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  1. Wow! Thank you for putting this together I will share this with my homeschool group.
  2. Thank you all for some great information! I especially like the tip about a child putting money into a ROTH IRA. I was wondering if anybody had confirmed that retirement accounts didn't count against your net assets under FAFSA? I had heard that the student is expected to contribute up to 25% per year of their savings yearly toward college and parents were expected to contribute 5% of their savings per year. Is that correct? Also, it appears that you can't start to fill out FAFSA for the 2017-2018 academic year yet. When do they typically open up the FAFSA application for the following year? Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. I was hoping someone could provide some advice on how the FAFSA application is evaluated? Is it better for the child to not have any assets? Are both the assets and the income of the parents evaluated for eligibility? How are they weighted? Thanks!
  4. Hello! My daughter soon to be 15 has completed 2 years of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Spanish and I was getting ready to enroll her in FLVS Spanish 3. Much to my dismay they no longer offer Spanish 3 and it will be a couple of years until they replace it. I heard a few years back that K-12 was the content supplier for FLVS but I can't confirm that it's true. I'd like to keep her on the same path with Spanish and night try and shift toward a different sequence of subject matter. Failing that I'd look for a good Spanish three course. Does anyone have any insight into a good Spanish three course or knowledge of the FLVS and K-12 connection? Thank you!
  5. Thank you both! So if you had a compound sentence then the Object Pronoun rule would still apply? That is to function as a subject pronoun it has to be I, we, you, he, it, she, they ?
  6. My daughter and I were diagramming the following sentence: I declined answering Mrs. Dean's question, which struck me as something heterodox. S S The answer book said it is a compound sentence, but I'm wondering how the which function as a subject pronoun? Thanks! It's from Wuthering Heights.
  7. This article seems to fall under the category of here's a hypothesis, we should study it and test it to see if it's true. Several glaring errors occur that have been around since Brown vs the board of education. One of those is that some how having smart kids in a class room raises the standard for the rest of the class. This was at least part of the reason for desegregating schools, at least one that I remember. I'm not an expert in this area but it seems the best results for raising achievement gaps for under income children is intense schooling. No easy solutions for trying to educate a society where low income children are being raised in single parent homes and increasingly all children having at least one parent that is not there biological parent. The complaint about Homeschoolers taking there kids out of school and bankrupting the school system has some merit. It's a funding formula problem. Schools get federal dollars based on seats occupied. When you take homeschoolers out of the school, typically the student that require the least amount of resources and occupy the school with children that need the most help it is a financial strain on the school. The fix is not to force homeschoolers back to school but to fund the schools! That of course is the fix as I see it within the paradigm that our schools/society operate. I'm a liberal by todays standards, actually a moderate republican thirty years agao and homeschool!
  8. You home-schooled 7 children the CPA exam will be a snap! You know what they call the person who graduated last in there medical class? Doctor
  9. How many sections are there in the CPA exam? When I studied accounting it was the big 12, I think there down to 3 or 4 . Do you still have to have a year working under a CPA to be a CPA? On taxes it's amazing how the debate is on the one page that shows the tax rate tables and not the other 8,000 pages!
  10. Great explanation and web-link! It will help with our upcoming physics lessons. I think the TV commentator used velocity incorrectly, it seems the QB was changing the trajectory of the pass.
  11. Does anybody have a simple explanation for the difference between velocity and speed? I always thought velocity meant the speed and weight combined, now I've learned that's absolutely false. It sounds as if speed is the actual speed of an object, where velocity is the speed between two points. I heard an announcer on TV say that the quarterback changed the velocity of the thrown pass, sounded more like the trajectory to me. The question is more to help me with some science lessons, the quarterback comment was just an add-on. Thanks!
  12. I believe in Santa and so should anybody that wants the US economy to get going! We consumers make up 70% of the economy and we spend 70% at Christmas time!
  13. I've been elected to my daughters youth orchestra board of directors. Previously we were affiliated with the adult symphony orchestra in our town but have struck out on our own. We have a 156 children participating and a good group of volunteer parents. We do need some structural help with bylaws, committees etc. If you have some knowledge in that area or have a copy of your towns youth orchestra bylaws, business plan structure, I'd appreciate you contacting me or giving me a contact so that I might avoid re-inventing the tuba. Thanks so much! Mike
  14. All true not disputing, but an IOU is an IOU and the government must either raise taxes or cut somewhere else to at least the amount it borrowed from Social Security, when that is done SS is solvent. Lots of places to cut that aren't politically popular that have not been borrowed.
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