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  1. https://sites.google.com/site/morgansraidgame/home just saw this on FB, wonder if it is any good. anyone? k
  2. I was wondering the same thing, trying to find blogs of people that have already done the schedule on Excel... but found nothing yet... I did find a SOTW and MOH combine schedule. So, if I find the right AO schedule I can sub the SOTW for the MOH.... Funny that I can go looking for hours the right schedule online while I could be making one since I have the book now....
  3. I have a similar situation.... my 1st grader will be 7 late in the year. She is a voracious reader! She just finished an abridged version of twenty thousand legues under the sea, and all those abridged classics. Her hand writing is improving, She likes to draw so we are doing cursive. Here is why, she taught herself how to write from the place mats and dollar tree books I had when she was 3. so it is not the right way to print. so instead of unlearning all that... I am teaching her cursive. so she can't do much reporting. writing is a chore with her. We are using Cursive First, which fits with the SWR (spell to write and read) full LA program. it has phonics, and you start your kiddo where they place in the lists. I will be practicing phonograms with all the kids in circle time and make all of them write/or use letter tyles, in dictation of phonograms. Then the program adds grammar little by little. hope that helps.
  4. well, I don't know how to attach pictures either..... when you go to the first link: http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/fancy.htm#workbook there is a place that reads: Click Here for SOTW-1 Workbook Pages When you click, it takes me not to the worksheets but to a for sale domain page....
  5. I got happy for one second !!!! maybe it was my browser :sad: but when I click on this picture.... hmmm don't know how to put a picture so I'll attach it. I get the message: The domain ollhomeschoolresources.com may be for sale. Click here for details. No worksheets... Do you actually see the worksheets? thankx
  6. I was looking at what is available for History next year. and a search took me to this link http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/fancy.htm#workbook however the link is broken. Has anyone ever use these workbookpages? where can I get them? THe original poster was http://ollhomeschoolresources.com/story_of_the_world_workbook_pages.htm but the site if for sale... thank you!
  7. we got MUS rods as their worksheets match the size of the rods. we also have c-rods to make a distinction for when the preKer is doing 'math' with
  8. someone suggested to start at christmas and look at vacation schedules then take 3 wks off. then look at thanksgiving and give yourself a week. then Easter week and July 4th. then you start counting your 6 wks from December up and down. next yr for easter for us was a 7 wk and 5 wk, just where the family vaction/time off work. but it works out nicely from off 4th of July wk on. we have to work out an Oct break still and hubby off days and super busy work seasons.
  9. thanks for the answers. I want to mainly contain finished work and art. maybe the MathUSee workbook so that it is easier to copy for my kids. and some other teacher manuals. so the art and the language arts notebooks would be often opened.
  10. Hello there, I was reading that so many of you like ProClick binding systems over the regular comb version... I'd like to know the differencess. which on you have and how big a book you have made with it. I cannot pay $200 for one, but I am gettting tired of binders... Where do you get your "combs"? Is there a machine that cuts and binds? Thank you! K
  11. I was gonna say the same thing as the poster that mentioned reg paper like black notebooks. I learned 1st grade to write cursive w/fountain pens in regular paper. you just have to have good ink and a good 'dryer pad' forget the name of it. oh. no I am not that old. just what people do outsode the US educationwise.
  12. I have a 1st grader coming up an in between Ker/preKer and a toddler and a baby anytime now (plz!-feeling contractions!) I start the day with the combined subjects even as they eat breakfast (mouths bussy chewing can't fight....much) like Bible/aesop, bible memorizing, history, science (epikardia had all that together-nice) then review phonograms as a group (SWR) send middle to brush teeth, do hard phonograms with eldest. they are all in the dinning room next to kitchen so I am available. then I give older Math (w/ MUS movie first-5min) while I give direction to the middle one how to do his pre-school workbook. then bring the eldest help her teach her on MonTue and Wed if subject is not understood then MUS has review sheets so use that the rest of the week. while all this is going on tot is placed at table w/paper and pencil or crayon and tell her to do her school. usually draw a shape and then let her at it. she really thinks she's doing school. AND is the example remembering to raise hand and not interrup! when middle one is done w/sheets /coloring/ give a letter formation sheet (clock face letters from SWR) then check on eldest and give her her cursive sheet (bargen how full the sheet needs to be till she's done) then I break to do lunch. the little one comes with me and send her to toys the middle one goes to finish his morning chores make bed, put toys away. then lunch then outside play. now what will I do with new baby? I guess that is why God created slings! I have not done all that in a few months as I am BIG w/child but I am pla?ing next year and I like how the kids liked their routine!
