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  1. not the option you were looking, but if money for a better private school would help, you can do k12 in the lower grades, since all kids level achievement by 3rd grade. k12 is like public school, however it counts towards the voucher programs (check your state) and then you can have your child go to a charter/private better environment school with a credit of 80 to 90 % taken care of.
  2. rosalie de rose (sp?) has a list. can't link from phone. but google her. she is a literature proffesor at Moody and a regular at 'midday connection' book club
  3. I like SWR.it was hard till I sat and did it. just follow the example schedule. also they have a great app. look for swr phonogrmas.
  4. I don't know if it is what you like but I was in a similar quest. but my focus was historic timeline of Science doing science at the same time. so I was so fortunate that Jay Wile is producing a series of books with a timeline in mind. his first book is In the Beginning goes about the topics of the days of creation for instance all about Light in the first day. it is very hands on.
  5. jay Wile has come with the Science through History aproach. the first book is Science in the Beginning. which I would call a General Science/earth and Space. It might put all the experiments and extra books in place for you. I understand, I don't wanna do a wheather unit and then talk about the body. I need a backbone. for everything in our School we are following time, History.
  6. mostly photos. I am a photographer so I cringe at the stuff on textbooks. but all the pictures of Dr. Wile are great. look at the sample online and you'll ge the idea. we do the experiments as a group. so my 6yr old (1st grade) 4yr old, 2yr old, and baby if awake (on sling or high chair). then the oldest (funny my oldest is 'young' for some) has a 'lab' notebook where she draws what we did. Though she can read very well! writing 'tires' her. I think it's a matter of perfection. But she loves to draw... the books does not require 1st grade to do a notebook. I thought it would be good for mine to do it.
  7. Spell to Write and Read, would be it! I think....
  8. cursive first, has a booklet and it comes with worksheets that are half a page.
  9. I had that problem and I was lonely too! I found a co-op that would man the nursery and they would let my kid cry! the other kid waS bord to tears in the toddler room w/toys. I was bussy teaching Chemistry! and doing demos and making it fun! I did not like that arrangement so the 2nd semester I kept my comitmnent and took my kids to my mom for the am. BUT I found a great group of mom bible study there, made connections. So like someone said I eXPEcted the whole coop to be geared toward 'school' age kids. Bad experience for me. SO the next year with a different group I expressed the need of teaching something to the kids! while I taught Chem and Bio. they did Before Five in a Row! AND art and PE games. the babies hang with mamas in slings/whatever if cried went to nursery. The next year we divided infants to 2yr then tots up to 4 then K,1, etc. the infants participate in calendar time where we made the weekdays into colors and the 2-4 learn days, counting all to their ability. then we go to PE, then FIAR then craft (4 teachers there). I feel that my time is not wasted, that the crafts they do, reading/listening, leaRning classroom etiquette (raise hand to talk) and other things are encourage. THe Lord is uplifted. and I can teach the high schiolers. As a co-op we participate in field trips where the big kids help us mamas w/little ones for a few hrs till our kids had enough and we have to go then they continue. we participated in science (yes SCIENce) competitions as a group with all the walking kids, and won! the ACS chemistry video competition! SO, yes the focus can be the school age kids and it takes some imagination and a willingness to serve to be able to give all a great experience. my group is not perfect. but I remember the little ones go to the front of the meeting and recite their 1-10! nothing gives a little kid the approval like the applause and acceptance of the big kids. great example! ETA> THis year, we had a mom of a 4,3,2, and baby. She was most welcomed and she is teaching our High schooler Physics! We have 3 periods in our morning. One of which each mom is the main teacher, the other the helper/co-teacher. and all of us are serving in one capacity or another. I am teaching BIo this year for high schoolers, then help with the babies (as mine is there) and helping teaching Geography to the Elementary class.... We are divided into: infant to 2yr 3yr to PreK Elementary age Jr HIgh High school This year the school age children are focusing on a science, Elementary doing Apologia Anatomy and Physiology (my kid is the youngest, learning great and doing well) Jr High doing apologia General Sci, and High school divided into Bio and Physics.
  10. when I was deciding I saw that Spalding had an extra sound or if you look it the other way SWR had a few less sounds. mainly the french sound of the 'shwa' I am sure a more knowledgable person can explain it better. For me it came to be able to hear and say the sounds of each program AND to have a person you know doing the program you choose. it would be easier for someone to show you.
  11. would you say bob books? hooked on phonics books? he's 3rd grade so he managed to pass the 'zac the rat' stuff that o have.
  12. a friend's sister has a child that is ESL. Made it ok till 3rd grade but failed Reading Comp. if he fails again he's out of this great private school. the aunt asked me because she knows we educate at home and they are looking to work hard at home for reading comp. after school. my kids are little. oldest is 1st grade. I only know SWR and I can show them how to learn to read and basic phonics. I have some path readers where the pictures don't tell the whole story. what would you guys suggest for passing reading comp? my guess it is not that great a school that let a kid that could not read pass! I am thinking phonics what else?
