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  1. I started a Facebook group this morning where we can all talk Secular Ed- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1392201754219831/?ref=br_rs "Are you religious, but homeschooling on a secular basis? Are you classically homeschooling, and willing to use materials that are not 100% religion-free? Are you non-Protestant, but interested in using some classical materials with a whiff of Protestantism? Welcome to the club!" GROUP TYPE
  2. I'm right there with you. I guess the bottom line is that their magazine is indeed an advertisement for their methods and products. If classical ed is to be compared to the Wizarding World I'm a Weasley or possibly a Lovegood. We use curriculum and I decide what my kids learn every year based on my own research and experience. We also hardly ever sit at a desk/table and I feel complete freedom in adapting any and all curriculum to suit my students. I do agree that all their articles come off sounding a bit authoritarian. Luckily, I feel fine ignoring their tone.
  3. As long as you are on the Charter site you get the charter materials. They appear to be separate as the many.many downloads I've purchased from the original site aren't there.
  4. I think they mean for it to take a year for kids ages 2-4th grades. There are also review weeks built in that stretch it out to 32 weeks? Highlands Latin school runs about that length and the materials are based on those they use at that school. We are starting now and will probably do 2 lessons a week and go into First Form when we're done. We also school year round so its no big deal to start now.
  5. I ordered Grammar School Latin and just ripped the box open. As I'm looking it over they took out memorizing religious phrases and changed up some of the vocab. We're going to speed through it from now till Fall when I hope to start first form. I'm just giddy about not having to secularize it all myself.
  6. Disclaimer-I don't work for or receive anything from Memoria Press. That said, I enjoy using their materials and thus far have secularized them myself. I just found out that they started a charter school page and will customize a secular core for you if you call them. I just ordered our new latin stuff from this page and am so excited about trying them out. https://charter.memoriapress.com/
  7. We're putting the band back together! (so to speak) I'm looking for guest bloggers to contribute articles about classical homeschooling. This blog is non-profit, so there is no exchange of cash- but you can promote your blog inside your post. Even though it has been mostly dormant, we still have high numbers and a lot of subscribers. So, come on over and play in the Sandbox Here's a list of blog post ideas: Day in the Life Planning your year/scheduling Planning a course (especially high school) Curriculum reviews (what did you love or hate?) Planning field trips Putting together a good set of homeschool science equipment Any unusual elective class that you have designed Foreign Language Study at Home Car schooling Homeschooling and the professional child (sports, acting, etc.) Learning alongside your child Year-round homeschooling Hit me up with your ideas. When your post runs, you'll have a blurb at the bottom where you can promote your blog/business/stand-up routine? Whatever.
  8. We used to school year round and since my kids have late birthdays we would start new materials in January. I still had them graduate according to a normal American school schedule.
  9. Didn't it seem like the electric appliance industry-sponsored the content?
  10. I found the walk to rivendell program. We are hoping to get new bikes and bike there as opposed to walking- but we'll see how it all shakes out. I'll google mordor and see if I can find it. I wonder what the distance difference is? Probably a lot.
  11. Oh yeah- She is all in. She is working full time so I don't know how much she'll do- but the motivation is there. She is actually planning most of the art projects for me.
  12. My kids are 10,17.20,22,25. This whole idea stems from me realizing that this is my last 10 yo and I'd better make it count. My older kids are all so excited to help. They keep texting me with random ideas to tie the book to the outdoors. It's been really fun.
  13. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks this will be so fun! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
  14. I just thought I'd hop over here and invite any and all interested parties to spend the Summer in Middle Earth. I'm going to run a series of posts all Summer long on my blog with Shire like activities. We'll be reading The Hobbit aloud and doing all kinds of fun stuff. It's all free and above board- kind of like a long distance Co-Op of Tolkien fans and their kids. I'll do a blog linky thing so we can steal from each other. I've got a few posts up on my blog explaining it all and we'll be reading from May 18- August 31. It's all secular and the only real requirement is that you promise not to make fun of my crafting skills. :) Jen
  15. Katie, That is the same surgery my Dh had. The first 24 hours after were uncomfortable but since then its been smooth sailing. He also had a hernia repaired and now he is already 40 pounds down since his surgery in March. He feels great and is so glad he did it. Good Luck!!
  16. My husband just had the sleeve surgery last week. He is so happy that he finally did it. He really only had one day of discomfort and is losing weight like crazy already. PM me if you have any questions.
  17. They are all worth reading and are a higher reading level than most books today. I would look through the contents and pick a volume that has stories that your son has not read yet. I would skip 1 and 2. Swiss Family Robinson is in Volume 3. King Arthur is in volume 5. Let me know if you'd like more info and I can grab them off the shelf for you.
  18. It works out fine. When you are in class your mod is for 6.4 after it is complete they give you the code to make it compatible with the current version.
  19. Me too! I've managed to stick with my bullet journal since April.
  20. That is so true. In fact the child probably also really believes that he/she is the innocent party. I never think the parent is in the wrong when I her about those kind of situations. I know that they probably already gave the kid a zillion chances.
  21. We bought 2 coleman brand double high and they are still going strong at the 1 year mark. They were about $70 at Target. They get used a couple weekends a month.
  22. Bad day here. I know it sounds harsh. But I am so tired between teenage nonsense, elder care, the financial stress of paying 2 mortgages for a year, and home educating I just want everyone to stop causing me any unnecessary stress. Hopefully I will get a full nights sleep and feel better.
  23. In all honesty if I had known how hard the teenage years would be I would have had fewer children. I just had no clue. Of course none of mine have come out on the other side so maybe I will feel differently later. Sigh.
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