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  1. It is extremely difficult and what I had to do. I was the stay at home/homeschooling mom for 18 years. It's been so hard! To the mention that he couldn't find time to have an affair...my spouse had two jobs and was with the kids a lot. I thought the same thing. He ended up using PTO during his workday to meet his girlfriend at a motel. I had no idea since I assumed he was working. My only clue was he started "forgetting" to bring home his check stubs so I couldnt see the time off.
  2. No way! I've seen videos of it on youtube and even with a safe word to allow quitting they don't stop. The stuff they do to them is disturbing even if they've agreed beforehand.
  3. I agree....I can't read the forum right now because it's right in the way. I would be more likely to leave positive feedback if it wasn't so obtrusive.
  4. That is exactly what I did but only because I don't like the look of men with earrings. I took him to get it done when he was 18. I don't associate it with being or not being clean cut. And my son looks fine with them pierced and he is happy he did it.
  5. Sometimes it's not the drug itself but the way the pharmacy is processing it. Quantity issues are very common, too short of a days supply could cause a rejection. I work for a large insurance company and handle all pharmacy issues so I see how claims are rejecting. Just an idea to consider as it's not always that your insurance is just denying it.
  6. Awesome! I am unfortunately going on my 23rd yr but I'm a mess.
  7. When I was at Disneyland I sat on a bench waiting for my boys. Now this bench is by Alice in Wonderland ride and is a very very long space. There was a ton of empty space and these two women with little ones stopped right next to me. The kids kept running up and down the bench, repeatedly bumping into me. I am very tolerant of kids but man this was getting to me cause it's so rude to me that you wouldn't be aware of what was happening. I even told the kids once to scoot down and play. So the I have to grumpily say "there is a whole bench to sit on" or something like that. I dont remember exactly but they basically ran away like I was some kind of ogre. I hate people making me feel like I'm being mean cause I don't want your kid to keep kicking and bumping into me.
  8. This reminds me of the Strange Name Movie. It's a doc on Netflix. I was surprised my son and daughter in law told me the name they were considering since they aren't even pregnant yet just thinking about it. But I would never give an opinion because it can be so hard to find a name both parents can agree on. My mom's name starts with "Sh" and she felt the need to name my sister and I "Sh" names as well. Which is annoying since no one ever calls us the right name and I now answer to any variation.
  9. From what I can tell online the train is running. We mostly like to visit old houses and museums and that forest sounds really cool.
  10. I'm planning a trip in August for my birthday with one adult son and my 14 yr old. Any tips? What is the best affordable place to stay? I was thinking The Best Western. And where to eat? Skunk Train Botanical Garden Seems like there is lots to see.
  11. Two of my boys received it and no issues at all.
  12. It's a different volume when two people talk versus someone on their phone. They always seem to be talking so loud and I'm sure I've done that too. You just aren't aware when you're on the phone.
  13. I find it rude anywhere and it's happening more and more. It annoys me.
  14. I am so happy I figured this out cause I was getting frustrated. I was about to give up entirely. My avatar is gone but at least I am still under my username.
  15. Ha ha in my mind it's kind of crazy I know what these are references to. I've been here too long. I have trouble when we are down for a minute, no idea what I'm supposed to do without the boards for so long.
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