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  1. I was wondering on the Merry Christmas vs. Season’s Greetings last night. I am happy with any or all sentiments. I bought seasonal cards because I will use some for school teachers that I don’t know. I do write Merry Christmas in cards I send to people I know celebrate Christmas by religion or culture.
  2. I’m sorry. I’ve already been thinking of you and wishing the best for your friend. I’m sorry you have even more pain. This is tragic.
  3. I hate shopping so I usually do it all at once. I have a new coat, shoes, work shirts and pants and a sweater for myself so far this week.
  4. Our family is in different states from each other and us. We have hosted parents and siblings together. I also know that they would welcome each other in their homes should anyone want more winter driving. I think my parents and in-laws would be friends if they lived near each other. One idea from my childhood. We ate a formal dinner with the small side of the family. Then joined the larger one for dessert.
  5. I’ve been reading along instead of sleeping lately. I love Holiday cards, and getting fun mail in general. We send a photo card without any personalization. You all are making me question which of our recipients judge me for that. I send about 100 cards to family. I have noticed a decline in the amount we receive each year. I suspect for many of my relatives it’s due to postage costs. I understand, but I like cards so I might spend less on other holiday areas.
  6. Sizes up to 8T? I’m not familiar with that. Do you think that means they will have kids size L and XL?
  7. The risks of a non-active lifestyle are much higher, especially in our family with known heart disease and diabetes risks. I really struggle to find exercise that I enjoy. I hope that since I’ve pushed my kids into some rec league level sports that they will become adults who think exercise is tolerable and a norm for life. For the soccer league that we use, heading the ball isn’t allowed for kids under 12. I have seen concussion risk from falling on a wood gym floor (indoor leagues) or two players colliding. However, I know that my kids have amazing running endurance. I have never ran a comfortable half mile, even when we had to every day in high school gym class. I doubt that they will play soccer beyond high school but I hope that they continue to run, swim, bike or ski as adults. Their long term health is very dependent on remaining active.
  8. I wish they would have bought 5 types of beans. The picture shows box of Lima beans, can of pinto, green beans, yellow wax beans and jelly beans. I think since the rest of the grocery list is food for a meal that we should expect to count 5 types of beans not confuse the readers that jelly beans are beans or give the impression that the characters think they are.
  9. The bean page bothers me in that book. I know it’s supposed to be a joke.
  10. I was just on a google trail on a similar issue. Some American men with English-German heritage in my family wore Afros in the 70s. I’m still unclear if that is the proper name for my family members’ hairstyle. Research shows Jewish-fro as a term, which isn’t the religion of my family. What is the proper term? Is the hairstyle itself cultural appropriation? I’m somewhat expecting it to come back around and my children have the hair texture to support it. I do think I’m finding a trend of assumptions that people with white skin have straight hair. So clearly not the case here, it’s damn humid lately. I’m a firm believer in natural hair and skin. I also don’t have the sensory capacity for heat from a hair dryer or the weight of makeup, so it’s great that I’m confident as I am. I wish everyone could be.
  11. I had to look up the date, but I remember in 1993 that Ted Danson did a black face roast of his girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. I think she wrote it? It definitely became a conversation topic that year.
  12. Acorn


    Did you skip your son’s wedding?
  13. Acorn


    I have spent most of this thread wondering if you were rejecting a birthday party invite. I’m feeling so sad to be guessing it was something much more important.
  14. Acorn


    I completely agree. I did not get married in my dad’s church. It was upsetting to him and he had to bear my decision in regards to his siblings. However, the place of my wedding was a decision made by my spouse and me. We certainly expected our parents to be there even though it wasn’t the religion of any of them. Their love for us is bigger than their thoughts of locations.
  15. Only 3 hours? I grew up in a house that had to watch all 3 Sunday games, every Monday and sometimesthe Saturday college games. I have barely seen a game since then.
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