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  1. I bought a Eureka at Sam's Club for $99 last year under duress (company arriving the next day!). Their promo in the store claimed they "sucked" better than the leading one for 4 times the price. I've always had "good" vacuums buying based on the Consumer Reports testing, but this one is the best I have EVER used. I had spilled some red embossing powder on my tan carpet years ago.... at least 5? I've vacuumed it over and over and it just was always a red stain remaining. ONE PASS with this thing, and it is GONE. GONE i tell you!!! On my HS group recently someone was needing to replace a dyson

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    I have the following for sale, from a non-smoking home. Most of the items are new, some are used partially. I would prefer to sell this as a whole lot, $60 ppd (media mail, unless flat rate is cheaper). Insurance is not included, you can pay for it if you want though! 2006 WP Ready to Learn *schedule, 2 weeks have small notations of page numbers * Science Play by Jill Frankel Hauser, **brand new condition * Math Play by Diane McGowan and Mark Schrooten. **brand new condition * Sing! Play! Create! by Lisa Boston, **brand new condition * WOW! I'm Reading! by Jill Frankel Hauser, **brand new condition * Art Starts for Little Hands! by Judy Press, **brand new condition * Young Learner's Bible Storybook by Dr. Mary Manz Simon, **brand new condition Rod & Staff PreK books (**brand new condition) * Bible Pictures to Color * Do It Carefully * Everywhere We Go * Finding the Answers **** I have the Bible storybook here somewhere - I saw it in my 8yo's hands last week. Which might mean I can't put my hands on it until she gets home... or never! LOL!! Study Time Publishers PreK booklets (**brand new condition) * Color, Count, and Cut - An Activity Colorbook for four year olds * Doing My Best - A Preschool Activity Book Kumon My Book of Coloring (Ages 2*3*4), brand new, except binding but off the edge C-Rod Picture books, these use the rods to build pictures. Purchased from ROCK Solid for $10.97 each. I will put the binding back on the On the Farm book - the combs are actually too small and put on backwards so when you turn the pages they come out - so says the person that used to get paid to bind things at Kinko's back in the day! :) ) * Around the Town, 34 fun pictures * On the Farm, 34 fun pictures Abeka PreK - all these are missing pages, some more than others. But, if you have a craft loving Prek'er, you know anything you can throw at them will be useable! * Letters & Sounds 45268009, appears to be missing pages 1-6 * Number & Skills with Button Bear 45241009, appears to be missing pages 1-26 (141 pages total) * Arts & Crafts with Amber Lamb 45276009, appears to be missing pages 1-53 (138 pages total) * Child Art 44946009, appears to be missing pages 1-38 (65 pages total) Bonus - while looking one last time for the R&S Bible book, I came across the Sonlight 2003 Read to Me Guide.


  3. You're so sweet, Tracey. Thanks for the :grouphug: about the 11yo coming home.

  4. I don't want to view and run! LOL!!!! Gee, maybe i should be doing school too?!?!

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