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  1. My DD has just been accepted to Cornell for animal science! She applied early decision and this is the only school she’s applied to, figuring there was still time to apply to her 2nd and 3rd choices if the answer was no. I don’t post here often but have lurked for years trying to figure out this high school thing. My first impulse when we got the news was to share it with other homeschool mamas!
  2. I switched from RS to MUS for just those reasons many years ago. I was, at the time, teaching 3 different levels and I just couldn't get it all done. And I didn't get it! It didn't click for me so I had trouble teaching the kids. I've been extremely happy for 9 years with MUS. I think it only seems light because it is explained clearly. My children have have no interest at all in "playing" with math. We just need to get through it for college requirements and to use the math for science. My 2 boys went to ps for high school so they could play football. Their math teacher told me to keep using whatever I used for math with them, for the girls. She was impressed with the solid foundation they had.
  3. I don't have any advice but I just wanted to express my sympathy. We're dairy farmers too and the last few years have just been so, so hard. So many nights we've sat in the office, literally in tears, trying to figure out how to pay the bills and keep going for another month. It's just exhausting. Add to that the fact that dairy farming isn't just what we DO, it's what we ARE. Growing up on a dairy farm - dairy farmer is your identity from day one. And if you can't make it work, what are you? Then there are the family issues, feeling like you let down your family. Please know that I will add you to my list of farm family and friends that I pray for! :grouphug:
  4. The boys watch a lot of really dumb stuff but this is one that I love! It makes me feel so much better about my redneck family. :lol:
  5. My science lover dd11 strongly recommends The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.
  6. Lol! This has been one of the big culture shock thing about moving to TX from NY. It really threw me the first few times I shopped in our grocery store. Not only do they take my groceries out but I don't have to unload my cart onto the belt. I was VERY uncomfortable at first, but now I love it! And to answer the OP's question - the cashier will usually do most of the bagging and a kid will usually be available to go to the car by the time she's done. If the store is not busy, they will both bag. I have also learned that it is fruitless to resist! They politely insist and really, I don't see why I wouldn't accept help. :D
  7. Thank you Mariann for posting this with the picture! I have been trying to work up the courage to nix the upper cupboards on the wall over the stovetop in my new kitchen plan. I will have a vent hood just like yours and this picture gave me just the push I needed!:D
  8. Ah, y'all rock! I knew I could come here and get just what we wanted - a whole bunch of very different choices. Thank you!
  9. We're planning a fun weekend in San Antonio to stroll the Riverwalk, check out some missions, soak in the Christmas spirit and just generally bask in each other's company. Ahhh, can't wait! We would like to find a nice church to visit on Sunday morning. We go to a pretty small, very traditional church but love to try something very different when we travel. Any suggestions? I also wouldn't turn down any suggestions for San Antonio must-dos! Thanks!
  10. Well that's a sour grapes answer if I ever heard one! Didn't have time to work on this at all today. Unfortunately farm bills still need paying, the family needs feeding and children need educating! I'll let y'all know how things progress.
  11. Thanks everyone! We are active in 4-H but the opportunities offered in FFA are quite different. There are far more leadership training and speaking sorts of contests in FFA. I feel pretty strongly about this and I guess I'll keep pursuing it until someone gives me a good reason WHY my son can't take one class. I think I'm going to call THSC today and see what their take on this is.
  12. My 8th grade boy decided to try public school this year so that he could play football. Well, that's not working so well, he's miserable! I think he'd be fine if he HAD to go to public school but he knows the joys of homeschooling and can't wait to come back home. :D He's fine with not playing football but the one thing I really don't want him (and my girls when they're that age) to miss out on is FFA. As far as I can find out, he can be an FFA member if he can take an ag class at the school. And in Texas, homeschoolers can take a class at the school if the school board allows it. Right now, our school district doesn't allow this. I talked to one of the board members tonight and he's willing to help me tactfully start working on this issue. He suggested that it would help him if he had the names of some other school districts in TX that allow homeschool students to take a class. Do any of your kids do this? And would you give me the name of your ISD to help the board see that it can be done? Thanks in advance.
