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  1. If you are on Facebook, check out Travel Fashion Girl or Girls Love Travel. Both have blogs as well. They usually have up to date suggestions. If not the groups will be helpful. We love packing cubes for space saving and organization.
  2. It could be that you are still settling into the right dose. That can take time. Your doctor may have started small and inching up until you get right fit. Each individual metabolizes the medication differently. All my adhd’ers take a long acting, and have short acting as needed when the long acting wears off. Most of our changes in dosing occurred after significant growth changes. It’s more effective if I am providing sufficient scaffolding and skill building. It’s a long game but after years the progress is visible. Mine are older teens now.
  3. I would get a standard laptop, not a chromebook for college. Chromebooks are great for other uses.
  4. Many colleges have excellent services for students with special needs including adhd. They usually want verification of the disability, and the student has to request any helpful accommodations. My adhd family members medicate and we worked on EF skills over the years. We tend to stick to scientifically backed solutions. Medication + working on the necessary skills. The meds help them learn the skills and form the necessary habits so they can carry through hopefully without meds. In our case, over time we’ve seen positive results. Medication had an almost immediate effect, my kids on meds were really happy with the increased ability to focus on all things, even the fun stuff.
  5. They snooped then shared with multiple people?! Wow!
  6. This is my suggestion, one of my teens just started piano with this book.
  7. I had to have an updated MMR for college in the 90’s. That was my last update.
  8. We found a therapist via pediatrician referral. Asking in a a trusted group of local mom friends might help too.
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