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  1. I am officialy done discussing guns. And I hate America vs Canada speaks. I know many people in Canada who do not like the government. I know many people in America who do not like the government. I know many people in Cananda who do like the government, and I know many people in America who do like the government. But just because the current laws in a certain area speak to a particular message, that does not mean that everyone believes in it. This past election was about as 50/50 as you can get.
  2. My inlaws are pretty close to you. They would love you. And then I can visit!
  3. Yeah, a while ago someone was insisting I didn't know insisting I didnt' know enough about them and that I should go target practicing and learn how to take one apart, clean it etc. Uh, yeah. SURELY that will make me want one. I am not stupid. I just don't like them
  4. And he sings this song in French. GAH!
  5. I'm sure it's coming at some point. I don't see the need. A friend had some pictures of her kids 4 and 5 with dad helping them hold up a hand gun. I about passed out. They live in the country though. So maybe they fear bears or something. We don't hunt. We live in the city. I just don't want to have one. I'd be freaked out to live here
  6. I have lots of family in Canada, and in another country. What I don't like is to hear "all Americans this" and "all Canadians that."
  7. OH DH already knows I'd run away with him :lol: I am in love with him to an unhealthy degree.
  8. VERY sad. My highschool was the "richy" one. There was gang affiliation. You could find the pricey drugs. But nothing bad ever happened on campus. And actually we had open campus, meaning you could leave for lunch or on breaks.
  9. LOL that's awesome (the name). We had security at my highschool. Two of them were armed. And you also did not cross the principal. No way no how . The toughest bad boys in school would straighten up tall if there was even a CHANCE of that happening. Mr C meant business. I do not want to walk in to an elementary school prison. I don't think kids should live in fear.
  10. I was really late in even hearing of it. I thought it was a joke
  11. I like Elf and the Santa Claus. I am NOT in to old movies. I can't stand them.
  12. you can find butter flavoring. I used to bake for a VERY allergic family and I used a few drops in certain things that needed the flavor.
  13. Bulletproof backpacks? Uuuugh. People are living in fear to the point of not living.
  14. good coffee/tea, fuzzy warm socks, slippers, comfy lounge pants, books.....more specifically a cookbook.
  15. Oooh soft pretzels and cheese sauce. HOly yummy
  16. Yeah I'd be annoyed too. And why are they giving coats to kids who don't need them? That seems like a sad waste and now you have to re-donate them
  17. I love salt. I could survive on chips alone
  18. I bought one. DD was fascinated by some of it and ds basically ran away crying LOL.
  19. We are those annoying cheesy people that take hours to open gifts and "ooooo and aaaaaa" over every little thing. We eat, sit around, watch tv, eat more, crack a bottle, eat more......possibly nap, eat more. That's about it. I love to sit around and do nothing.
  20. LOL leave it to you Wendy :lol: That all sounds delish. What more could you need?
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