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  1. Yes, Mark was helping his friend Bob develop an AP Physics C course: http://mrbobphys.simplesite.com/
  2. Union University is a fantastic school in a wonderful location (easy day trips to both Nashville and Memphis!). It was my older son's top choice for a looonnnnggg time, but in the final turn of events, the money offered by our local public university was just too enticing, so he is not at Union. My niece is, however, and she is majoring in education. She absolutely loves it--the campus, the students, her professors, the town, and the multiple opportunities for mission work. My son competed in the Scholars of Excellence at Union. It was a fantastic weekend and made him want to go there ev
  3. I'm in! I'm using My Fitness Pal, too. I've set my calorie goal rather high (1800 cals/day) right now because I'm mainly trying to establish the habit of online calorie tracking. I've got a 20 day streak going, so YAY! 🙂
  4. We only needed it for the permit, but it has been a couple of years since my younger son got his license. I would assume it is still the same. Does the website give any helpful info? (lol!)
  5. Thank you so much for these ideas! We live in the mid-south with wet winters but not excessively cold temps. Going shopping this week! I think I can probably find both the Altra and Ariat locally so that I can test them out. (And @Selkie, have you had personal experience with Aussies? If so, I may beg to pm you at times. We have only ever had big, bumbly, "whatever you say, ma'am" labs, so this little spitfire is a totally different personality. We knew that going into it, but he has been a bit of a challenge. He walked into the house the first day saying "I own this place!" ?)
  6. I am looking for a pair of comfortable, water-resistant boots to wear walking around our property (large lawn, woods, meadow). We recently acquired a mini Australian shepherd, and I am enjoying helping him get lots of exercise. Which he needs. Lots. ? I have a pair of the traditional LL Bean short boots, but while they are great for some things, they aren't that comfortable for extensive walking because they have very little support. Maybe I should just get some inserts for those boots... Any suggestions?
  7. This thread cracks me up! AP English Language helped my son in so many ways that I will be forever grateful for it! He is NOT a creative writer at all, and he really struggled with even putting words on paper (despite taking various and sundry writing courses). His writing took flight during his AP Eng course, and he developed so much confidence. He still uses many aspects of what he learned in that course in his college writing (math, earth science major).
  8. When this hit my inbox today, I really wondered who might find it worthwhile!?!? If I am going to spend $23 for two books, I want to be the one to pick them out! ?
  9. This is GORGEOUS! ??? I just looked it up. Do you stick with the free version? I was wondering about the "power ups" the site references...would I need more than one?
  10. I am so raw just reading this and thinking about John McCain's battle, his courage, and the horrid brutality of this cancer. My family has followed his journey daily since my beloved dad was diagnosed with glioblastoma at the end of March (and passed on July 11th). My sister texted me yesterday morning with the news about Senator McCain, and I haven't been able to get him and his family out of my thoughts since then. I pray that his final days/weeks are as peaceful and gentle and pain-free as possible. I pray that he is alert enough to express and receive love to the very end. I pray that he w
  11. I have one, too. It would spark much joy for me if I were able to pass it on to a loving family. (Ha!!!) So if anyone else needs one, please PM me!
  12. My boys are avid soccer fans, and so yes, we are watching as many World Cup games as we can. They recorded today's Germany-Mexico match so they could see it after church. We also do a family World Cup bracket challenge similar to basketball's March Madness.
  13. I have one similar to this one: LG306G (actually mine is a 305C...the "G" and "C" indicate which cell phone towers are used...I think). I don't know if it is still available on the Tracfone site; I bought mine from Amazon back in the day. It does not have data capabilities, and it has a touch-screen keyboard (but you have to press a "keyboard" button each time to access it...the one that comes up by default is the multiple-punching one that you mentioned). I paid $4 for the phone 4 years ago and have since added a "year service" each year to extend its use. It costs me around
  14. Thank you for this recommendation. I am in a very "this isn't fair", why, why, why, why state right now, and my usual comforting sources (family, Scripture, music, flowers, trees, hikes, birds) are not helping at all. I can't quite control my angry bewilderment. The thing is...finding the time to read. ?
  15. Big hugs and congratulations to both of you! ?
  16. I'm praying for your strength, Margaret, and a smooth solution to the logistical problems as well as a successful gamma knife treatment. ((((HUGS))))
  17. Thank you for this! I just ordered a new tankini suit and coverup for my daughter and a coverup for me. I have two LE tankini sets...one with shorter "swim shorts" and the other with the longer board shorts. I love, love, love those board shorts. They have nice, deep POCKETS. (They are several years old, so I don't know if they have changed...but they still look and feel great).
  18. I recently purchased a Divinity LA bracelet for my 17 year old niece who sounds very similar to yours... https://www.divinityla.com/
  19. I hope you have a nice party for your son! Both my dh and my older ds are excruciatingly literal. And dh has a thing with name brands, too. If I ask him to bring me a kleenex, he will come back (10 minutes later, probably), and say that he couldn't find a "kleenex" anywhere in the whole house. And I'll say, "they are just on the side table in the living room". And dh will answer, "those are 'Home Sense Facial Tissues'. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? lol!!!! We have had so many laughs about this in our 24 years of marriage. And now older ds has a special friend...and I soooooo want to warn h
  20. This looks fabulous @LAR! The instructor's method of organizing her class meeting made me positively giddy with delight! ? Did you decide to try it?
  21. I just saw something from Custom Ink. I've never used it, but it might be worth a look: https://www.customink.com/products/styles/gildan-midweight-50-50-pullover-hoodie/108200?quote_qty=min
  22. I'm partial to Derek Owens myself. Although we have not used his physics program, we have used several of his math courses, and my son really connected with DO's style, format, and sense of humor. This son is highly driven, so he had no problem whatsoever scheduling out the course himself and meeting his self-imposed deadlines. He loved the flexibility of making his own schedule and not being tied down to an outside entity's schedule. My second son would have struggled with that "freedom", so we used an online school for his upper math courses. I'm not familiar with Dr. Wile's new editio
  23. Timberdoodle sells a Practical Drafting workbook that has always caught my eye: https://timberdoodle.com/products/practical-drafting
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