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  1. Mouse if I could give you a big slobbery kiss right now I would.
  2. I have family in Canada. I assure you not everyone there loves universal healthcare and many like their guns. Just like not everyone in America wants to join the NRA and see starving people without health care. I don't think everyone knows what all of the "Americans" or all of the "Canadians" are thinking. This thread goes back and forth with us vs them and I hate it.
  3. I happen to know that is true. I am parital to Seattle, hence why we are here. HOwever my husband lived in Pleasanton for quite some time and if there was anywhere else on Earth I'd live it would be that area. It is beautiful, the culture is rich and diverse, and they have REAL Polish food. <end of rant> You can find some amazing food there too.
  4. Whooooaaaaa he is an interesting fella that one.
  5. Here ya go They are baked with extra fairy dust and my unicorn kissed them
  6. Oh dear God and she knows what I look like!!!! :ohmy:
  7. On my list: Buy Pop Tarts and Ramen. My kids have never had either. *hanging head in shame*
  8. Ok you don't get this yet.....but this is a FUNNY thread for people who think it's funny....you know to screw up your littles.
  9. Now I'm going to have to google him
  10. I only know John Mayer from music. What's the deal with him? I am media challenged so I never know
  11. Yeah and I added a spoon full of whey and let it sit on the counter for several hours on PURPOSE!
  12. I think it's the raw egg and I heard about some weird bacteria thing or something you can get from lunch meat type things. I never had a book though. Boy am I glad. Those books make for SOME kind of nervous wreck of a new mom
  13. I wonder if they do that here? I have been out of the public school system since *I* was in school so I don't know. It surely would make sense. Hell they have earthquake drills and we have never had one here in recent history
  14. I ate lunch meat turkey almost every day. WIth homemade mayo.
  15. Maybe I'm reading it wrong but that sounds kind of American bashing. I don't know why that is necessary. And no one should be bashing anyone's country. Or anyone for that matter. It's a bit hostile in this thread. I think I need a dictionary to understand that entire post.
  16. Wait that's not really the same thing :001_unsure:
  17. DH drove so little last year that I had to power wash green off his car LOL
  18. I have to go too. What you need is a driver. My dad likes to hang out with me, so he drives me around LOL. Last weekend he dropped me off in front of Nordstrom where I needed to go first, then he parked. Then, he carried all my bags, found the truck and picked me up. :D
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