
  2. Talking to a College Board rep....yah. Not fun, esp. when they don't understand a simple question. And when they ask the uni. registrar I'm in contact with what the abbreviation is for the state of Canada.

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    2. Renai


      Doesn't inspire much confidence in that rep, does it?

    3. quark
    4. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      Yes, 'twas true. Now I'm waiting to hear back from another CB rep. And the registar told me she had been transferred five times before she finally gave up and decided to try another day. Still waiting...

  3. Someone please cheer me on - I'm in the thick of finalizing writing up high school course descriptions, textbooks lists, and "letter from the educator about the curriculum you followed." My brain is fried!

  4. Pleased about ds's great SAT scores!!! Thank you SWB, JW, and TWTM community!

  5. Pleased about ds's good SAT chemistry test score, and feeling validated again for WTM-style science at home!!

  6. Excited about ds's good SAT physics test score, and feeling validated for me! :D

    1. C_l_e_0..Q_c


      Congratulations!!! Still waiting for AP Physics here. But SAT I is in and it's good.

    2. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      Congratulations to your son, too! Glad to hear it!

  7. Wow, almost 60,000 members here! How this forum has grown over the years. Such a great place to talk about all aspects of homeschooling!!

    1. swimmermom3


      Yes, and we don't see as much of a few of those posters as we would like;-D

    2. crazyforlatin


      Unfortunately some of those post movies and ads. Argh.

    3. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      Well, yes, there are the spammers...I guess I was just shocked when I decided to check out the recent numbers.


      Lisa, if you mean me, thanks! :D I am trying to check more often, but this past year and a half have been busy. I think right now I read more often than I post. I still look for those in-depth discussions. :D

  8. Done with this school year. It's been a very busy winter and spring. I'm missing interacting here! Hope to chat with some of you here soon.

  9. Enjoyed my 45th birthday yesterday with chocolate, cake, meals I didn't have to make, new yarn, and new cardstock. :D

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    2. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      Thank you again! :D


    3. C_l_e_0..Q_c


      Happy belated birthday!!! You're STILL younger than me. Catch up gal! I feel old

    4. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      hahaha! Thanks, Cleo!

  10. Hugs to Kalanamak and family.

  11. Beta-testing WWS 2 - I can't say enough about how helpful this program is to me and my kids!!! Well-done, SWB.

  12. chocolate again.

    1. Element


      Chocolate "again" indicates a break in chocolate happenings (which is totally unacceptable.) :D

    2. Colleen in NS

      Colleen in NS

      hahaha! There is never a break here. :D I just wrote that because I wanted to replace the "worried" status I wrote last week, and figured chocolate is always a good thing to post. :D

  13. Worried about the bombshell dropped on homeschoolers in Nova Scotia this week.

  14. Congratulations on your baby! I was wondering about you today, and I just saw your thread from over a month ago! Hope all is going well.

  15. Hi, I just replied to your thread about wheat berries.

  16. I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband, Julie. Many hugs to you. -Colleen

  17. Hi Julie, I read your CaringBridge site, and I just wanted to say I am thinking of and praying for you and your family today! Colleen

  18. Hi Rhonda! I see you logged in recently. Just wondering how things have been going for you!

  19. Hi Dyan! Remember our R&S Recordkeeping course conversation/thread from a year ago? Well, I saved it all this time, and reviewed it again just now. I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me - you answered every single question in an understandable manner. And I had questions in my mind today, that I realized were answered by you in that thread! I am going to buy this course, thanks to your help. I don't know when I'll have each kid go through it, but I will. And it will always be here on my shelf, in case their skills start fading away (as you warned), so they can review, too. Thank you!!!!

  20. Hi Lisa, you came to mind today, and I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and said a prayer for you.

  21. Hi Nan, Just popped over to say hello. I'm sorry I haven't communicated in awhile, esp. after meeting a few months ago! I do think about you, though. We've had a stressful two months, but are hopefully at the END for awhile. I will hopefully e-mail you sometime to catch you up on all our news. xoxo

  22. Hey, I just want to say that I've really appreciated your posts over the past few months. Esp. the ones about science study, math, and university experience.

  23. Gosh, I'm super-glad you decided to start posting here!! I just read your first 30 posts, and you are a WEALTH of nitty-gritty science-teaching info.! I'm not reading any salesmanship in any of your posts, either. Thanks for helping us out!!

  24. Thanks for bumping my thread up, Ester. It was nice to see you peeking in there, and I thank you for your encouraging comment.

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