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  1. Presbyterian Church (USA) here. Our church has communion (the Lord's Supper and baptism are the only two sacraments we recognize) once a month and on special days (e.g. Christmas Eve), and "all are welcome" to partake. We have both traditional and "contemporary" services at our church; in the traditional service the elements are passed, everyone waits to partake of the bread "as one body" and then we drink of the cup "as the spirit moves us" to symbolize our individual relationship with God. In the contemporary service, communion is "by intention" (we walk forward and dip the bread in the cup). It is up to parents to decide when they want their children to take communion (usually the younger kids leave for Sunday School earlier in the service, it's up to the parents to have them stay for communion is they wish). I don't take communion if I visit a Catholic church or any other church that does not have open communion, out of respect for their beliefs and traditions.
  2. I deleted the "Bob the Angry Flower" apostrophe comic I posted some time back, left the link to the site (shame on me, I should know better, though I've gotten the impression over the years that the creator doesn't mind as long as it's linked back to the site so they can sell posters & stuff). Please let's be careful about painting a copyright owner as some kind of bad guy(/girl) for trying to protect their work. As others have pointed out, someone taking the results of your hard work, things you or your family depend on to make a living, and distributing it without paying you stinks. The fact that it's so easy and happens so often on the interwebs doesn't make it right. I know I'd get my "panties in a twist" over that (and have, when companies I've done contract programming work for didn't want to pay me). I'm sure many of us would have twisted panties if we ran across a website giving away e-book copies of TWTM without paying SWB. Describing it in derogatory terms like that isn't fair to the people who own the work in question.
  3. Any plans to offer adult classes, for those of us whose own education may have been a bit lacking? I've just listened (again) to SWB's Educating Ourselves as we Educate Our Children, and I have been toying with the idea of working through WWS myself to better prepare myself for when my kids get to that level. Some experienced guidance, discussion, and feedback along the way would be well worth the time and money. I'm not sure enrolling at my local community college would quite fit the bill.
  4. I don't see anything wring with ads, especially if they're selected carefully. They can even become a benefit all around since they're likely to be for things of interest to many of us. I participate in a hobby forum site that does this, and it seems to work well. They also offer paid membership at a couple of levels (one a nominal $5/year and another quite a bit higher) that come with user profile add-ons, additional private message storage, and access to members-only forum areas. The main content areas are open to all, but people use the members-only chat boards occasionally for topics they want to keep from search engines and casual visitors. I admire your willingness to keep this site free to use. I'm another who would happily pay / donate with or without membership perks.
  5. From : "The most comprehensive review of homeopathic treatments ever conducted was published in the medical journal The Lancet in 2005. The paper analysed every clinical investigation then published into the effects of homeopathy, and concluded that any apparent benefits from homeopathic 'treatments' were simply placebo effects." ETA: That site also has good explanations of why homeopathy cannot possibly do what it claims to do.
  6. Well, I just spent my Christmas gift cards (and then some) thanks to this thread. :p We got a few good games as gifts, Zeus on the Loose and Frog Juice card games (both by Gamewright) have been huge hits. Our Robot Turtles game (from before Christmas) still has their interest -- and mine, with the adult rules. Although they're young, I did drag them through one heavily-coached Settlers of Catan game, which they enjoyed even if they don't yet understand the finer points of strategy. I pulled an old Battleship set out of the garage, which they have fun with but get bored before finishing (same with several other "kid" games) -- they are shaping up to be fine geeks indeed. ;)
  7. I bought Atelier in the spring, we got theough one lesson (which I LOVED), and I spent two months avoiding getting out the paints so I am right there with you. They did a co-op arts & crafts class, but that was pretty fluffy. Three weeks of camp at our local fine arts center over the summer, plus a week of performing arts camp (they made set & costumes), and I don't feel nearly as bad. :) We are starting up for real in another week, and I WILL get the Atelier materials out again! I CAN clean up paint, right? Right? They also do a half hour a week of music in our church kids' program / choir, and sing in church once a month. I have the Faber piano books (on recommendation from a professional violinist friend) that we WILL get out this fall as well!
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