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  1. I pay for AVG virus which allows me to lock those apps and use a number code to open. I hate having to pay but I wanted an option to lock sensitive apps.
  2. Hi have you met me? I was that idiot in September. I hate divorce..... We don't do holidays or any of that together. It was more of a want to take that trip and not being able to afford it alone. It was a lot of fun, but I wouldn't do it again.
  3. Tried it....I had the unfortunate luck to get a group that wanted hugs all the time even the men and it was held in someone's home and it just made me uncomfortable. It's hard for me to try these things so it took a lot that I did but I couldn't make myself try another group.
  4. Yeah in a weird way I haven't come to peace with it. We have a really weird relationship right now in that we aren't divorced and he lives pretty close to me. He sees the kids pretty often and that's good. I wish I could explain more but then I would be very identifiable. I really am much better than I was in the beginning. I know that one day I will develop a new life of my own. It's just so slow going. I haven't had one date. I don't have close friends to hang out with. I kind of sound pathetic but on the outside I look like things are great. A therapist is my next move if I can make myself do it. Thanks for all the good thought and hugs and prayers! Today was a good day. I think that next year I need to take this day back and plan something nice instead of going into my head like I do.
  5. Thanks :) A previous poster mentioned an online therapy option so I think I will try that so I can get some help to move forward. One of the hardest things is that I have had to work and homeschool and in two years my youngest will have to be enrolled in public high school so I can work full time. It's just so new for me cause I have home schooled the other two the whole way. I'm really bad with change.
  6. Three years ago today I got a text from my husband of 18 years that was meant for the girlfriend I didn't know he had. He used terms of endearment to her that I thought were special to me. It broke my heart and changed my life. I haven't healed from it. He moved out and has never wanted to come back even when I was weak and willing to try again. I'm heading to work now but I could really just use some prayers and good energy sent my way today. I can't talk to anyone about it and especially my mom who is very dismissive of my pain. She loves to say I need to get over it and that hurts me. I hate being alone. TIA
  7. With the recent spam my web filter has started blocking the forums saying they are suspicious. That has never happened before.
  8. I printed it and we are working our way through it now.....thanks :)
  9. Love seeing what everyone is working on! I have managed to do my 30 min workouts everyday this week. I usually like to walk 30 min as well but it's just too darn hot around here!! I plan on getting up earlier next week to get in the walking. I had done nothing for years so 17 days straight without stopping is huge for me. I'm feeling stronger.
  10. I don't know.....in CA I used my insurance once. Then I called just to have them look at an area to see if it was covered and I was cancelled. They said I made too many claims. It was very difficult to find another homeowners policy so I would be worried about that happening again if someone claimed an injury on my property.
  11. Just finished up my workout and may take a walk as well. Today was mostly weights so I need some cardio. I did 21 Day fix Dirty 30
  12. Saw them on 20/20 on Hulu and it made me so sad and happy for them at the same time.
  13. Just finished 7 days in a row working out which is huge for me..........I'm so sore!

  14. I plan on seeing it but I don't expect it will be as good as the original. I'm kind of curious myself.
  15. Let's talk food!! Where to eat and how much am I looking to spend while I'm there? I did pre purchase a character meal so that will be fun.
  16. ok so I am just going with Howard Johnson. No free breakfast but at least free parking. The Disneyland site has a good deal bundling the rooms and the tickets right now. We will be arriving Tues after Labor Day. I've been reading up like crazy but what is this Radiator springs ride and why is it so cool?
  17. I really like that plan Ellie! I wanted to book through costco travel and they only have so many hotel choices on their list. I don't think Ramada is one of them. So I'm having a hard time finding a good one. I'm not sure if staying at Paradise Pier would be worth the extra money but sounds like a fun place. Oh and with Flash passes is their a special line? Not sure how those work.
  18. Thanks......we are planning on Sept. I guess I can't decide if staying at a Disney hotel is worth the money.
  19. So after many, many years I finally get to plan a Disneyland vacation. I grew up going all the time so I have a lot of nostalgia but I live up north now and my kids never get to go. So we are finally going to be able to take the two I still have left at home. Only complication is that I am doing the trip with my ex, but that would require a different thread altogether. First question is there are deals right now for two hotels that aren't the closest. If I have to choose would you prefer the Anaheim Marriott or the Annabella Hotel? Am I going to hate the walk? The only time I went before we stayed at Howard Johnsons but there are no rooms this time for our dates. Any tips and tricks would be great! My kids are older so that will make it easier. TIA :)
  20. I don't see any downsides. Both my older boys have taken it. It's considered a diploma so that's how we reference it. I liked not having to issue my own diploma since we are schooling independent.
  21. I still have my set from high school and use them every now and then. It's fun for me, reminds me of how much effort I put into styling myself when that was all I had to worry about. I never had any problem with them burning my hair and damaging it though.
  22. I haven't tried that yet. I didn't realize the change cause I never buy books from them anymore. I did read that the Calibre plug in doesn't work anymore to take away the DRM so I am out of luck on the last two I bought unless I can figure out how to side load.
  23. Thank Goodness I have already downloaded all my Barnes and Noble ebooks into Calibre because apparently they have removed the option to do that now. We have Nooks and Kindles in this house and I like being able to move the books I purchased onto which ever one we want. I will stick with Amazon ebooks from now on.
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