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  1. yeah! the first lesson is great! very memorable!
  2. I know the PERFECT thing. I wanted to teach wold history in one year and I found: EPICARDIA they have also books to read alongside.
  3. sorry this phone is acting up. the class is 30 min not one hour.
  4. if you were to teach an Elementary Geography CoOp what Curriculum/idea would you teach from? It would take about one hour. I would like it to be 15 or so min reading (about a place/Paddle to the Sea/?) then showing the location on a globe, then do a map activity. this group of students will also have an art/craft/nature Class. so I don't need a craft. But what else would we have them do that is hands on? (print a little map and put it in a sheet protector, and let them Form the map with clay/plasticine/playdoh) I imagine almost like having stations after a time together, I am using MOH at our school, for History and I had in mind to teach my children about places we were reading about. without the history I don't know how to implement the Geography. unless I read 36 small books about ancients. sounds too much like Five in a Row. wich this group of children are already doing. ah! help!
  5. we got our books!!!! yeah! It was at my door when I got home! Spent the evening reading and getting excited! The next one will be available in Feb or March 2014. This is great. I was going to use 106 days of creation from SCM. but I am happy with a hands on experiment book. And I had wanted an Art through History for elementry and a friend showed me that allinonehomeschool.com has done one on Ancients, painting on rocks with wildberries ink. thank God! I am really excited about this year.
  6. Thanks for the ideas, sadly my parents are not very "handy" my mom knows how to knit but is not pasionate about it. She loves cooking, I always had the thought of follow her in a blog format for HOW she cooks, I don't think my dad has ever eaten a tomato with skin at home since he married my mother. My mom was an English teacher for ESL, my dad still works. likes hunting and fishing. Funny you mention those things, I like those things!
  7. it is ouT and super affordable! https://www.bereanbuilders.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=SIBSET
  8. I forgot to mention that my mom cannot drive, she actually never learned. and has some vision problems. nothing that would prevent her from knitting or cooking, or normal life, just far away she can't see. So we would be limited to her house, which as you guys said, just the fact that the kids are in a safe place would be fine.
  9. My parents have come a long way since we told them about homeschool. I am glad that they are willing to help. My kids are 1st, preK, 2yr old and baby. If you had that oportunity what would you let your parents/family help with... Make my meals and my laundry come to mind, but I suspect that was not what they wanted. However to be fear, my mom has said she could come and fold my baby clothes :thumbup1: and she has... THe only thing is that they want for me to give them the curriculum/lesson plans. I am using: Math u see Mystery of History SWR 106 days of creations (If I can't get my hands on Wile's Science in the Begining) I have lots of extra things like: Singapore math Family Math Hooked on phonics Frog Math Pathway readers and some workbooks hooked on phonics Kinder box Sing spell read and write box (old without the prizes) I can have all the 3 kids together @ gramas, or one kid a day, or the two older ones and then the toddler? toying with the idea of letting them teach the kids about maps.Geography, I got the one that was on sale at Tuesday Morning, nice but I don't have a curriculum to go along. The preK child is enamored with maps of the world, our state, knows a lot of them. Handycraft, like knitting? Spanish? Art through History? to match our MOH A time line? they have the wall space at their house :) I would like for it to be a 'fun' time, I am boring... I am all ears! Thank you k
  10. http://www.learninghouse.ca/atk/uploads/docs_products/SC540_SP.pdf I was wondering if you all had seen this?
  11. Thank you! My school corporation is doing Math in Focus which is a branch of Singapore, and in case I need to send my kids to them in 8th grade I wanted them to be exposed to the method. (far into the future! the school might change again their math curricula) NOW, can you finish Primer AND early Bird in one year? or alpha and singapore 1 in one year? For those of you who combine, what does your week look like? ALso, how do you file your papers, do you put both maths in one binder after the student is finished or do you store each book in a different binder? Do you buy the teacher edition for singapore? the workbook and the book, tests and extra stuff? I apreciate the input. I found scope and sequence of Singapore here: http://www.singaporemath.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/SSUSandSTD2009.pdf and I could not find something similar for MUS, but I found this: http://www.love2learn.net/samples/mathusee.htm I was trying to put it together in a file.... and see where they intersect....taking too long, as the MUS site does not have a S&S table... anyone ever seen one? I was leaning toward picking and choosing from singapore 1 what looked like she could do.
  12. I am in the same boat... someone told me to then look at my whole year... 1. chose your school year: Meaning, see all the vacations that hubby has. Holidays. activities. and block the days you will not have school, Mark your semesters if you are doing semesters, or quarters if you are doing quarters. Note when scouts meet/co-ops, etc. 2. Chop your book: Then look at your English book, and see how many chapters it has, and chop off the table of contents in a way it fits nicely in your yearly schedule. OR 2.. Choose your week: Do you want to do a 4 day week or a 6 day week or a 5 day week, when you choose that then you want to see what you want to do on MON, TUE, WEd, etc. like MON-TH Math, Mon, WEd, Fri, History, Tues, TH: Science, and FRI: art/music/etc 3. Then do the one you did not do above 4. Now add the pages of the book you are going to cover to each month/week. ( If you are really into it, write it for the day-I recomend to do this each SUnday instead) 5. Next for the coming month see the books that you will need and get them, do this every month for the month to come. Buy the necessary things for the activities of the month/week. 6. CARRY OVER: I like the quote: the Sabath was made for man, not man for the Sabath. So don't be a slave to your calendar, just do and check mark what you did finish. Most people write "week 1/ day 3" to their schedule just in case. a friend notes the date instead of a check when she is done with a topic. Now, for me... I go do it.... I am in the same boat... still trying to tweak things... I just ought to plan it! and start it!
