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  1. Does anyone know of a timeline that spans creation to modern history that is already filled in for the wall? I’m ok if it takes up some space. I would just like a nice visual so as we read we can find whoever we might be reading about and see what was going on at that time. Any products like that out there? Thanks!
  2. :bigear: I can't wait to hear the replies to your question. I will have a 4th, 3rd, 1st, 4k, and 3 yr old this coming year. When I just looked at time to teach math alone my head started spinning! Then I realized all the other subjects I wanted to cover...I need about three of me...well four would be nice then one can cook and clean

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    MFW My Father's World from A-Z, Gr. K -- $65 ppd. TM is in very good condition - older version with the new literature package scheduled, Student sheets missing a few from intro week and week 1-2 (Listed below) A-Z flashcards Cuisenaire Rods book The student sheets are missing a few from the intro week, one, and two. I haven’t used this so here is what it looks like is in each week: It looks like for each letter there is a day 1, 2, 3, and 5 worksheet. Day 1 - Picture Cards, Day 2-Handwriting (front) Sound Discrimination (back), Day 3-Math (front) Cut and Paste (back), Day 5- Drawing. This is what is still in the packet that I have for the first couple weeks: Week 1 S...Day 5 (So missing 1,2,3) Week 2 M...Day 3 and 5 (so missing 1,2) From Week/Lesson 3 and on everything is still here and attached. Thanks!



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    MFW My Father's World CTG $75 ppd Creation to GreeksTM 2nd edition Celebrating Biblical Feasts Streams of Civilization Hardcover All in good used condition.



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    MFW My Fathers World ECC and books -- $75 ppd Exploring Countries and CulturesTM with student sheets in back A Trip Around the World Another Trip Around the World Wild Places All in good used condition.


  6. :bigear: Also, have been looking at biblioplan and would love to hear more experiences. ByGrace3 How were the crafts? It seems like when I look at the samples they are a bit involved not necessarily with things I would have around. Maybe that is just the impression that I got.
  7. I'm looking at using Considering God's Creation with Galloping the Globe this coming year. I will be using it with a 3rd, 2nd, and kindergartner (and 3 1/2 yr old &1 1/2 yr old). I like that the student sheets are a pdf download so I will be able to print numerous copies for each of the kids. Simply Charlotte Mason - 106 Days of Creation
  8. Five in a Row adding phonics and math on their levels. It doesn't have all the subjects you listed but we really liked using Adventures in American History from Elemental History.
  9. Oooooh, this might work! Lots of flexibility, some direction, the printouts that I would like to have for multiple kids without it costing crazy amounts, recipes, and projects. Thank you! For $18.95 what an awesome resource.
  10. I will look into this, thanks! Do you happen to have a link? Or is it not out yet?? (never mind found where they were talking about it) The grades are 3rd, 2nd, and K. I have All Through the Ages to use as a resource just trying to see if I can use someone else's plan to keep me accountable. :rolleyes: I was considering following the HOD Preparing guide but there is a lot I don't want to do and not sure it is worth the $ if I am only using it for some readings and activities.
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