  13. ohh. thank you! I assume the same content. I wonder why the light blue is more expensive? I wondered if it had more problems or information... We use MUS and wanted to give my child a change in pace. as she thinks MUS is boring
  14. I am on the phone but there is a lot of homeschooling for free, easy peasy, see if they have something interesting!
  15. I didn't let them break my water with any of my children. It is the only cushion that helps baby not to get too much pressure and helps mama too as a cushion. I can't imagine my fist child (from pitocin to birth almost 48 hrs with no pain meds) If the water would have been broken I would have ended in a C section I think.
  16. I have refused to be induced. (you can play the re-scheduling game, and be compliant) like my appointment for the biweekcly visits move a couple days one of your apts. even One day would help. I have 4 children, Praise GOD! and the 1st was a horrible induction, baby in NICU. The next two were homebirths, didn't want to be near a hospital. the 4th had to be hospital due to money issues, my insurance would not cover the midwifes. SO I had a Nurse midwife with this one. they would let me wait for 2 weeks over due date so long I passed the Non Stress Test for baby. That is the test I failed to pass with child #1. They want 3 strong, fast heart rate, movements from baby within 10 to 20 min apart. so they naturally schedule me for the time I know my baby was sleeping, most active baby was at night while in utero. Since I could not schedule for an evening, I did the next best thing, FOOD! Orange juice half gallon, Kentucky Fried Chicken, ton of loud instruments and my computer. We went into the room with all this... We for one REFUSED the BUZZER, a horrible thing that is meant to scare baby awake in utero. I ate before going to apointment (you know how fast baby feels food after you eat) my kid got his food pretty fast so... ate a chicken breast on my way there, had some grapes and OJ. .... well the office was running late AND lost my appointment so had to wait... and baby was moving so much there in the waiting room. Then put us in the Testing room, I went in ther with my KFC bucket and my half gallon OJ. and I ate after getting strapped and hubby played annoying toys, but baby was not moving so much, so drank OJ and put my laptop on my belly and as he did everytime, he kicked it off my belly..... it was a game we played... me putting the laptop and everyone waiting how long it would take for baby to move it... I was out of that office in 20 min! Heart rate correlates to placenta working properly. and the heart rate of my baby showed that....my placenta was not as aged as I am. =o) that was friday. So after that appointment I had to go to my next bi weekly apointment...where they suggested me to come and be induced on mon, if id dint' go to labor in the weekend. My placenta did not work, was getting old with my 1st. Baby was born on the Tuesday afer... and to tell you the truth at that time I was soooooo ready to deliver! I induced with couple spoons of an oil... rather go in labor with natural products than to do it with artificial things.... 1st if you are not rippend they will do prostaglandins...(so I used hubby's love instead... same thing) then pitocin a form of hormone... oxitocyn is natural in you and breast stimullation can help, so use your breat pump to help. sadly my midwife said that I had to do it for a few min a the time for 20 min! hope you find this useful, I wish someone would have told me this info... I was a lamb going to the slaughter and I didn't say a pip the first time... felt like getting robbed, you are victimized yet you are so angry about it.
  17. I went to the informational meeting near me... I like it, but the upfront cost for me is a lot. We will try it, as our girl needs to get out some more... hopefully the badges encourage learning... she already thinks the outfit is super cute, she would be a TH. also the parent comitment... any ideas of how to get 5 points of participation? I can teach science things...but I really rather be with my LO, so I could just be a 3 deep helper to the TH? also I have a new born, so I would have baby with me at all meetings! how helpful can i be? I can do stuff online and papework type stuff.... any ideas? Another question: I am looking for used books/uniforms, etc. of people that bought and didn't use it... why is there not a place I can find used AHG stuff, I can see how to need to buy new vest, but maybe I could find a polo or a skort on ebay? but no... not even a book... any idea why? I was looking for a regular 7/8 size Tenderheart uniform. I know the vest I have to buy new... but the book?polo?
  18. You mean the OPs books? or the kidsbookbolivia one.... the one of South America: Bolivia suggestion of book has been released by the UN on PDF, but there are actual printed books of that and more. THe book I just read, shows in very simple ways the Andes area of Bolivia
  19. I am looking into books of South America, my children's heritage... and I bumped into this site... have not gotten any book so I cannot comment.... here is the site... http://www.kidsbooksbolivia.org/books/ =o) K ETA: I found a link to a book, I read it, it was nice, Great pictures and Geography was well explained. I am familiar with the mentioned mountain... I was there in the 80s. http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/pdf/what_happened_to_chita.pdf Their facebook page had the link. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Books-Bolivia/185541438186758
  20. anyone knows when the others are coming out? book 1: Science in the Beginning (7 days of creation)-------------------------------------------out BOok 2: Science in the Ancient World (ancients to Leonardo DaVinci)------------------------Feb/Mar 2014 Book 3: Science in the 16th and 17th Centuries ________________________________??? Book 4: Science in the 18th Century-------------------------------------------------------------------??? Book 5: Science in the 19th Century_-------------------------------------------------------------------???? ETA: have you guys seen the videos on you tube? can find them on his facebook
  21. yeah! the first lesson is great! very memorable!
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