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  1. The law may not require you to tell about the death, but why not beat the nosy neighbor to the punch? You could have your realtor mention it and if people are put off by it they wouldnt look at it. I would save you some time, getting ready for a "sale" only to have the nosy neighbor ruin it for you. I think I wouldnt care as much if it wasnt hidden, ykwim? I dont think it would bother me or dh if the house was what we were looking for. On the other hand, can you have a lawyer send a cease and desist letter? ( i dunno, just a thought)
  2. The glycerin suppositories ( I know that I didn't spell it right.) just insert and in 10 or 15 min it becomes much easier to move it all out. I had this problem when I broke my arm and was on pain meds for weeks. Then keep pushing the fluids a lot.. and all the other stuff helps to not become so constipated.
  3. I had a fairly bad experience a few years ago when I was in the hospital overnight. Our hmo send out a how did we do form and I told them. I didnt know the nurses name that left me covered in vomit while she went looking for someone to come and clean me up..... but I told on her. date, time and floor and room i was in. I dont know what happened after that but I felt good getting it off my chest to hopefully someone who had the power to do more than just say, "thats awful!" Sorry for you bad experience, I know its not fun lying there flat on your back and no one to help... P.S. I dont care for male nurses caring for me during my hospital stays(mostly gyno) but, men have had to deal with women nurses for years.... I guess that its time we "woman " up....
  4. I had to lose the facebook page so I could still be friends with some relatives. And I am much happier. I don't have to read their stupid announcements that they love their spouse when I know that after 6 mos of marriage she cut him off. Or some peoples political beliefs...you can have them just don't yell them at me. I don't tell you mine. This felt good too. ;-)
  5. chewing gum helps me. It stimulates saliva and that calms the storm. I have tried to go off so many times, no matter what I have tried it doesn't work. So I try to skip a day and just eat less. I never can tell what will set it off.
  6. I have been also putting anti-aging cream on the back of my hands at night. It really helps my hands look firmer and more even color. (age spots) I am almost 60 so I remember that its the neck and hands that give away your age!
  7. Only that dh's heart was damaged a couple years ago by the blood clots he had. So now he has afib and must continue the warfairn for the rest of his life. I was more than kinda freaked out when he told me. Since he developed it during this clotting episode it isn't like other cases. I guess, I am kind of in the dark about it.
  8. Ds picked out a tablet for himself and I followed cuz he is my computer geek.. We bought an ASUS 8" tablet, less $$ than the 8 or 10 inch fire tablets that I was looking at. It has a great screen, everything looks great and its android, so its just like using my phone. Love it for surfing and reading and games and safari wild broadcasts. ASUS ZenPad S 8 Z580C-B1-BK 8" 32 GB Tablet..at Amazon that's my 2 cents... P.S. My phone is a Samsung and I love it, so easy to use and keeps on going. (3 yrs now) But Samsung priced itself out of my market. But now I really like the ASUS. Look out Samsung...
  9. Such a special time for you and your family! How lovely that you want to include your extended family. How sad that they have different priorities. Please don't let their boorish behavior ruin your fun and happy day. Give them no second thought. Many happy returns!!!
  10. I don't like the word shiftless, since every time they moved, Pa was always the one building the new house, or working in the new area at whatever he could to earn the money they needed. And Pa was not in anyway lazy or indolent or lacking ambition, He just wanted peace and quiet. He didn't like hearing the neighbors ax sounds in the forest. I don't think that it's fair to judge someone from another time by our standards. Even today there are people in this country that would totally believe that things your believe are wrong. Nobody on this board walked in this mans shoes or lived the life of his wife. Things that we see now as completely immoral (slavery or taking of native American lands) were commonly accepted. They didn't stay that way because there were those who believed differently and worked tirelessly to make the change. But I bet you big money that no one on this board feels so badly about taking the lands of the native American that they would offer their land or house as recompense. I think that Pa was a modern day guy who would yearn for the wide open space of Alaska or Montana somewhere where he could spread out and not feel hemmed in. Definitely not a suburban guy. Not a weirdo. I have not read the other replies, and I have no intention to inflame anyone. But we don't know him. edited for typos... Sat. morning is hard.
  11. My boss used it and the results were fantastic. She looks great. I have the cute little containers and the a dvd and the program. But I have a terrible time with cravings, as in if it is off limits (sugar lets say in this program) I cannot leave it alone. I need to put my brain on a diet!
  12. This: And I miss my Dad. The world became a very scary place with out him in it and my childhood and that of my brothers was lost when he died. It took us forever to find our feet again.
  13. have a strong family history for ovarian and uterine cancers. Basically the only women who live past 50 are the ones who had everything removed. So I did. Best thing I ever did. Couldn't afford testing got rid of the cause. Now I worry about books.
  14. I just used a ruler and my son took the measurement. The site I used walked me through it. They also have a picture upload and you can do it from there as well. I got it right because my glasses are perfect. But my son's were not but they changed them for him. (no charge) And then he went to the eye dr. and the optician took the measurement for $20.00! We saved 10 times that in the cost of his glasses.
  15. I love leftover pie for breakfast. I guess if I am going to consume a large amount of calories it should be something good. Yesterday it was a rustic unshaped pie dd made. Peach and mixed berries. Yummo! Of course I didn't put ice cream on it, that's just silly, Ice cream is for dessert!
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