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  1. I don't know but I'm sorry, that sounds like no fun at all. I really hope it goes away soon for you all
  2. I think it's best to use a coarse ground coffee, but I have never bought coffee pre ground. You definitely don't need a fancy grinder because it doesn't need to be ground fine.
  3. DISLIKE!! Maybe that's what we need. A DISLIKE button :laugh:
  4. I make fancy hot dog wraps. I get this really good Polish sausage and make homemade bread dough. They are so yummy. I'm not a big fan of sweets but I also love kolacziki
  5. I hope you figure it out :grouphug:
  6. I so was not. Just asume I am NEVER offended because I'm not! :D And really if we are going to say who is responsible for the cupcake thing.....gee actually I don't remember LOL.
  7. Yeah gee I was kidding. And that trouble maker Wendy started it. Maybe everyone should go pick on her. Wait who brought up bacon first....yeah it's her fault. Stop picking on me :crying:
  8. I actually dumped it for a short time and then realized I was trying to fit in that box again. Since it is so set up and outlined for you, it's easy to get stuck that must do ONLY this way, when really you can be flexible with it. DS definitely needs more help than JUST the DVD and then sending him off. What I do is number the paragraph for him, and then give an example of words that might help ME for the first sentence. Once he is done I have him test it by telling it back to me right away. And if I see little words that won't help at all I point that out.
  9. Yeah that's a tough club to get in to too. ALl you have to do is like bacon or not like bacon :laugh:
  10. I think it's just rude if you have asked. Maybe just don't be involved in the pictures? I have a pretty small FB circle though and it doens't bother me. But if it bothers you and it's ignored that is not ok.
  11. Um, you can just say me. It's a freaking joke. You have got to be kidding me.
  12. Well you are bossing people around. That's kinda bullying. YOU could also ignore it. It's really not a big deal
  13. That's too deep for me. I prefer humor. And it's not bullying. . We are adults. It's just being silly. I for one, am never all too serious about it. And there are a few newer members that I now remember and are my friends because they can take a joke. Like 4 hour cereal lady. I LOVE her. momtoone. She's funny
  14. If you have never used WWE, start with 2. You can move quickly through it by combining the days it suggests. I have a love hate relationship with IEW. It is formulaic and DS revolts to that but to some extent he needs it.
  15. She is an Eclectus being hand raised and will come home in a few weeks. She needs a name! This is what they look like. We are getting a hen. Eclectus
  16. You wouldn't want to hear my over done-ness. It is rather excessive.
  17. I wear those little half socks that cover the bottom, heel and toes
  18. It is nothing short of amazing. Are you dry? My skin PEELS it's so dry. But they have several products. And I have larger pores on my nose/part of my forehead and that has gotten better. I use a mild cleanser with a Clarisonic. That' s another biggie. That thing is magical. IF you have a Nordstrom you can go in and maybe pick up one product and ask for samples.
  19. Kids, grandparents, a few friends, and I donate a lot. We sort of adopt a few families each year without them knowing it.
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