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  1. I used to decide what subjects I wanted to cover, pick out the books/curriculum and then enter it into a spreadsheet, one page for each subject. Now, generally I end up just copying the table of contents of each book/curriculum, etc. and write the date next to it. I do a quick projection page at the beginning of the year for each subject showing where I'd like to be on weeks 12, 24 and 36. That way I know if I'm behind or ahead. My oldest two, who have graduated, loved just checking off each line on each page of the spreadsheet and they'd write the date. I'm doing this now with my 7 year old and not sure what I'll be like when he's older. :)
  2. I can't say enough good things about Rod & Staff math. It's mastery with continual review.
  3. I'm using this with my son (7). I love the books in it but the guide not as much besides as a reading schedule. It's great for those ages though. HTH
  4. The Good and the Beautiful might work for you. Have you looked at that one yet?
  5. Thank you all. Between Singapore and MEP, which would be easier for me to teach keeping in mind I'm not mathy and not very good at puzzly type problems? :)
  6. I've graduated two but it feels all new with this one, my just turned 7 year old. I am the type who loves the Saxon scripted teacher manuals, though I do not like Saxon. My son seems to know math intuitively. We've gone through Singapore Math Essentials (which he thought was easy) and I'm wondering where I want to go now. I'm not super strong in math so can I teach Singapore or MEP math well enough based on their teacher guides? I jumped around way too much with my older kids and I don't want to make the same mistake here especially since he loves it so much and just gets it. Thoughts?
  7. I've taught 3 classes to ages 3-5 maybe 6 year old sometimes and every time, I swore I'd never do it again. LOL I think if you had enough helpers or parents, it's doable but without, I'm not sure. Here's a list of coop class ideas I always wanted to do: https://www.pinterest.com/cminton0515/co-op-ideas/ Good luck,
  8. I've had this one on my Pinterest list but haven't used it as I don't have PowerPoint but you might like it: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Editable-Teacher-Binder-FREE-Updates-for-Life-Teacher-Planner-Organizer-1083937 Oops, sorry, just realized you said free - well you can look at it anyway. These are all free and I think there are a few pages that are editable too: http://www.tinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com/free-printables/7-step-curriculum-planner/ Quick google search gave these: https://www.google.com/search?q=editable+lesson+plan+pdf&newwindow=1&rlz=1CAHPZY_enUS597US597&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=631&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx3-7Nw8DRAhXBylQKHbw3CNoQ_AUIBigB Hope you find something. :)
  9. The first thing I thought of when I read your post is Notgrass' Planner: https://history.notgrass.com/other-resources-k-12/record-keeping/ Here are sample pages: https://history.notgrass.com/content/record_book.pdf This is if you want to record after the fact and have a paper journal. Hope it helps.
  10. We adore Ivy's Kids kits. I actually have bought too many and should probably sell some. LOL They are kind of like a Five in a Row in a box, if that makes sense.
  11. Barton did not work for my oldest for the same reasons. A&P did. I'm still not sure how and why, but we're happy it worked.
  12. Keep in mind also, not everyone has those pre-e symptoms. I didnt both times. Just stay safe for both you and the baby and your family.
  13. Absolutely go to ER if you feel weird. You described my symptoms and why my first was born 10 weeks early and my third 5 weeks early, both under emergencies. It can change and be variable so quickly. They should definitely be watching it more carefully.
  14. I invited Faithr and ehb87. Does anyone else want an invite? I'll see if OneStep will make a sub-forum for Aspies too. If anyone would rather we just have our own Aspie group, I can do that too.
  15. I'm part of that group. Let me see if I can send an invite. We could have a thread just on our Aspies. It's so interesting how you said there are fewer meltdowns but more rigid. Mine is 19 now and it's the exact same. So many ways he's better and so many ways he's worse (as far as fitting into society).
  16. Calgon take me away... Eat some NOW save some for LATER (now and later candies) We should make a game out of this LOL
  17. How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop? Sorry Charlie... Definitely the Oscar Mayer Bologna one (how else did I learn to spell it correctly) LOL Life cereal, Give it to Mikey... These things worked, why don't they bring some of them back? Our generation would love it.
  18. I know there are still Yahoo groups but I'm not familiar with how to set one up. I'd love for it to be for the parents. I wouldn't mind starting a private one here and we could bump the topic like Pawz mentioned. What does everyone think on that?
  19. Thanks for sharing this. I loved seeing how it turned out too. I've liked a lot of Tina's sheets and have been considering using them. Let us know in August how you're liking it. :) I waffle between a planner (paper and pen) and an online planner yearly. Drives me crazy. :)
  20. Wish I could help. We have it and will start later this month. I can't stand IEW so I'm hoping, and it seems to be, much different.
  21. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/groups/49-aspies/ There is one here. It is public, not sure if you want that? There are 3 really small facebook groups for homeschooling aspies. Let me know what you think.
  22. Me too. I am often overwhelmed lately. I think there is a group here actually, a private sub-group. I'd love to talk to any of you though; facebook private group, here, another, anything.
  23. I thought mine was only like that. It has gotten harder the older he gets. There's just such a wide range of emotions and maturity at times.
  24. Just for fun for K for my little guy, we are going to use Children Just Like Me, DK Animal Atlas, and a map. Just a quick look through and maybe stories and find where they are on the map. Here are some other ideas for you too: https://winterpromise.com/themed-programs/animals-worlds-theme-introduction/ WinterPromise Animals and Their Worlds - highly suggest only buying the guide through them, not the books - they take forever shipping the books to you http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/AnimalABC.html You can buy all at once here or find all the files free on her site but have to download one by one. http://buildyourlibrary.com/purchase-kindergarten-curriculum/ They do something like I am going to be doing that I mentioned above. Actually, I got the idea from them, just didn't want to buy the plans. Should you want to pair this with phonics, https://allinonehomeschool.com/getting-ready-1/ has their K just for alphabet learning or they have others and this is free. Oh, Sonlight Science A or B has animals in their science too. Might want to check them out also. http://www.sonlight.com Hope those help,
  25. Another huge fan of Apples & Pears. Nothing else worked for my dyslexic - Sequential, Barton, Spelling Workout, Spelling Wisdom, Rewards, etc.
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