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    HSing since '87, 6 children (3 still at home), Information Junkie
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    Beautiful Smoky Mountains, Western North Carolina
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    Waldorf Doll Maker, Godly Play Resource Maker
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    Beloved of God
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    This group is public.  All new members must be approved before they can post, but the posts in the group are viewable to the public. ABOUT THE GROUP: When Orthodox Christianity is mentioned on the WTM forums, people have questions about the ancient Church. What is it? What does it teach? How is it different from Protestantism or Roman Catholicism? How does it relate to the Judaism of the Old Testament? This social group is a safe place to ask Orthodox Christians and inquirers about Orthodox Christianity. Orthodoxy is rich and deep--it will take a lifetime (and more) to understand and experience. You can start your journey here. We don't debate or argue, but have sincere and genuine conversations. To join this social group, click Join Group and also send a PM to the moderator.
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    <p>For parents who homeschool</p> <p>(or would like to)</p> <p>and who have Adult ADD/ADHD</p> <p>(or think they might).</p>
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    <p>This is a group for parents of children diagnosed with NLD. I am hopeful we can encourage and support each other and share successful strategies for raising these often puzzling, challenging and beautiful little people.</p>
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