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  1. Yes! (I am struggling right now because of a serious situation in my family, but I am NOT quitting this time!!! I'm treading water and will hopefully be able to refocus in another week or two. I'm currently down 14 pounds since January...very slow but still there...).
  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, your shared stories, the links, your advice, and your words of wisdom. I'm sorry that it has taken me a few days to respond; I can see that I am going to have very little time over the next months to spend on this beloved forum. Just briefly...my dad is 78 so past the age where more aggressive treatment is considered "safe". He has in-home physical and occupational therapy right now, and they have indicated that we should go ahead and arrange for hospice. We have moved quickly to take care of several legal and real estate matters, but like @Patty Jo
  3. My dad was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (grade IV with multiple tumors in more than one lobe of his brain). The initial shock and complete disbelief has abated (somewhat), and so now we are trying to plan how best to handle the remaining bit of his life. We want it to be as positive and as enjoyable as possible for as long as possible...which we understand may not be very long at all. Does anyone have direct experience as the caregiver of a loved one with this horrible disease? I'd love to have someone to talk with about it! I've tried reading cancer support websites an
  4. Our younger son will be a senior. If it weren't for our super-surprise daughter, next year would be my last year homeschooling. Yet another reason to treasure her each and every day! :-) DS, Senior: Bible: Balancing the Sword (finish), Understanding the Times (finish) Math: DE Introductory Statistics (fall) English: DE Comp 1 (fall) and Comp 2 (spring) Science: Clover Creek Physics (woohoo!!! so glad he chose to do this instead of another biology course!) Government: Great Source American Government Economics: DE (spring)
  5. I already miss the signatures. I found them to be useful and informative, and they helped me keep track of who was doing what and who had what kiddos and even who had what personality, hobbies, etc. I do like the clean, uncluttered format.
  6. I'm trying so hard to lose weight and get in shape (one that is not so reminiscent of this particular day..ha!) that I announced that I wasn't making pie this year. There was momentary anarchy. Younger son promptly drove to town and came back with a bakery apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and everyone was happy. Except me. lol!!! My sons are thrilled that ESPN has pi beside their logo today (watching first four in game).
  7. Thank you so much for all of these wonderful ideas! This list should keep me exploring and tasting for a while. The starter set my husband gave me came from Plum Deluxe, and it included a fine mesh strainer that works well. I especially enjoyed the blends with chunks of citrus fruit in them...for some reason, they just taste like morning should taste. :-)
  8. My husband gave me a wonderful starter set of various loose leaf tea blends for Christmas, and I have enjoyed them immensely. The tea has helped me reduce my coffee-with-lots-of-cream habit to just one cup of that goodness a day. But alas, I am nearing the end of the gift and would like to order some more. I am a complete novice at this, so I need some ideas for online sources of loose leaf tea blends. What are reasonable prices? And what are some of your favorite blends? Thanks!
  9. I am so so sorry. :grouphug: (When we had to put our 14 year old black lab down, we all wrote messages to her on her tennis ball...and buried her ball with her. We also kept her collar and have it hanging by our utility room entrance from the garage. She will never be forgotten!)
  10. Hello everyone! I would love to hear the "late work" policies for the various online courses that your students take. How far in advance must students inform the teacher that work is going to be late? What are the lengths of extensions? Can students have more than one extension during the year? Etc. Just gathering info...thanks in advance!
  11. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: This made me laugh out loud! (I need to look into this class for my own son. Thank you for this detailed review!)
  12. And I'm down 8 pounds in the same 5 weeks. I absolutely LOVE this program. After so many years of trying to lose weight by completely abstaining from certain foods, I find this new WW plan to be rather enjoyable. :-)
  13. AP Calculus: Thinking Out Loud Derek Owens: $15 registration fee; $522 tuition…payable by month (nice!); inexpensive worktexts; uses calculator son already owns WHA: $100 student services fee (for a returning senior); $740 tuition….not sure about textbook (they tend to be pricey and require solutions manual, too); PLUS in previous years calculus has required a higher-level calculator than the TI-84 that we already own (another $100++), and their refund policy has no room for error. Then we have to pay for the AP exam and proctor here (another $120 or so). So DO will cost aroun
  14. I was curious about this, too, so I looked at the review from Rainbow Resource. Copied and pasted: Master Books assures us that there have been no changes in content even the problems in the exercises have remained the same. If you are familiar with the older text, one thing you will miss is some of the cartoons; however, some were kept in the text to add to the readability and a bit of humor never hurts. Although Master Books is a Christian company, this text doesnt proselytize there is no Christian content. I have the older edition, and I think you can get a good used copy cheaper
  15. Perfect description! I made Skinnytaste's Baked Shrimp Taquitos last night, and they were absolutely delicious. My college son told me that he would eat those every week! I foresee us eating a lot more fish and shellfish.
  16. Because I use the website instead of the app to log my daily food, I don't receive (or not receive) blue dots. This is probably a good thing for me since I can be a bit of a perfectionist about some things. I am eating all of my daily points and all of my weekly points and not worrying about fit points at this stage (but still gently upping my exercise levels). I am slowly but steadily losing weight, and I continue to be very happy with plan and the overall controlled freedom that I feel with it. I have cut my coffee consumption down from 3 cups a day to 1 cup (most days) in order to cut
  17. We just bought an SE from Tracfone for $169 for our oldest son. He loves the smaller size.
  18. I joined two weeks ago, and I'm loving it!! It took me almost the first full week to learn the emphasis of the points. Several foods (nuts and half/half especially) that I had enjoyed pretty freely on previous plans were sending me over my daily points quickly. I had to adjust to that, but now I feel that I'm already making serious...and dare I say it...enjoyable progress! I love, love, love the fact that no food is off limits. I ate a Chik-fil-a chicken sandwich Wednesday night for the first time in over a year. It was SO amazingly delicious and fun to eat! Yes, it was high in points, bu
  19. Miffy at the Zoo by Dick Bruna for my then six-month old firstborn. He will be 20 in three weeks. So will the book...which is still on our shelves (despite being completely worn through and taped back together multiple times).
  20. This was just delightful to read and get to see your wonderful young man, Quark! :-)
  21. We followed Kathy's advice several years ago and carefully read each course description multiple times... My son wanted a small class size and a course that was organized by weekly assignments rather than daily (he always "front-loaded" his weeks). I wanted a varied and interesting booklist for him. I also looked for evidence that the class covered material and had writing experiences OUTSIDE of the AP syllabus. In other words, I was not interested in a class that solely "taught to the test". But I also wanted built-in review for the exam along the way (instead of heavy hitting at the
  22. Now we're talking! Tibbie...I'm not worried about it at all. I cannot see how NN would affect my business in any way...but I am a "head in the sand" type of person so maybe I'm ignoring information I should be paying attention to. Regardless, I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing until I can't or don't want to anymore. Then I'll do something else! :-)
  23. I'm not sure if you've received any responses by pm, so I did a quick search through my virtual records for my son's scores. He took the course his junior year in high school, so it has been 3 years. He made a 96 first semester and a 93 second semester and scored a 5 on the exam. He thought the exam was relatively easy and felt very prepared for it without doing any extra studying outside of what was assigned in class. My son received 8 credit hours from his university for that score...which was nice...but because one of his majors is earth science, he had to take geological sciences to f
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