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  1. Like the signature line!

  2. What a beautiful message to Bethany. You are absolutely right ... where there is love there is God. Glad that you've found this together. : )

  3. Great post on the employment thread! Your son's lucky to have you!

  4. Thanks so much for the link to Dr. Keller's response to bias claims. What a thoughtful and well-written piece. I really appreciate hearing her perspective. We used RS4K for bio this past year and liked it. Hearing her perspective makes me like the product even more. Thanks!

  5. Hey, just saw this! Thanks. It probably came out snarky but I did mean it. There's a lot of enthusiasm needed really for one to start to homeschool. For right now, it may be more like the "best parents in the world are the ones who don't have kids" type (translated into homeschooling, of course!). : )

  6. Love Heidelberg! Smiling at the image of you homeschooling in those heels too! : D

  7. Gorgeous. Thanks.

  8. Is that Chimney Rock, NC?

  9. You go, girl! Way to hold your own in a challenging "debate!" It was great to read through your posts.

  10. Bless you for your efforts.

  11. Love Huckleberry Hound! Dc are watching the reruns on boomerang now. I had some card game with HH on it when I was a kid -- he was worth 10 pts.!


    Just dropped by to say hi.

  12. Reya, I haven't been here a whole lot lately, but your thread about the stress with a strong-willed, sometimes bright, sometimes not, 6 yo really struck a chord with me. Then I realized that you have an infant.


    You sound like you've got a lot of stress and emotion right now. I'd like to gently suggest that you talk with your ob/gyn today. It's possible that you're dealing with some post-partum issues that he/she could help you with. You might even be able to talk with your daughter's pediatrician.


    Please make the call today.

  13. Hi, I just saw your note about the enoki mushrooms, months later! Thanks. Dc and I were wandering an Asian grocery buying interesting things to try. I know I've eaten them before at restaurants, but couldn't remember how.....!

  14. Love your family sig descriptions....I bet they're spot on in your home!

  15. Hi Pam, Just saw your note about your degree. Way to go!

    Hope the new year brings all good things your way!

  16. Excellent avatar change!!! :D

  17. Gorgeous horse photo!!


    Maybe a new year's resolution should be to eliminate that big question mark....!

  18. Just saw the link to the tea thread from sept. Scrolling down a few, I saw that you mentioned "Coupling." I used to love that show -- the British one. That's all, back to regular scheduled programming......

  19. Just thought it was funny to note that you're a "newbie" and a queen bee all in one!

  20. You wild and crazy, gal!


    eta: Forgot to add, congrats on the nano award!

  21. Like the sig quote from Chesterton. : )

  22. Love the sunny Australia photo!

  23. Too funny! Thanks. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Also belated congrats for dh making chief -- that's a big and wonderful step for his career. BZ!

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