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  1. We have this situation in our house, Derek. Our older son was an academic superstar in high school and continues to be in college. I'll refrain from momma-bragging his stats! ;-) My husband and I determined long ago to teach each child to his (and now, her!) strengths and interests, so our younger son's high school path has been very, very different from older son's. He has taken different courses, and we have used completely different materials for those classes which are required for graduation (and done them at different times). Younger son may not even take physics...he has requested m
  2. I bought a Darth Vader Tervis tumbler with lid for my almost 17 yo's stocking. It is awesome-looking; I'm quite jealous of it. AND it takes up a good bit of room in the stocking. Also...nice pair of socks,bag of goldfish, craft soda, bodywash, earbuds, I-tunes card. And a room air freshener. Ha!
  3. I'm just seeing this today, too, and I'm so glad it got bumped back up so that I didn't miss it. Congratulations!!!! What an awesome accomplishment!
  4. Thank you, Lanny, for mentioning this phone. I've since researched extensively and determined that this is the best phone to purchase for my almost 17 year old son. We are not serious smartphone users, so at the current Amazon price point (and with low-end Tracfone service), this is doable for us. The Moto G5 Plus (32 gig WITHOUT Amazon offers and ads) is selling now on Amazon for $170. Interestingly enough, the one with Amazon ads is $185.
  5. I was so stunned by the $100/200 an hour estimate above that I decided to work out a closer estimate for my particular case. I've never actually calculated this before because I do not teach online physics for the money. If I could make $100 an hour, I might be more interested in doing it for the money. Ha! I have no "middle man"...no entity between myself and my students. So being self-employed, I handle all the technological side (including website costs and maintenance), and of course, I pay quarterly self-employment tax. But let's ignore all those costs for the sake of ease of calculat
  6. Hi Roadrunner's kid! :-) I hope you are having a fabulous year! Okay...I was considering adding chemistry to the mix for the 2018-19 school year, but after having a heart-to-heart talk with my dh about it this past weekend, I've decided NOT to do so. I will continue to offer two sections of physics, but I will not expand physics any further or add chemistry next year. It will be our younger son's senior year, and dh wants us to really concentrate our energies on that son's goals/plans/needs, and I agree with his wisdom and foresight. For some unknown reason, our younger son wants a second
  7. Does anyone know if the Baggalini mini-crossover is large enough to hold a Kindle paperwhite? I like a small crossover-style bag, but it has to be large enough to hold my paperwhite. I've been carrying the same Vera Bradley for several years, but a 4 year old girl at church told me that it was a retired pattern, so...well...maybe I need a new one. I don't want a print anymore for that reason... :huh:
  8. Second son is now enrolled in Precalc with Mrs. Stublen. I gave him several choices, and he went with WHA. He likes the format and accountability. His class participation grade in Algebra II with Mr. Reini has actually brought his overall average down, so I'm hoping that class participation doesn't count TOO much in Mrs. Stublen's class. If it does, he may have to step out of his comfort zone of quiet observer. :-)
  9. This is so awesome, Connie! If you ever need a listening ear to bounce ideas off of, please pm or email me. Jann in TX gave me good advice when I first began working on my physics course, and I would love to pay that forward at anytime. :hurray:
  10. I haven't checked the WHA site, but the schedule came in an email from "All School Announcements", so I think it may have only gone out to currently enrolled students. It does say "Public" on it, however, so they will probably release it very soon on their website. Registration for current students: February 1 Registration for siblings of current students: February 4 Open Registration: February 8 Although some of the WHA classes fill quickly, they don't usually fill immediately, so hopefully everyone can get in the course and time slot that they want! Just an fyi: Definitely chec
  11. A wildest dream came true. Cubs: World Series Champions!

    1. ....
    2. MrsBasil


      Best game ever!!

    3. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Love that photo of Bill Murray and the caption "We're speechless too!" :)


  12. Hits: Memoria Press Enrichment Guide (2nd grade). I'm using this with my daughter, and we both absolutely love it. I was so hesitant to purchase it, but now I wish that I had used all three years of it. Miquon. But I knew that going into it. I'm just thrilled that I get to use it one more time. :-) No misses this year!
  13. Go Cubs!!

    1. 3 ladybugs

      3 ladybugs

      I am rooting for the Cubs now that the Red Sox are out. Hope they can break their curse!

  14. Wow, I am just floored. Thank you for all the kind comments. I absolutely love working with all these amazing students! Oh...and the 2016-17 class is full...thanks to this thread. :-) Much appreciation, Jetta
  15. Hello everyone! :-) I have tried to stay completely away from this thread because I do not want to personally advertise or market my course on the WTM forums (other than in my signature). I have far too much respect (and admiration) for Susan and what she has provided for us through these forums to abuse her generosity in any way. You all, on the other hand, may discuss it to your heart's content...just as I am reading and posting about courses such as PAH AP Econ or WTMA's writing courses on other threads. That is the beauty and value of our forum! I did feel, however, that I sh
  16. Academically, my sons are "one of each". But they are both superstars to me...when I put academics aside and look at their hearts. :-) And then there is our little daughter who will crawl up in my lap and pat me on the cheek and say, "I want to be a momma JUST LIKE YOU when I grow up." Now if that isn't superstar material, I don't know what is! lol!
  17. I wouldn't think that CP is adequate (unless you added in a lot of problem solving from another source). It seems from Angie's post that she teaches a CP class and then she teaches an honors level class from which some go on to take the SAT II. She doesn't mention what she uses for her honors level course.
  18. This made me laugh! My son got one of these invites the other day, too, and I showed it to my dear hubby after his long, frustrating day at work. He immediately said, "Now, why didn't *I* think of this!?!? We could rich!" lol! As an interesting side note...our local cover school allows students to wear garb from this organization at graduation (a medal, I think)...and some students DO. So there are probably zillions of families who send in that $60 plus the cost of the medal to wear. A brilliant scheme...yes, indeed. My poor ds will NOT be wearing a NSHSS medal at graduation. :-)
  19. So helpful!!! Thank you very much for sharing this information, Julie. This is a post I will return to multiple times as I plan the final two years of my older son's home school.
  20. Kristie, I'm also posting here to make sure that you see this. I have found several syllabi online. This Foerster Algebra II syllabus is the most useful one that I have found; my son has followed it for the first 3 chapters, and it has worked well. Scroll down to page 23 for the Algebra II outline. HTH!
  21. I guess no one has it because I've asked for it several times before, too, and got no responses. I have found several syllabi online. This Foerster Algebra II syllabus is the most useful one that I have found; my son has followed it for the first 3 chapters, and it has worked well. Scroll down to page 23 for the Algebra II outline. HTH!
  22. Oh, thank you, Lynne! They did change the schedule. Now I'm not 100% sure about what to do at 3:30 on Thursday...and the exhibit hall will not be open, yet. And thanks for this tip, too, ladydusk. I'm considering either his logic or literature workshop. Jetta
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