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  1. Thanks to Harriet and Attolia for varied responses. It is Core 630, the British Literature package, that I am looking at and they have starred off specific books as AP lit. This particular Sonlight Core has two writing exercises per week in addition to doing a research paper. I think my student is more like Attolia's and has read so much literature that Sonlight will be a good fit. And we are looking forward to the added extra writing. I will take a look at Essential Literary Terms (Norton). I put it on hold through the library already! Thank you for the reccomendation. I would be interested to find out if anyone on the forum has successfully used core 630 for their AP English and Literature course. I do plan to substitute some of the books on the list. We have read the two you mentioned Harriet and would agree with Peter Pan. Also, Sonlight requires Perrine's Structure, Sound and Sense which I am very excited to use.
  2. It is very "light" ON chemistry. Not nearlt enough coverage for SAT II. Just an extra reader. Love all LOF math, though.
  3. Does anyone have experience using Sonlight 600 for AP literature? How did it go? Also, I'd like to submit a syllabus to the CB incorporating core 600. Has anyone done this? Willing to share? Would be grateful as it may be something I could gently modify but also it would save valuable summer time. I know I love the core - just takes time to correlate to CB criteria. ANd getting access to the teacher community is of great value.
  4. AP English Literature Anyone using Sonlight Core 600 Fall 2017/Winter 2018? Does anyone have a CB approved syllabus for this core? I am looking to not have to recreate the wheel. The core looks excellent! I have spent time analyzing each week. Lot's of literature and excellent reflective writing exercises. Thanks!
  5. We are using: Sonlight Core 600 for AP English Lit. and composition. Val what are you using? I am looking to "borrow" an already approved AP syllabus based on core 600. Anyone willing? I love the core! LofFred Calculus, have loved his other math books; want to correlate to an AP syllabus Apologia Physics Not sure about history - maybe a mix of Great Courses and library books Music Foreign Language-Spanish
  6. I was not allowed access either. I wonder if the school counselor where my ds took his exam would prodide the details. Anyone know?
  7. OK ...fast forward to Fall 2017; I am considering Matter and Interactions(and I do see they have an improved VPyton) interface. Did you use it? and di you like it? ANyone else want to comment? I want Physics to have modern useful meaning, I'd like to find good recomendation for a first time programmers as wll.
  8. We are using Shepherd's biology this year and we absolutely love it! Wyle's book would be easier if you want easy. Your student should enjoy reading as the prose style is very entertaining but not for everyone. The additional anatomy at the end makes it easily an Honors course. There are 20 labs.
  9. You might want to read a small book called project based homeschooling perhaps from the library. Also, consider Great Courses classes as she gets older. I have many of the CDs through our library and that way you can see which ones you like. the top professor's in the country teach the courses. Also, if income allows consider the gifted program through North Western or at least a few classes.
  10. if she is gifted then Saxon will become a bore. I found myself skipping a whole year of Saxon w/0. Loss. in fact we skipped two years worth over a two year time period. we now use LOF which keeps things moving at a faster and more interesting pace. try all the science wiz kits except Inventions. inventions had failed experiments in it and they no longer produce but you can still find It. Chemistry and chemistry plus were lots of fun. Do them with your daughter but let her lead you! You won't regret it.
  11. I like using utube videos , type in 5th grade human cell and you tube or 6th grade atom etc. and you get some nice songs written by a science school teacher. He covers many science toipics.
  12. I recall a seeing a teaching friend of mine a few hours after open teacher parent day. I asked why she looked frustrated and she said every single parent that visited that day said that their child was gifted! Therefore, it is hard to get taken seriously when you really do have a gifted child. I agree with the private testing idea but most schoold won't do anything special until the child is older.
  13. Abook call outliers, also, briefly mentions giving math some meaning. The content of the chapter really discusses why Asians are ahead of the US in math.
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