  13. We stayed at the Gettysburg KOA a few years ago and it was great. We had let our oldest research and pick on the internet, so we drove around several others just to see if we could find something better and give him a hard time about it. Nope! It's a beautiful campground with a nice pool and playground. They even had a little playhouse with old-time dress up clothes in it.
  14. Oh that sounds lovely! We're still celebrating the inch and a half we got on Tuesday. That was our first "real" rain since November. (not counting things like the 3 hundredths we got a couple of weeks ago, really, we're reduced to measuring that?) We still have puddles, something we haven't seen since last summer! It's too little, too late for most of our crops though. Many of the corn farmers here are abandoning half or full circles of corn to try to save some. Others are trying to nurse theirs along in the hopes that they will get something out of it. We have a dairy and the weight of figuring out how we're going to feed all those mouths for the next year is dragging us down. On the funny side though, I actually had the thought the other day that I should send the boys out to pee on the tree. It seems such a waste of water! First the pee itself and then the water needed to flush. Then I couldn't believe I actually contemplated that!
  15. The only one I've found that I really like is Smarty Pants School. Most that I've seen are for younger, very beginning readers. We're way past learning letter sounds! Still looking though if anyone else has ideas...
  16. Judging from the state of my girlies' room right now, playmobil rules. There are elaborate set ups from one side to the other! They like both the "girl" sets and all the history sets. Anything playmobil is highly coveted in this house. It's especially sweet when ds 12 gets out his sets (carefully hoarded in his room) and plays with the girls.
  17. Sooo worth it! I've used it for a couple of years and I love it. It's easy to use and pretty easy to customize for what I want. I don't bother putting all the directions for every recipe in, just the ingredients. I still use my paper recipes in the kitchen when I'm cooking and only use the plan to eat for menu planning and grocery lists. I really love it when I'm planning a big holiday meal - it makes shopping lists a breeze!
  18. 1 rabbit looking at me from the sun porch through the sliding glass door (he's not allowed in the house because of his poor bathroom habits) 1 cat periodically running through the room chasing the foil ball I gave her while I worked on Halloween costumes 1 dog would usually be in here but was banished for smelling like a cow lot 3 other dogs and 3 goats outside We'll have 1 more kitten as soon as the perfect homeless kitty shows up, which is never very long out here. A few thousand cows down the road, several of which are pets! My parents seem to think we have too many pets, especially when we go away and leave them to pet sit. I can't imagine life without our pets!
  19. Another vote for Reddi-Roll. I've found it's much easier to work with than Contact paper. Just be warned - covering books can be addictive! This is where I've gotten my rolls from, but I haven't ordered in a while, so I don't know about shipping. I also ordered a plastic bone folder (tools and accessories) from them that really helps me get the books nice and neat.
  20. We've flown a few times with the kids in the last few years and never go anywhere without pipecleaners. The perfect travel toy! Have fun!
  21. I've been color coding my kiddos since the boys were babies. I'm not very picky about home things so for instance with the bowls, we just added a couple of yellow bowls in a similar size when we needed another color. I do think it is funny that my kiddos have kind of internalized the color thing. I just pointed out to my boys that, despite their desire to be real cool and individual, each chose their assigned color to paint their new rooms. And littlest, even though she's 6 now, still feels the need to wear yellow most days. The kids and I picked her color before she was born AND before we even knew girl or boy!
  22. My best tip is to be OVERLY specific when you label the boxes. It is beyond frustrating to need my muffin tin and have to wade through 20 boxes marked "kitchen"! :confused: It would have been worth the extra time and bother to have a box marked "utensils, knives, toaster, cutting boards", for example.
  23. We've had the same issue lately with Johnny Tremain and the word "fagot". They giggle and we go on. I don't edit because I think it is important for them to know the original meaning of these kinds of words. I wouldn't even pause for those words if I was reading to myself, but they sure do stick coming out when I'm reading aloud!:tongue_smilie:
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