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  1. This has been going on forever and everywhere. MEDIA. We used to only hear about stuff one town over. Now the split second anything happens it is plastered on screens around the world.
  2. We are Christmas freaks. We love the folly holly jolliness and we are the cheesiest people on the planet. You could wrap up underpants in Christmas paper and my kids would jump up and down. From the day after Halloween we are basically crazy. It's NOT just the presents. I can't even explain it. I always felt bad for poor scrooge. He just needed a hug. My kids get more excited to give stuff to other people I swear. We go shopping one day JUST for donating things. The local grocer gave me a good discount for ordering cases of food. I love them. We always find a few families in
  3. If there were few left everyone we would ask each other first.
  4. We did, but I ended up in the hospital with a bacterial infection. It was horrible. They dairy moved their cows south and then the HFS didn't send me the recal of one batch that was tested from the new dairy. It was an awful ordeal all around. I an buy vat pasturized milk and it is delicious. I also used to get fresh goat milk from Oberhaslis but I'm a bit too far now. I would love a cow or goat in my backyard But I am NOT for governing what we cannot consume. It's our business, and should be our fault should something happen.
  5. Clinique is horrible. And one of the firt ingredients in the toner is alcohol. They are NOT cheap by any stretch, but I use Bobbi Brown cosmetics. The EXTRA line of eye cream, balm, and serum I have the most sensitive prone to breaking out skin on the planet
  6. I really hate when I get used to something and then I can't find it. Right now it's WHITE taco shells. Seriously, WHY ALL THE YELLOW?!!!! I will not stoop to making my own:lol:
  7. :lol: :lol: It IS the cleanest carrot in the world
  8. i was going to say a hand fed and raised bird is the way to go. It depends on what you want from a bird. And of course how much you can spend. Some parrots make fantastic pets because they become literally a member of your family. They can follow you everywhere and even be harness trained to go out. I have a teeny baby Eclectus being hand raised right now. Those are hypoallergenic in that they do not produce a dander. But they are around $1500
  9. This morning I found a carrot in my dishwasher.
  10. You don't have one. Now your'e just being silly :closedeyes:
  11. Can you imagine if your last name really was Bacon? I think I'd want mine to be fried chicken. Or cheese. Or maybe cookies.
  12. du, dudu, dudu dudu dudu dudu du duuuuuuuu dddddddd Gee that tune is catchy
  13. My son just told me I laugh too much. :confused1:
  14. I LOVE vegans. I used to be one but then I was corrupted. OMG that picture :lol: I would quote it but it is huge.
  15. Then you get to be in the club! And if you don't eat bacon you can be in the club too.
  16. See this is how it works. Someone posts something ridiculous, and then in an attempt to shield them from public humiliation some nice gals form a club and try to change the subject. Ok you really want to talk about it. Gee I don't really know what to add. And I really am just joking about the first line (sort of).
  17. bacon eat bacon. BAHAHAHAHA We sure are good at changing the subject. Speaking of. I recently found the right dosage of lactaid so now I can fatten myself on milk and cookies
  18. Bobby Flay? I want him to grill me a burger. No really, that is not a euphemism, I really want to eat his burgers.
  19. I am having the same thoughts. There is a lot of reaching going on with this horrible tragedy.
  20. they are like cute little ugly blobs LOL
  21. I agree wtih you Cat. I never understand the dire need for a kid to do this or that. I mean after a genuine TRY, why the need? That is just not fair.
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