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  1. Thank you all!  I'm encouraging 19yo to ask the manager how she would like us to clean it.  This is a larger complex and I imagine she has had to deal with this before. 


    BTW, no matter what the manager does, your suggestions will come in handy.  19yo and her boyfriend will be using my machine for awhile.  This whole "exploding ink pen" incident could happen in my dryer.  It might be 30 years old, but I'm not ready to replace it.

  2. Try rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work (but it should), try nail polish remover.


    This is what I've seen online, but I have to be honest that I'm nervous about using nail polish remover.   If this were my own 30 year old dryer, I probably wouldn't be as hesitant.

  3. Like, a pen exploded in the dryer while it was running?


    And someone had a dog but let the dog freely potty all over the carpet as a matter of course? Because, what - they couldn’t be bothered to take him out to do his business? Who does that?!


    The kitchen fire is more understandable. I would be ready to skin someone alive for letting a dog ruin the carpet. It’s not just that the carpet has to be replaced, although that’s a hefty price to pay, but also, didn’t it occur to anyone that that is an extremely unsanitary and uncouth, disgusting way to live? Also, THIS is why as landlords, we do not allow pets. The small percent ruining possibilities for the rest.


    Yep, exploded in the dryer while running.


    The dog?  Oh, I totally agree.  It was an 18yo super senior.  My daughter was dying to move out and get her first apartment.  This guy was old enough but still in high school. Soooo immature.  The apartment turned into a highschool party hangout.   My daughter got the manager involved to force him out, but by then the damage was done.


    The sadly funny thing?  We are landlords too.  <shaking my head>


    And yes, I'm saving her.  I know it.  She has lost a LOT of money in a very short time (3 1/2 months).  She is now living next door in the other half of our duplex so we can help her get back on her feet.  I really hope she has learned her lesson.  I don't know.

  4. Long story short ... I'm cleaning my 19yo's apartment and there is ink in the dyer.  A lot of ink.  Please tell me this can be cleaned! 


    This has become one of those nightmare experiences.  I talked DH into co-signing for this apartment. 

    • One of the roommates brought his dog but rarely took the dog out to go to the bathroom.  Carpet is completely being replaced throughout the entire apartment.  The dog was only there a month?  Two at the most?
    • About a week and a half before they were going to move out, another roommate started a grease fire.  Instead of putting a lid on the pan, he tried to run it out of the apartment.  He dropped it.  It melted part of the kitchen flooring.  The kitchen floor will also be replaced.



  5. In my opinion, it depends on the child.  My daughter struggles with grammar, so we've taken it slow.  I also wanted dd to see this as a fun subject, so I kept the assignments short.  We also had to factor in a little extra time for the videos.  Putting all that together, I have an overall goal of how much I want to accomplish during the school year, but I make a daily decision of how much dd is capable of that day.


    Helpful, right?  ;)  Probably not.



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