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  1. My daughter is taking a calligraphy class from byu. We are not Mormon, nor did they ask. I like the online layout and she likes the video lectures. I don't know much, but thought I'd chime in.
  2. I thought I'd update once more. I just dropped Connor off to fly back west. He has a job lined up in northern california at an organic farm. I would have loved to have him here longer, but I know he needs to get back to his life, and cash is nice too. His heart is almost normal and I'm hoping he follows up with someone out there. Thanks again for all your support.
  3. Thanks for all the additional info. Week one went very well with no stress at all. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  4. First make your meal plan and think through everything you need to prepare and serve each meal. Think pasta- You need a pot for pasta, a pot for sauce, a strainer for the pasta. Serving utensils, plates and forks. Think through every meal and compile a food, kitchen, bedding, game lists. We ended up buying double of some things and storing them in the camper to make getting packed up and unpacked easier. We had camper pillows, blankets, dishes, silverware, board games for rainy days. Then think about setting up the camper: Flashlights, hammer, things to level it with, wd 40... I hate to say it but mostly we got out there and almost always "needed" something we didn't have with us. We would pick it up and leave it in there. We camped in our pop up for 10 years before it self destructed.
  5. Thanks so much! Now, I'm not a math person so tell me why it would be good or bad that geometry is proof heavy? Also- do you think a motivated student (who also just wants to get math over with) could do algebra 1 and geometry in the same year?
  6. We walk 3 days a week to our doughnut food truck. And yep we have plenty here downtown,
  7. Sure will. Including tests I have 129 days scheduled which will help us get to geometry faster- I hope. I am considering ordering geometry soon if this approach works for her. We could be done with this text at the end of March and then start geometry- or maybe do both a little slower and have them both done by the end of the year. She needs to take the ACT next Fall and I'd like her to at least be done with geometry before then.
  8. We gave him some temp work in our remodeling company but he is chomping at the bit to go back out west. I can't blame him- being back here has got to seem like a giant step backwards for him. I'll be happy when he is back on his own 2 feet.
  9. I was thrilled to see a text from #3 son this morning. Turns out he needs money for another book. of course.

  10. He is feeling pretty good. He is still seeing a cardiologist as he has had some heart problems which may or may not be permanent. We are hopeful that as his body heals it will all resolve on its own. Thanks so much for asking.
  11. I'm hoping this gets resolved for you. Its the dragging on and on that makes it so hard. Hopefully you'll get a judge that sees right through him and gets down to business with no delays.
  12. You can buy a ticket and they let you in around 4.
  13. I'm not crafty at all. That said, I would cut the buckles. Or i would try to find another cheap bag at the thrift store and somehow combine them.A cross body strap from another bag might just clip on? Probably not too helpful.
  14. Drop off was a breeze. We didn't even have to carry anything up. They had hundreds of student volunteers who unloaded each car and brought it up to their room. We just parked and helped him unpack. His roommate is super nice. They were heading off to dinner together when we left. My only concern is that he has no cell phone service in his room unless he holds his phone up to the window. I guess we'll email more than texting.
  15. Either a debit card or paypal has a student card which is basically a debit card. I can instantly transfer money from my checking onto the student paypal card. I can see where the money was spent and the kids can use it as debit or credit (up to their current balance)
  16. We ended up buying it today. Its a refurb from apple. It says it should be delivered by friday. If not, he'll go without it and come home and get it next weekend. Now we can get back to packing.
  17. Well no. If you have enough to make the letter pairs - there are tiles for ea, igh, er to show the phonograms. We lost a few tiles and I made them out of post its. I think its a convenience to buy the tiles from them, its not better or worse to use something else- just more prep for you.
  18. We noticed that when our oldest 2 left home. Son #3 bloomed into the self he couldn't be while they were harassing him. Now we have the opposite problem. Son #3 is leaving and is so good with son#4 who is only 9. It is going to be a tearful few weeks here. They get along so well and the older is so good with the younger. It'll be even worse when his sister leaves in 3 years. He will be 12 then. I know he won't be able to get away with anything cause he will have my eye of sauron right on him with no distractions. :)
  19. I've got a pile going- but our to be purchased list is still long. We take him friday so I'll have to stop procrastinating soon.
  20. I've got a pile going- but our to be purchased list is still long. We take him friday so I'll have to stop procrastinating soon.
  21. Hoping everything is going well and you'll be back home on the mend before you know it!
  22. No, his porfolio stuff will have to be done on a mac. update- he managed to talk to someone who was a viscom major at his school and he will need it right away. So, I guess we will be shopping this weekend.
  23. At the end of his second year there will be a portfolio review. If he doesn't pass then he can't continue on to be a visual communication major. That is just a new name for graphic arts. At that point he would have to change his major to something else.
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