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  1. Oh good so i'm not crazy. I thought she was being nice and polite so people didn't have to share towels LOL. I keep a basket full in my bathroom so that when one falls on the floor or gets used several times we can just grab another.
  2. All of that and I always have dried beans, lentils, potatoes, onions, garlic, anchovy paste, and grains like kasha, oats, etc.
  3. I was once at someone's house and they had this basket of towels in there. Well I took one out and used it. She later asked me why I took her display towel out to use. I said I thought they were there to use. She said no those are my display towels. Ok then. They were all plain colors and on the counter stacked in a basket. I figured they were there because she had more people over. This was a sewing club type thing. I was so embarrassed and kind of ticked that she made a fuss over it. I just made a joke of it but that really made me consider EXTRA how not to be petty.
  4. I want to be in the freak club too. Now that I think of it I don't care. I put them in under, and everyone else puts them over. I've never turned one around. In fact often I am lazy and don't even put it in the spinny thing, I just put it on top of the old empty roll. We have these fancy holders andt hey kinda stick out a bit. Now when my dad visits he folds the ends over like in a hotel. I think it's funny. When I visit my mom I clean her kitchen. But that's just helping because she has my kids over often and it's candy making season. She gives us chocolates/candies and I clea
  5. Aw I'm sorry about your pup. Don't do school. GO get ice cream or rent a fun movie and hug your kids extra. Losing pets is really hard :grouphug: :grouphug:
  6. OMG Audrey you win :lol: I once bought my DH a pair of house shoes. He complained daily about a horrible odd back ache. Then one day he didn't wear the shoes and didn't have a back ache so insisted it was those stupid leather shoes. Whatever. I bought my dad a pair of jeans 5 years ago now. They were the size I always rememberd him wearing. Well I guess he put on some weight because they REALLY didn't fit. He jokes to this day that I made him lose 40 pounds because I bought him pants. :D
  7. I am really OCD about blinds. I can so see embarrassing myself by doing this without even realizing it. maybe not the rest.
  8. She's done it more than once? Then I think it is different.
  9. I USED to get huffy about this stuff. But I REALLY have to ask myself. Someone spends THAT much time just to annoy me? I would feel kind of sad if I thought I was doing someone a favor and they were really made about it. I probably wouldn't clean someone's entire house, but I guess it depends on how comfortable you are. Maybe she feels close enough to you to do that. I tend to always see the positive. And even if I do think someone was being rude, I just refuse to believe it. I just feel really lucky when someone wants to do ANYTHING for me. It's a mindset And I didn't get that fr
  10. You could put a note on your door when expecting deliveries to NOT ring the doorbell. When we first moved here, the homes were new construction. Those alarm people came almost every night and it was LATE. I put blue tape over the doorbell with a sign that said "Do Not Touch."
  11. I use the BB cream cleanser wtih my clarisonic. But truthfully it is too pricey to keep using that. I just need something mild, and the cream cleanser by Clinique is good too and cheaper. I have to use a cream type cleanser. If it suds, it is too drying. And I agree about the straight oils. I can't use them, I break out right away
  12. I heart you Martha. And I've always liked that name. It sounds so comforting and mom-ish
  13. DD likes the kids crest in strawberry and watermelon. I THINK it's crest. It's not a tube, more like a squarish thing that stands up
  14. I just bought my mom some in paprika. It's pretty. It has some brown/orange in it. That picture is a really good representation
  15. Maybe we should come up with a badge and slogan. Darn I have to go.
  16. Tell them thank you :D Para the helper is precious. And Green is priceless. that is kind of like my "Bird" LOL
  17. Oh DD would love cupcake LOL. Olive would be good for a boy. She is red. They are sexually dimorphic, females always red and boys green. I love these. Fiona, Ruby, Scarlett, Juliet seem to fit. They are rather exotic looking.
  18. I have fake Uggs and love everyone regardless of your bacon status
  19. Because you ditched us for your party. Pffft. I'll still love you. THIS time
  20. bump. Someone has to have an idea! I promise to be serious forever and never post another picture of a cupcake or bacon again. But really Bird doesn't seem to original. And that's where I am at.
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