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  1. OK Time for confessions...I have a spreadsheet on googledocs with a schedule of our curriculum from 1st - 12th grade:leaving:
  2. 1st grade-pull words from reading 2nd grade- R&S Spelling 2 3rd Spelling Power (you can do the same program with both children at grade 3 and it is one time purchase all the way thru high school.
  3. 1. Calls your name and tells you to get busy! Saxon Math 3 2. Swear you will get to....someday...That modesty lapbook! 3. Are planning to definitely use......maybe. R&S Spelling 3 4. What was I even thinking??? Prima Latina
  4. I've tried FLL, BJU, R&S, and PLL....I'm sticking with FLL. It's thorough, and I think the amount of work, and how it's written is the best for a homeschooled child. IMO...
  5. We've liked Hero Tales, and the YWAM missionaries books are awesome!
  6. My DD is a little delayed in LA, so during our summer break, we will continue MFW phonics, ETC, R&S Spelling, and FLL. And tons or reading books!
  7. Aaaww, we are doing ECC this year, and are learning so much. May I ask why you are considering skipping it?
  8. Haha! No you don't sound dumb. You are right. ECC has a supplement for 7&8 grade. CtG and RtR has no supp for 2nd&3rd, or 7&8th. Exploration to 1850 and 1850 to Modern has the supp for 2nd and 3rd.
  9. Oh! You have got to get your hands on a copy of Leading Little Ones to God. by Marian Schoolland, this is an excellent book!
  10. MFW ECC and I thought I'd never say this...but WOW...Spelling Power!
  11. I agree, starting with FLL3 would be a great place to start. It builds on what a student would have learned in FLL 1 and 2. The only thing that is suggested by Jesse Wise is to purchase the accompanying CD that goes with FLL 1 and 2, this will help your student put into memory all definitions of parts of speech, and list of prepositions, pronouns, state of being verbs, helping verbs, articles, and conjunctions. Memorizing these things was an important part of the previous years. HTH
  12. Congrats on your successes! It does work, I see real results everyday!
  13. Websites I recommend are http://www.robwolf.com http://www.marksdailyapple.com http://www.balancedbites.com http://www.everydaypaleo.com and a YouTube clip that's a great Paleo introduction is and Hope that is helpful! And by the way don't look at my profile pic! I've lost 15 lbs since then. A total of 30 lbs since I started eating Paleo and doing weights and minimal cardio!
  14. I'm a Paleo enthusiast! And a certified personal trainer. I would not suggest adding "good" fats to your diet, as in adding it by supplementation, it doesn't work that way. You have to be careful that your whole nutrition plan is spot on. You should consume good fats. Yes, coconut oil, olive oil, are good. Optimal fats from protein are organic GRASS FED, FREE Range meats. You can get good fats from nuts and seeds, and veggies like avacados. The best butter to consume is butter made from grass fed cows, and preferably from RAW milk. But there are only a few states that allow consumption of raw milk. Grass fed is really important. Cows were made to consume grass not grain filled with foreign stuff in it. I eat lots of meat (beef, bison, chicken, turkey, and fish) TONS of veggies and the only fruit I consume are berries, and grapefruit, and occasionally an apple. I occasionally make buckwheat pancakes, and steel cut oats. Water and a Big variety of herbal teas (unsweetened) I am very low carb also. I don't even eat dairy at all. If I need a "milk" it's unsweetened coconut or almond milk.
  15. TM's are available, but I felt I only needed the TM for books 5 and 6.
  16. FLL3 Spelling Power Writing comes from MFW-ECC and dictation from FLL, and a little here and there from other subjects.
  17. Hate to put a damper on all the debate as to exactly who should get the credit for this great success....but CHUCK NORRIS was just seen at an airport coming back into the USA:lol::lol:
  18. :iagree::iagree: HAHA! I would have said the same thing too!:001_smile:
  19. Yes, we are here, and I love all the MFW threads here as well! I love to go to convention every year and see the MFW booth growing by leaps and bounds with people swarming the place! :001_smile::001_smile:
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