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  1. What is Edith thinking? Where in the world can she go and not be found out? I know she has Gregson's company now, but still.
  2. With kids those ages I would say the Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. Unless they are into Dinosaurs or Mummies? Then do the Shedd and the Field museum. They are next to each other along the lakefront. The Science and Industry Museum is a bit farther south.
  3. Thanks for all the ideas and commiseration.
  4. The thing is it would have been great for all of us had it worked out. I also know that this person is going to be furious and I will be portrayed as the bad guy. Sigh. I think I should just do it tonight and get it over with.
  5. This is gonna be vague and I will probably delete it. It's done and went as badly as I role played. Thanks for all the support.
  6. My brother in law is in the icu with TTP brought on by his new use of plavex after a minor heart attack 2 weeks ago. He also has hepatitis from previous drug use. Right now his liver and kidneys have shut down and he is on dialysis. After that they are going to do a plasma treatment. Whats the usual prognosis? We are thinking of heading down this weekend to see him. The stats I found by googling are mixed. I'm just looking for some real life situations so I can guage just how fast we should get there. Thanks again- looks like I am going to be an expert in crisis homeschooling.
  7. I always say that school was too much work for me. We were working before school and after school with our older boys. Finally I realized I could be doing all this work at a time more convenient to me.
  8. Honestly, our big victory this year is that he is wearing shoes other than crocs. I'll take what I can get.
  9. It does raise eye brows because he is a big kid anyway. But, I have simply told him that in school he would be in 4th grade, and in some subjects at home he is working at that level or higher. In others, not so much so we call him a third grader. He isn't in anything this year that requires a grade, but if he was I would list the grade of his age. He is the youngest and because his siblings are all a lot older he has been told how each of them had challenges when they were younger. He can see that they are all fine now so its a non issue for him. I've seen kids make huge strides in one school year so I wouldn't worry too much now. By high school you may be ready to put him back up to his "real" grade. If not so what? When he is 30 no one will know or care that he graduated high school at 19.
  10. I grade adjusted by holding my youngest back. We tried K in the year he would have started and I could tell he wasn't going to be grade level in his fine motor skills. He has a early August birthday. He is exactly where he should be as a third grader. I figure we can adjust later if needed.
  11. I'm sitting at a cafe in the city writing. My 20 something self would be pretty pleased with me.

    1. Miss Mousie

      Miss Mousie

      Will it suffice that this 45-yr-old self is pleased for you? :)

  12. When we went in 2011 there were no gf cookies at the very merry christmas party. Basically there were several cookie and cocoa stations marked on the map for the night. There were trays of cookies that they unwrapped and it was a free for all grabbing cookies. We didn't like it as much as the Halloween Party. We always stay at Fort Wilderness,either in our camper or in the cabins. You would like the cabins because they include a full kitchen with housekeeping. We had groceries delivered and cooked 2 meals a day ourselves. Disney buses will take you everywhere on their property.
  13. Next Fall someone remind me not to try winter promise. It won't work for us.

    1. Aras


      Which one did you try? I have my eye on Sea and Sky.

    2. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      It's like Sonlight--great in the catalog, not everyone's cuppa.

  14. I like it- but I know several pets named Luna. Just fyi
  15. According to him, the stuff is on the menu and on the menu board, but when you order it they don't have any. I am going to assume a couple things- 1. He might just want to eat Chipotle 2. He is such a slow moving slug that by the time he gets to the dining hall all the veggie options are gone. 3. He is so busy being social that he isn't actually walking around looking at all that is available. I just figured since he complained to me I would find out how "he" could handle the situation. Thanks again for all your help.
  16. This kid is a bottomless pit. 6 foot 4 and 140 pounds and nothing sticks to him. I was actually hoping with unlimited food he would gain weight at school. I sent him a couple emails about it today so we'll see if I get a response. Otherwise I'll chat again with him this weekend. He blew through a whole months worth of spending money in 10 days- mostly at chipotle.
  17. Thanks! I had to laugh because the number 1 choice was to eat at New Hall where he lives. When he comes home this weekend we are going to hatch a plan of attack. Since his meal plan costs $1000 a semester I would like him to be fed well. Last night at dinner he asked for a boca burger and was given one. His friend asked for a hamburger and was given a patty that looked identical and was taken out of the same cooker. So either his veggie burger was cooked alongside meat, or they were both meat, or the employee didn't hear or understand the boca part. Sigh.
  18. He has gone to all the buffets and even though they have the options listed on the board they are always out. Yesterday he saw veggie dogs listed at the grill and the guy working there told him that they have "never" stocked them- sorry.
  19. I'm hoping someone can point us in the right direction as to who we should contact at the university. My son is a vegetarian. When we were choosing the meal plan we chose the unlimited buffet because they had listed quite a lot of good sounding choices. Now, after a few weeks he is eating more and more off campus which is frustrating to me and not in our budget. Apparently, for lunch and dinner the options for him are cheese pizza and salad- every day. They also offer him bread. He is going to complain and called me to ask where he should start. I'm thinking the housing and dining dept? I told him to look around for a manager in the dining hall and talk with that person. Any other ideas out there?
  20. I think you should have him graduate and dual enroll. First off, I bet a lot of employers will just look at his grades and not the 6 years. If they do he has a great story about how this was his dream and he made it happen. When you get to the point of transferring I bet you'll find a school that will work with you and your son will probably have a reference or two from his professors. People who love what they do want to talk about what they do and he will make contacts over the next four years. It's just too far ahead to worry about. What he needs now is to get the answers from somoen who knows them not google. Just my 2 cents.
  21. I thought i'd give a 2 week update. My daughter just took test 1 and got 100 percent! It was all about the order of operations so probably pre algebra type level . Even so, it was a incredible confidence booster. We both like the layout and easy to understand explanations. If anyone has any specific questions I'd be happy to answer.
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