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  1. As far as I know it's fine as long as you delete it when your borrowing time is up. Otherwise it should be fine. Some libraries even let you just download directly onto your device, although my library doesn't support ipod, just regular mp3 players.
  2. My ds 13 is working on it and it is really been nice for me to have the questions I need to help him delve further into a piece of work. I am learning so much myself. Although my ds is definitely ahead of me in reading the works. I just can't squeeze in enough time to complete each work myself. I can't wait to order the next one.
  3. I absolutely love Christian Bale! Was just recommending The Prestige to someone at the library yesterday. Can't wait to see 3:10 to Yuma, Christian and Russell Crowe...works for me!
  4. I said a prayer for all the pregnant teens out there. It breaks my heart too.
  5. This is what I like about the new format, at least I can tell where people are doing their talking. I may have some issues with the new format not being as easy to scan, but I understand the need to update to something more sophisticated than the old format and I still appreciate the fact that we have a board and people to run it.
  6. This is just what I've experienced.......I'm here less only because of busy server. I don't mind the new boards I just miss the quickness with which I could quickly read the other boards. Maybe I can actually get some things done now;)
  7. Hey Rhonda, is there a Bee in your real name? Just curious because there is in mine.
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