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  1. Did you skip your son’s wedding?
  2. I have spent most of this thread wondering if you were rejecting a birthday party invite. I’m feeling so sad to be guessing it was something much more important.
  3. I completely agree. I did not get married in my dad’s church. It was upsetting to him and he had to bear my decision in regards to his siblings. However, the place of my wedding was a decision made by my spouse and me. We certainly expected our parents to be there even though it wasn’t the religion of any of them. Their love for us is bigger than their thoughts of locations.
  4. Only 3 hours? I grew up in a house that had to watch all 3 Sunday games, every Monday and sometimesthe Saturday college games. I have barely seen a game since then.
  5. I have over 10,000 unread emails. I love the metaphor that it is a river flowing by me and I can fish out what I need. The amount of notifications on my phone made a friend cringe. She suggested that I get something called I haven’t looked into it but it was described as a filter to group certain sales emails together.
  6. This will prove to be good advice. I think they have had 2 mini bagels each with ham and cream cheese, plus cheese cubes and veggies.
  7. Games are underway! They sound happy. Thank you all for ideas. I admit, totally forgot to think dessert. It’s in the oven now. I didn’t get house as clean as I wanted. Some unnamed people told me family room was ready except for vacuuming. Some people evidently didn’t see the dust, or the school books completely covering coffee table, and then put a load of unfolded laundry on the couch. I think this feels hard because it’s one of the few times that I don’t know the guests or their parents.
  8. Sometimes I struggle with raising kids who are less introverted than me. I do want them to have friends so I occasionally try to create social events, but I never feel comfortable as a hostess. Today, we will have some young teens coming straight after school with others coming before dinner. I’m getting take out pizza. We drink water with meals. I feel like I should buy soda to be a “ hostess” but I’m not thrilled with kids drinking soda. Is lemonade better than sprite? Any alternatives? Do other families just drink water? We usually eat salad with pizza. I’m not sure if most teens will. What else should I offer with pizza? I do have fruit and couple kinds of chips for after school or snacks.
  9. Sue the T-Rex at Chicago’s Field Museum uses the pronoun they. The exhibition has been updated to include their preferred pronoun. I sparkly heart love Sue.
  10. I’m not inadequate but my washing machine must be. It takes at least 1 hr 50 min to wash a load. I’ve never done more than 3 loads in a day.
  11. We were sent a tentative schedule six weeks before start of school year sessions. The open slots were marked, and we had to respond if we were okay with assigned slot.
  12. Acorn

    Feral hogs?

    There is an OH state park near me that warns hikers to be cautious. I haven’t heard of anyone having an encounter. I think they do allow hunting of them at certain times.
  13. I’d wear the Eddie Bauer ones myself. I’m mid-40s, so I can’t imagine that teens would want the same style.
  14. Toledo? ....against board rules........
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