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  1. When I'm driving or riding over a bridge I have to unbuckle and roll my window all the way down. Gina
  2. I don't think that you should have to tell someone that a closed door means a room is off limits but the reality is that you do ime. I've actually had to start locking doors to rooms that are off limits and even then one was opened :glare:(I kept the key on the top of the door frame). I started locking the doors when after one party all of our toothbrushes went missing:001_huh:. We didn't realize it until we were trying to get ready for bed after the last guests left and I had to run out to Rite Aid to get new ones. I did find the toothbrushes probably a month later at the bottom of one of my dresser drawers under a ton of sweaters. These are family parties but I do have a bunch of mischievious nephews. Gina Current read aloud: The Storm
  3. I agree that you have to treat the environment. I use Dawn dish soap to bathe my dog and it works really well. Gina Current Read Aloud: The Whipping Boy, The House at Pooh Corner
  4. So I have a friend from many years back who mentioned that she does CC and just raved about it. I would have liked to pick her brain about it but we only see each other briefly a couple of times per year when she and her family travel up to visit relatives in my area and attend our church while visiting. I'd also like to know if anyone manages to do something similar at home. I'd love to know more about CC.:bigear: Thanks, Gina Current read alouds: The Whipping Boy, The House at Pooh Corner
  5. I made a sand castle cake a couple of years back for one of my dds with a summer birthday. I got the idea from an issue of family fun magazine so maybe they have a website you could check out. I remember using sugar ice cream comes upside down for turrets and also crushed graham crackers to look like sand. Good luck, Gina Current read alouds: The Whipping Boy, The House at Pooh Corner
  6. children's dictionary? I'm looking for one for my third and fourth grade daughters. I was hoping to find one that has nice size print as one dd has a hard time with too many words on a page or words too close together. Thanks, Gina Current read alouds: Uncle Wiggly's Storybook, Farmer Boy, John Audubon young naturalist
  7. Thanks for responding so quickly because I have really be stressing about this lately. I do plan do move on to Preparing in the fall so I am glad to hear that writing will increase later on. Gina Current read aloud: Uncle Wiggly's Storybook, Farmer Boy
  8. I could use some advice. I use HOD Bigger with my dd 8 and also Rod and Staff Grammar 3. As far as writing goes that is all we use. I'm wondering if that is enough? She does dictation and all of the writing for science and history notebooking but is lacking original writing. Is that ok for this age? FWIW she does write/copy a lot on her own time but nothing formal. Here is an example of a little note she gave me today (tattling on sisters:001_huh:). Charlotte and Celeste were resling(wrestling). Celeste said stop and Charlotte did not stop. Celeste got hurt. She does this kind of thing all the time but I just don't feel like we are doing enough. Tell me it's ok or tell me what to add:). Thanks, Gina Current Read aloud: Uncle Wiggly's Storybook, Farmer Boy
  9. Thanks! I'm gonna check these out. Gina Current read aloud: Uncle Wiggly's Storybook, Farmer Boy
  10. what else can I give her to read? I looked on the back of the book and it says advanced 2nd grade/level. Is this a 3rd grade level then?. This particular dd sort of "hangs out" in each reading level for awhile so I'll need quite a few around this same level. Also, reading success with this dc has as much to do with the length of the book/chapters and amount of words on a page as with actual difficulty of words. Thanks so much for any suggestions. Gina Current read aloud: Uncle Wiggly's Storybook, Farmer Boy
  11. I had this for over a month last fall(2010)! I had tried everything that I could think of. After about a month my dh found mold/mildew in one of our walls from a leaky window. He repaired it right away and my sore throat was gone. Don't know if this is a possibility but just a thought. Hope you figure it out. I know how annoying/frustrating this can be. Gina
  12. Choirfarm, My dd is in fourth and just turned 10. The writing level is similar. Spelling is also a struggle for my dd. My dd is so much more intelligent than what her writing shows imho. When narrating aloud I can see how well she understands. Translating that onto paper well it is a process. My dd is making progress with spelling with dictation this year but is still not a great speller. Gina
  13. I have a copy of the well trained mind but have lent it to a friend so I thought I'd ask here. I am curious about what the recommendations are for early reading. I just ordered OPGTR and want to know what else I need to go along with it. I am asking in regard to dd4 who will be 5 in March. I have two older girls who are readers but I didn't follow TWTM during their early years and really want to do it right this time. My dd has expressed frustration over not being able to read somethings for herself, board game rules for example, so I thought it must be time to start reading instruction. I have read TWTM, and many other things, and it is all swimming around in my head together. Thanks, Gina
  14. Does anyone use a waldorf inspired math program? What does this look like? I'm interested in the elementary years. Resource suggestions welcome as well. My dc are 9,8,4 and 3. Thanks, Gina
  15. Does anyone know what I can use to remove a rust mark from my stoneware dishes? I had an sos scrubber in my sink and sort of forgot about it. Anyway, an off white stoneware dish was set on top of it and left overnight:glare:. It now has a rust mark on it that I cannot seem to remove. Seems like I heard something about using alum or something but I'm not sure. Any ideas or experience. Please tell me that I'm not the only one this has happened to. TIA Gina Current Read Aloud: Uncle Wiggly's Storybook, Snow Treasure
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