  13. sorry did not read all posts... teach Cursive First and 'disguise it as a cursive curriculum' or a spelling curriculum so the child is not embarrased. it is different enough but it is made for dyslexia
  14. thank you for that, maybe I will like it but they might not. I am also pregnant due yesterday so my school will be very basic. math, sci, lang arts, history/Bible/geography but since i've been so big latly I am content that each kid follows their chores, a Math and a reading/writing depending on age. and then lot's of play time outside.
  15. about C-rods. they can be incorporated into singapore the way Math-u-see uses them. For example this can be a station in your classroom. when teaching addition have the rods from 10 to 1 as a piramide laying down or on top of each other. so you add by 1s, you get your one piece and follow the worksheet with pictures no numbers, and look at what happens when you add one to the 2 let's say. then it becomes the same size as the 3 bar there you have a pictorial manipulative 'number BOND' which is big in Singapore. I woyld get a primer and an alpha workbook and a set of manipulatives for your manipulatives station on the 1st -2nd grade then the picture of the rods are already to size matching the MUS rods in the page and you don't have to make Crods worksheets to match size.
  16. retention would be really nice. that is why I wanted to lightly touch all timeline in one year for k-2nd let's say mainly because that age is just an exersice in exposure and learning how to learn. I hoped EPIKARDIA would help, but I was unable to collect books in a timely matter (i would try ILL too late for the week's lesson) otherwise I liked how they integrated Bible with History and even some Science. how heavy is MOH in book lists? are they a book list curriculum or their book be enough? you mentioned activities you did not do. were they too silly or hard to prep for? too advanced?
  17. forgot to mentione that I had similar problem with EPIKARDIA great book suggestions but not in my library. another homeschooler helped me match the books by topic to our library. will try to find and post the file. whenever I get to a PC (pregnant due yesterday) but look at the EPIKARDIA website, they have nice living books for k-2 in their list of books to buy for those grades. maybe your library will have those. Finally check paperbackswap.com and your library book sales. my homeschool fell apart because of book finding program. by the time I asked for help I could not recover the year. this year I hope to do different. Nervous about it. having to do the book finding / substitution for Simply Charlotte Mason yr 1 this time. hope that it is easier to find.
  18. our ILL takes a month to come. then 2 weeks borrowing time. also check the closer university library they give library cards to public.
  19. just a thought. I don't like Saxon for later years. my siblings struggle understanding math most their life and it was Saxon. do your Kinder but 4th or 5th grade switch to a better curriculum
  20. a friend just showed me the book Genesis & deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt I did not know it was a SCM book!
  21. on my phone so I can't edit that Math IN FOCUS is mastery program
  22. aside of MEP that is a spiral aproach you have Math-u-see which is a mastery program. Math in focus is another name for the americanized (pretty book and color) of Singapore Math. the PS are fascinated by it because of all it's bells and whistles, however it is very intense for non-involved parents. so the success of your class is not only dependant on your students but parents too. if I am not mistaken Singapore versions are mastery programs, so unless they say different so is Math u see. which is sooo $$ anyway. Math you see has a very good support for schools and a staff developement class to learn how to implement the program. if you do use it I suggest you ask parents to buy a specific coloring pencil set that matches their rod colors. (my kids had hard time finding matching the teals and tans, ask them they wi' tell you what brand) MEP is free, they have printed books you can order or you can print. adjust a little the money language and that's it. As I said it is spiral program. for lower grades MEP would be nice teaching with an abaccus (sp)
  23. it will take organization but you can make a co-op of homeschoolers or get your neighboorhood kids and start couple times a week during summer and once a week on colder months... unless you have a large family it will be hard to do it alone. You and hubby would have to play too.
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