  13. oh, thank you! I already have MUS and some of the student texts. hence I wanted to combine. my dd likes the 'preschool' type workbooks of little brother and I thought that I can let her use the colorful Singapore books... I was under the impresion that singapore was not a spiral program but rather mastery one... anyone have handy the S&S link for it? thank you for the heads up!
  14. yes! if all you get done is feed the kids AND yourself and tell them you love them you've had a great day! kids will catch up fast!
  15. I have a tiny kitchen and a sm closset as a pantry. we use buckets for flour, Sugar, rice, oats, coconut, quinua. then we have rubbermaid canisters for sugar, rice. and other smaller tupper for the others. the buckets remain in the pantry. making a shelf for my papertowels, napkins, trash bags. not heavy things.
  16. 3 suggestions... the lake of the ozarks (spelling someone help please) amazing place. a house boat @ DalehAlow lake in TN Ocean park, maine the only sandy beach in main, and the is a stuary right there for your fresh water! there is a camp at Ocean Park by the same name! the people that work there are awsome! it is a Christian camp. if u are in town a month then your kids can do a camp. there is even a family camp.
  17. my friend is having symptoms of parkinsons. so she has to be off sodas. she drank soda for years! then only diet....now nothing even coffee is out. for me I drank coffee since I was 5 or so. then in my 20s I tried to quit! the headaches would put me to bed! then I got pregnant in my 30s and I di quit. even chocolate. I would get so sick even with chocolate! then I started to drink water...i drink decaff now. I heat a cup of milk then add a tsp of decaff instant ( I know not the best) and I am happy and baby #4 happy too.
  18. my kids have actually asked! one said she's forgetting all her school! and my mom's been nagging me about it too.
  19. one of the things I have learned and has helped me in that situation is to tell people that can come into my life and help. with meals, just visiting, doing laundry, take the kids away for a few. maybe there is family/best friend/church ladies... tell someone. no one needs to know the intimate details of your family, sufices to say I am struggling emotionally and I have no strengh and I need help. my church made me a frozen meal shower for my 4th baby. it helped a lot with the yelling while I thought and stressed about a meal. this way I had food ready. about hubby, so sorry for this. sometime ago my hubby was absent due to work. and it was double hard. I had to fight my mind... and not greet him with a huff as I felt he had the chance to be gone and not see all that happened with the little ones. I started to recent him. In your case you may blame yourself...i suggest to start with your thinking! write down what you think when you are enraged then read it and see (and be shocked like me) that those words are not yours they are not true! the on the other side of that column write what is the truth. so when you think: I hate this kids. the truth is that you are frustrated with them. but you love them no matter what they do. when you hear your head saying about hubby: He's asleep again and I have to put his kids to bed, I'd like to sleep after work too my work never ends and he's no help! now if you find the truth for the other column... let me know!... =o) but the truth in my case has been yeah! he ought to help! but I did not marry a 50/50 marriage I married 100% that means that I remember that I don't love him because he does things for me...he was overworked with a demandig boss, unhappy with enerything, and coworkers that would interrupt him all the time...he had 1hr comute and he was not eating well. he felt he could not do anything right (like I said to him), he could not fix me there was no man he could punch and i'd be better. renew your mind/thinking God has heped me a lot.
  20. Starting 1st grade here. I wanted to know if anyone uses MUS and complement it with Singapore. has anyone done the alignment of both. for instance. when MUS is doing place value in chapter 13 let's say, what chapter corresponds to that topic on Singapore? I am interested in alpha and primer from MUS. thank you!
  21. I just mentioned in another post. Mystery of Hystory is geared towards 4th grade and up and follows similar rotation than your history. ina MOH yahoo group there is a file putting both side by side by chapter/topic. so you can still do SOTW with the littles and do the reading/activities of MOH w/your oldest.
  22. well. I guess looking back we did take a break, of about 10 mo or so. first my child was too young for the K year anyway. now she is 6 ready for 1st grade. we were selling our home. major painting ourselves. then got pregnant, moved, had horrible morning sickness, then was too tired to do school consistently. then now New Born baby. we did bible in the morning breakfast time. then memory work. then we used a 'EPIKARDIA' which is a simple hystory curriculum with lots of books to read, but it is also a full curriculum. w/LA , we did not use it, we were using SWR. SciEnce was included and some grammar, copy work, and geography. read Easop, and little house in the big woods, and the farmer boy (i lost the little house on the prairie) oh, and Math u see Primer. Lots of sign language videos... This Summer my dd asked me to do school again as she is forgetting some school. All that to say, thoug my 'break' was for circumstances I could not change, the break did not lessen my good reader, and she practiced on her own her math and there was always something new they learned everyday. my younger son memorized Psalm 23 and Psalm 100. older daughter also knows them but not as well. we read paddle to the sea. Writing for the oldest is what I was lacking and reading for the younger... you can use the year to see what has been retained and what needs to be reviewed.
  23. nice, any pictures to show? thank you! k
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