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  1. You're welcome! 8filltheheart clarified that a tutor is not possible at this time...I missed that when reading the original post. Red Kalinka offers self study video tutorials, ebooks, and other resources. I am not sure if it is in your budget, but maybe you can look into their offerings. It may be similar to Visual Latin set-up? Here is their website: Maybe your daughter can find a course on Memrise to learn vocab and get a feel for the spoken language aspect. Bookbox has videos in a dozen languages, including Russia. She could watch those in English to understand the story and then watch again in Russian. Have you searched for podcasts that teach Russians, preferably by a native speaker? Maybe they will have some free pdf worksheets to go along with it. Another option is the FSI Russian language course since it is free. If I think of other resources, I will post them.
  2. Thank you for pointing out that a tutor or class is not possible at this time. I missed that in the original post. Yes, learning Russian independently at 10 appears daunting. As long as her daughter is not vehemently opposed to learning Latin as mine was, I think it is a terrific idea! If her daughter is not keen on that idea, I feel studying English grammar thoroughly will be incredibly helpful. Also, if learning a spoken modern language is more preferable, my dd has found that studying Russian has made learning German much easier. Maybe studying German, another inflected language with cases and gender, will make the leap into Russian easier? I just want to throw other options out there. Also, no harm in her daughter learning the Russian alphabet, both spoken and written (cursive as well). I am trying to think of ways to satisfy her daughter's yearning for learning a language that is so challenging to do on one's own.
  3. My 13yo dd has been studing Russian with Mrs. Denne since the age of 10. My dd had taken a Russian course through CurrClick with Mr. G at the age of 9. His class provided a wonderful introduction to the language. After two semsters with him, my dd switched to private tutoring with Mrs. Denne, who is highly recommended on these boards. Based on the initial assessment, Mr. Denne indicated the my dd's pronunciation was quite good, but she needed more practice reading and speaking Russian. She pointed out that my dd's being on the younger side would allow for plenty of time to concentrate on and hone her phonetic skills. She stated that her main goal is to ensure that her students acquire the best pronunciation possible. Please do not let your dd's age deter you from seeking instruction for her. As for the grammar component, my dd has spent years studying English grammar. According to Mrs. Denne, dd has a natural talent for grasping grammar concepts, even suggesting that dd could be a linguist. Mrs. Denne also stated that hard work is the most important factor for learning a language --- much more important than talent. My dd is also studying German and French, so she has an affinity and passion for learning languages --- as long as she chooses the language. I tried relentlessly to get my dd onboard with learning Latin, but it was a futile attempt. I truly believe in the value of learning a classical language; if your dd has an interest in learning Latin, I suggest pursuing that avenue. However, forcing my dd to continue with her Latin studies would have been disastrous. She pleaded with me for months before I allowed her to drop it. I have no doubt that she would have done well, as is her nature, but it would not have been worth all the misery. In addition to hard work being a crucial factor in language learning, INTEREST is critical as well. If your daughter is serious about learning Russian, I am not sure that spending three years studying Latin is the best approach. I suggest you contact Mrs. Denne for her recommendations. Here is her website:
  4. My 15yo ds is in this class and has stated what you posted regarding the class discussions. We are Armenian Apostolic, very close to Catholicism, and we reside in a true blue New England state. My son often describes the discussions as interesting but sometimes warped.... He has expressed that he often feels like an outsider in the class, especially his views on our new president in contrast to the rest of the class. He has assured me that the teacher does not project or discuss her political or religious beliefs onto the class. She does allow the students to express their world views with the class during the weekly discussions.
  5. We, too, have had the same problem during the month of January.
  6. Congratulations!! My seventh grade dd studies with Julia Denne and loves working with her! She has made tremendous progress because Mrs. Denne is incredible -- a gem!! My dd is working on memorizing and acting out a poem to submit as well as her Russian handwriting for the essay portion. Good luck to your dd!!
  7. Thank you for posting this information. My seventh grade dd, who is tutored by Julia Denne, recently completed the first textbook, which is equivalent to the first year of college Russian. My dd was so excited when she told me that she has completed a year of college level Russian, and I did start to wonder what she will do when she reaches 11th or 12th grade. Much like your daughter, my dd is planning to pursue Russian in college and would love to reach a high level in the language. Since she is only in 7th, I have not thought about researching colleges, and I probably would never have thought to interview depts. Good luck to your dd!!
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