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  1. I've been reading through the NCDNPE handbook (again) to make sure I'm keeping my ducks in a row and I'm confused on one topic. I thought I read somewhere on there that I (as the administrator) need to establish a minimum score on a standardized test for graduation. But reading further I don't think that applies to homeschool but just a regular non-public school. Do any NC homeschooling families on here know?
  2. We are thinking about moving to Arizona next year. I've been perusing the internet to get as much info on homeschooling in Arizona as I can but I'm not finding answers to a couple of things. DS will be 16 next January and we wouldn't be moving until next summer. The law states if the child is between the ages of 6-16 then you fill out the forms and submit them. So does that mean I wouldn't need to fill out anything for DS since he will be 16 before we move? Would he need to take the GED in order to get into community college since he wouldn't have a "real" diploma? I cannot find
  3. I'm so glad I saw this post! I told DH last month that we were going to try to do a no spend January. So far so good, we haven't spent a dime. We do have DS's birthday this month but we already have his presents and we are going to put cash aside for his birthday dinner. I need to get the dog vaccinated next week so I'm hoping to use my cash for that but we'll see how it goes. Tomorrow night is pizza night, but we're going to make homemade instead of takeout.
  4. Well I'm glad to know I'm not alone, lol. I won't force him to go anywhere then. I just wish he would at least make ONE friend his own age.
  5. I cannot get DS14 to get out and try to make friends. In our area there is a homeschool group that meets once a month and it's specifically for teens to get together. I've been trying to talk DS into giving it a try for the past few months but he's refusing to go. He says the kids will be annoying and he doesn't want to make friends. He basically spends all his time either with his dog, reading or writing a series of stories he's been working on since the beginning of summer. He kind of lives in the fantasy in his head. ALL he talks about are his stories or what his characters are going
  6. DS loves the Dragonlance and Forgotton Realms books. Anything by RA Salvatore, Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weiss.
  7. A few years ago my oldest DS (not homeschooled) came out with our house phone looking confused. I asked what the problem was and he said he couldn't figure out how to text from it. After laughing hysterically, I asked why he thought he could text from it. He said that was what the letters above the numbers were for.
  8. Please don't write meds off just yet if your child does have ADHD. By all means try other methods such as changing diet or adding supplements but don't go in with a closed mind about meds. I was never diagnosed with ADHD, but when I was a kid the only kids being diagnosed with it were the kids who were bouncing off the walls. My parents had never even heard of ADHD. I suffered tremendously in school. I had horrible self esteem because I couldn't pay attention and I felt dumb because all the other kids knew answers to questions but I didn't even know what the questions were. If I had
  9. Cat for sure! While I love our dog, having a dog is too much like having another child. Cats are waaaayyyyy easier.
  10. Ok, thank you all! The definitions are very wordy and I think that's where he's having the trouble. I hadn't thought of shortening them on the proofs to where I know that he has the general idea of what he means. So he will use these theorems again in algebra 2 and precalculus?
  11. Disclaimer: Ok, I never took geometry in school so this is totally foreign to me. DS is doing TT geometry. He seems to be getting it pretty well except when it comes to the proofs. In the back of the book all of the theorems and definitions are listed and there are a lot. DS is having a hard time remembering which definition is which and which theorem is which. Is he not supposed to look at the definitions and theorems listed in the back during a test? My oldest is in PS and is taking geometry and I asked him if he can look at the definitions and he said no. So I guess here's m
  12. As far as using the GI bill, keep in mind that it pays for a public school's in state resident's tuition. If your child wants to go to a private school or a school where he would not have resident status, the whole tuition might not be covered. I think it's up to $17,000 per year for tuition for private/out of state tuition. My DH will be going to PA school when he gets out in two years and we are well aware that the whole cost will not be covered and we will have to pay for some of it out of pocket.
  13. I know this has been brought up before and I did a search but I was unable to find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for free virtual biology labs. We're using the dragonfly book and we have the "Illustrated guide to home biology experiments" for labs but I want to mix it up and do some "real" labs and some virtual labs.
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